Warhammer 40K Game To Make Long-Awaited Debut At E3

Warhammer 40K Game To Make Long-Awaited Debut At E3

Having been operating undercover for years now, it appears that THQ’s massively multiplayer game based on the Warhammer 40K universe will make its public debut at next month’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

It’s about time.

THQ boss Brian Farrell said earlier today that the game, which was last seen when we showed you some concept art in 2009, will be on show at E3 in all its glory, promising to “fully unveil” the highly-anticipated project.

The Warhammer 40K MMO is in development at THQ’s Austin studio, Vigil, and is seen by the company as its biggest potential bread-winner in the years ahead. As it should: do a 40K MMO right and you’ve got yourself a licence to print money.



    My God i have been ACHING to hear more about this game for so so long now i feel like a could cry!!!

    ..Cry because now i have a date for the unveil which will make the waiting all the harder!!!

  • I am trying to think hard about how war40k would turn into an mmo, and still feel warhammery.

    I don’t see going out and killing 40 Rats, very warhammer like hehe.

    • Yeah. I’m having trouble picturing how it can keep the 40k vibe while having lone characters walking around (outside of battle no less!). Even when you think of grander enemies to fight it still doesn’t quite sit right. A single Chaos Space Marine fighting anything doesn’t really make much sense.
      Not to mention how a lone Eldar Dire Avenger would even get to the point where it could get in a one on one fight with a Space Wolf Terminator. The only common ground they share is the battlefield. When they’re not fighting they’re not even on the same planet.

      That said, they’ve obviously had a lot of time to think about this sort of stuff so I’m really interested in hearing what they’ve come up with. The artwork we’ve seen so far has me feeling pretty optimistic.

    • Could play out like a Global Agenda sort of style, in the sense that most of your missions and such will be done through qeueing and being paired with players in and aroudn the same level.

      But I’m also insanely interested in seeing what these guys come up with, hopefully something good, and not like Warhammer Online, I disliked that game >.> However I guess the PvP aspect of 40k would be a whole lot more interesting than Age of Reckoning was.

      Pew pew pew, nyeoooooooooow PA-KOO! ‘AHHHH MY LEFT LEG, WHY, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHY?!’

  • Is this the one that promises more in the way of cover and twitch mechanics than WAR and other MMOs like it?

    I love the concept but I’m having trouble picturing such a large universe fitting into a game. Warhammer 40,000 doesn’t have your traditional zones and PvP, its got planets and huge battles. I’m sure they’ll figure something out but in my mind it seems like even if they limited players to a single Space Marine Chapter the game would still require more content than WAR and WoW combined.

  • oh god please let them do it right. I ‘want’ to have vigel take 15-20 bucks every month for a good warhammer 40k game

  • LOL

    i think everyone is imagining 40k as the table top game when it comes to this.

    This will hopefully be more like the background fluff. Sort of like the Inquisitor spin off, or necromunda – same as warhammer online felt a lil more mordheim than straight out warhammer.

    That being said i’d love to be able to advance as a space marine from initiate, to scout, to battle brother to terminator ect…

  • I really liked WAROnline, I thought it played really well and was pretty deep, but turns out nobody thought paying $30 a month for it was worth it. They better have a good payment model or I’ll say stuff it.

    Thank Christ its a W40K game not made by Relic.

  • For a few years now, there’s been only two universes I’d bother playing an MMO in- Star Trek and W40K (not that I don’t like other stuff like Star Wars, it’s just… well, I’d rather KOTOR3 than an MMO, thank you very much). I play STO now, and if this doesn’t totally suck, I’m sold on this, too.

    Regarding concerns about the setting, I wonder if they’ll try to avoid it from being a straightforward RPG where you just walk around from one area to the next. Maybe you could make a bit more akin to, say, an FPS like Modern Warfare, where you have a persistent character who pretty much spends their time jumping from combat zone to combat zone. You could build on that by having the combat mean something (eg persistent worlds where people conquer to unlock new areas).


  • Yo, it says MMO, not MMORPG. Make it a 40k version of Battlefield Whatever and all those worries are gone. (sure a whole bunch more arise)
    That’s perfect for class based choices and tons of wargear, experience if you want it, and decent tactical gameplay.

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