Waggles At Twenty Paces

This year's E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles has two of the biggest game companies go literally head-to-head in... waggle.

Nintendo has had Wii Remote motion control since the console went on sale back in fall 2006. Sony, however, is adding a motion controller called to the Move to the PS3 later this year. While Sony has already shown off its motion controller, this will be the first opportunity for some players to check it out before it launches.

And they can check it out right across from the Nintendo booth at E3.

Certainly, the Move might not be a Wii Remote, but they do look similar. Heck, they both have wrist straps, too. (Well, of course they have wrist straps! What did you expect?)

The close proximity of Nintendo and Sony will allow folks to compare for themselves.

Microsoft, meanwhile, be located in another hall and surrounded by third party publishers. Flailing, it seems, has no comparison. Yet. Dun-dun-dun.

Thanks, Jeff for the tip!


    Microsoft probably went 'screw you guys, im going where the action is'.

    The PS3 Move looks really lame. I hope they get rid of that giant colourful ball on the end of it.

      unfortunately you need the ball for it to work

    the more i stare at that the more i wish i was a part of the gaming media... sooo jealous dave!

    ooh look its disney and squenix. i see good games on the horizon.

    At least we have IDEF in Melbourne. It's not E3, but I got to experience AC3 a month or two before it was released, as well as a splinter cell conviction and the stereoscopic 3D version of the Avatar game.

    I’m only excited for one Move game, I think its called motion fighter. Any game that allows me to get someone in a headlock and repeatedly punch them in the face gets my spidey sense tingling.

    I want to go there with rotten eggs to throw at the reps from ubisoft.

    How unfair, Xbox is surrounded by all the big companies like Konami, Ubisoft, SquareEnix, Sega, EA.... On the other hand, Nintendo and Sony only have their nemisis

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