Warpath And Barricade Join The War For Cybertron

Warpath And Barricade Join The War For Cybertron

Activision continues to relentlessly tease Transformers fans with new character reveals for June’s War for Cybertron, with fan-favourite Warpath and obscure Decepticon race track patrol team member Barricade join the fight.

Oh I know there’ve been other versions of Barricade since the first generation of Transformers. He was leader of the Bruticus Maximus team in Energon, and we can’t forget his appearance in the first live-action movie. But seeing as this is a Generation One video game, I decided to compare him with the only G1 Barricade toy. He would have looked much better in pink and yellow, but then again, doesn’t everything?

Warpath needs no introduction.

So I’m not giving him one.

Transformers: War for Cybertron drops on June 22.

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