We Get ‘The Signal’ For Alan Wake In July

We Get ‘The Signal’ For Alan Wake In July

In advance of the Xbox 360 game’s release, Alan Wake developer Remedy brings word that the first downloadable add-on episode for the suspenseful adventure will arrive in July. It’ll be free, provided you have a new copy of Alan Wake.

Keep your Alan Wake “token card” in a safe place, Xbox 360 owners, because it will let you pick up “The Signal” on July 27. In other words, don’t trade that Xbox 360 game in and don’t buy it used, lest you miss out on some of that free content. No word yet on how much that downloadable episode might set you back if you don’t have a code.

To see if Alan Wake is worth your hard earned money, read our review of the game.


  • Well you could buy it used before the DLC gets released. The token would be useless to someone trading it in before its release.

    Unless they are that selfish they want it so no one else can have it. But, slim chances if you do buy used.

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