Watch Mario Galaxy 2’s Video Instruction Manual

Watch Mario Galaxy 2’s Video Instruction Manual

New Super Mario Bros. Wii is easy to understand. Mario Galaxy 2, a little less so. To help get fans of the former to purchase the latter, Nintendo will be bundling a DVD instruction manual with the galactic sequel.

You can see a preview of the DVD, which is for the European and Japanese markets, below. it’s an interesting decision, especially given the Wii’s lack of DVD playback functionality. Still, we were only bemoaning the death of the manual a few weeks ago; it’s nice to see it given a 21st century facelift!


  • They’re going to have to make it pretty clearly marked that its a standard dvd. A lot of the more casual nintendo fans who this is probably for will not necessarily know that it won’t work in their console.

    Pretty cool idea anyway, just pretty silly that you can’t even use it on the actual console. Oh well, as long as theres no real life demonstrations in game, like in red steel 2, ill be happy

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