Well, No Wonder Game Crazy Went Out Of Business

Well, No Wonder Game Crazy Went Out Of Business

They weren’t charging nearly enough for their used games. Weird pricing decision by GameStop for Modern Warfare 2, (Xbox 360 version), spied by reader DSForte.


  • This isn’t new. It happens in every store. It’s because there are different departments in management that don’t bother to communicate. It’s too much of a hassle to check every game that’s having a price drop and then finding all the pre-owned copies and altering their price.

    • How much of a hassle is it, really, to go “This game has been reduced by $10, so we reduce the New price by $10 and the Pre-Owned price by $10” ?
      If it is for a sale, then that’s another issue, because that’s a temporary decrease, so you’d be doubling up on the adjustments that need to be done.
      That being said, when you look closer at the pic, the New price, before the price drop, is actually the same as the Pre-Owned price, which is also ridiculous. This seems to be with some kind of “bonus item” too, which I’m guessing the Pre-Owned version wouldn’t have.

  • GAME in Australia has been doing this sort of stupid pricing too.

    I went to get a copy of Rock Band (for the tracks) – a brand new version sold for $35 but a pre-owned one was retailing for $65… explain this to me…

  • Not to mention that they take your preowned games, give you 3-4 dollars for it, then post it back up for $10 under the original price.

    • They are doing the crazy cheap prices on NEW games because GAME are going broke in Australia. They have so much old dead stock they can’t even fit it in there warehouse!! Go into GAME and see tonnes of games under $10 just to make some cash flow to buy new stock!! I would not put a pre order or layby on at the moment, thats for sure.

  • Games go on sale all the time, and they’re just that, sale prices. Once that sale ends, the preowned pricing makes sense again. Just because a game goes on sale doesn’t mean the retailers have to slash the preowned price as well.

  • I don’t mind when that happens, but I do mind when it’s pointed out to them and they won’t reduce the used copy to below the sale price of the new copy.

    • The scumbags hey? I can understand if you don’t like a certain retailer, but it’s not like all the people who work there are doing this for shits and giggles. It’s a simple mistake whereby new games are discounted and there is time delay in re-pricing the pre-owned stock. Most of the time if you take said pre-owned game to the counter and get it scanned, the price in the system will be correct.

      Also, a staff member of EB doesn’t usually have the authority to just change prices as they see fit. If the pre-owned copy is still scanning at a higher price just don’t buy it?!? Chances are if you come back in a few days time it will be corrected.

  • Got this when I got Lost Odyssee from EB. They had the pre-owned one for $40, and the new one for $35. Thankfully I insisted on having a new one before I found out the price difference, seeing as they didn’t have it out the front.

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