Watch The Best Three-Minute Live-Action Street Fighter Movie Now

Remember those nice trailers of the live-action Street Fighter Legacy movie? Now you can watch the whole movie. Right here.


    Where's the rest of it?
    That was cool to watch, nearly thought Ryu was going to throw out a dbz move there.

    Effects were so so, and at least already feels 10 times better than that life waster 'legend of chun li' movie.

    Wow. The costume design, scenery and production values for this were top notch for this one. Ken was perfect, Ryu was pretty damn god too. Loved the special effects and how the fight style and character themes were portrayed as well as little nuances like block breaks.

    It's a shame this was released so close to the other fan film because both were very good. Hopefully the inevitable comparisons and criticisms of the two won't take away from what either has achieved and we can all take it as a sign that a faithful movie can (and has) been made.

      Both were extremely well done. This one seemed a little closer to the fighting style they based Ryu and Ken on in the game. However that said, the other video clip was fantastic too. I really can't fault either one. I loved the inclusion of Akuma in this one.

    this 3 minutes was better then the entire dragonball movie.

      +2 :)

    That was nothing short of AWESOME! This puts the Hollywood garbage to shame!

    Why is Tom Cruise in this film??? :P

    Seriously, these three minutes of street fighter legacy are infinitely superior than all the game to movie Hollywood adaptations combined.

    And done on such a small budget too, take that Hollywood.

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