What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I've been told the key to enjoying Lost Planet 2 is to realise - despite the presence of Marcus and Dom as unlockable characters - it isn't Gears of War.

Not all games should play alike. Just because Lost Planet 2 and Gears of War share a tight third-person perspective and involve shooting aliens, it doesn't mean they have to be the same game. They don't need to use the same control layout, or move at the same pace, or utilise the same save system.

Seriously. Imagine if every game just used the same mechanics.

Lost Planet 2 is its own beast; slower, more considered, more exacting. It's also designed to be replayed multiple times as you unlock a huge amount of meaningful abilities and cosmetic additions. Capcom should be applauded for offering something different. Maybe it won't work for you, but that doesn't make it a bad game - just a different one.

About the only thing it really has in common with Gears is that it's a lot more fun when played co-operatively. Which is what I'll be doing this weekend.

How about you?


    COD4/WoW and some Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom.

    Nice man! Games do get boring these days since they ALL control the same way. I remember when Megaman Legends required pressing L and R to rotate, it was silly as hell but fun.

    I'll be playing heroes of newerth, retail just launched :D

    Playing Assassins Creed 2 and Mushroom Wars (that's with the kids ... my 9 year old just beat me 3 to 1!GAH!)

    May actually finish Star wars force unleashed today, i know i'm only one level away from the ending, but i just cant be bothered. Then i want to replay resident evil 2, i've got the original PS1 disc around here somewhere.

    It's gonna be some Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (thanks Kotaku and Konami). Really quite a good game... though trying to shake monsters off is becoming a bit of an annoyance (I can shake them off the front and the back without a problem... but the sides... ohhh no the wii remote seems a little temperamental about that).

    Also the Psychological testing is pretty cool... though I'm constantly on edge because I keep thinking it's going to ask me where I buried the bodies... Trick me once Konami, shame on me. But trick me twice...

      Just finished SH: SM... not sure what to do now... might try and go through it again and see if I can get a different ending. Either that or I might play the "Go and read a book" game...

        Haha, interesting. I too was lucky enough to snag a copy, but have been too busy with uni play beyond 30 minutes :'(

          It's a shame that the game is relatively short (about 8 hours or so depending on how much time you spend searching the areas). But then there are the multiple endings.

          I've started again and I've been choosing opposite answers to see if I get a different outcome at the end.

            I'm with Sughly here.

            Had no time to touch my copy as well since I got it.

            Then again, I've had no time to play my copies of SH2/3/4/Origins either.... :(

              Well up until this one the only other ones I had played were SH2 and SH4.

              Also what I said about the Wii being temperamental about the side shakes to get monsters off of you... it seems to work much better if you position your hands to the far opposite of the side with the monster and just make one solid movement directly to the other side. Still a bit picky about registering the movement it seems.

              I've been seeing a few cosmetic changes, which I can assume is down to my different choices in the psych tests...

    For the first time in 2 months i have no assignments to worry about (only exams in three weeks but they can wait) so i am going to party all weekend long. Am going to get into some more Reach Beta before it closes (i think it closes the 19th/20th - is that right?)

    Also i need to get around to playing the rest of the games i bought from the steam sale last year including Star Wars: Republic Commando (which i have heard was excellent back in the day), Half Life 2 Episodes 1 + 2, Bioshock and Left 4 Dead.

    This is the first weekend since I got engaged that I will be spending at home relaxing.

    I'm going to start with a few games of Starcraft 2 Beta and maybe a couple of rounds of Counter Strike. I still have my tournament to complete in FIFA 10 which may be on the cards.

    But ultimately I'm going to go through my Steam library for things I haven't played/completed. Right now I can see:
    - Red Faction: Geurilla
    - Psychonauts
    - S.T.A.L.K.E.R
    - All XCom and UFO games
    - Saints Row 2
    - Mount and Blade
    - Company of Heroes + all expansions
    - Chronicles of Riddick: Assualt on Dark Athena

    Which one should I get stuck in to?

    (PS I've gotta stop buying games just because thy're on special)

      Hey Mr Boom, I'm voting for stalker. I've both both sequels, but have not played them. Each time, after 5 mins or so, the damn thing crashes. But (surprisingly) the first stalker for me ran pretty good. And it was fun!

      its okay, i do this too. i have 50 games but i estimate i have only played about 35

    hey dave have you received a review copy of Red Dead yet? it seemed strange that alan wake was given really early reviews but rdr won't get one until monday?

    I haven't completely decided yet but I'll likely have a few more games of the Halo: Reach Beta and then either continue my love affair with BF:BC2 multiplayer or delve more heartedly into Heavy Rain.

    I'll also whip out the PSP for some light gaming on the train to the footy me thinks, though the iPhone might trump it again.

    I would imagine most of us will be playing the Halo: Reach Beta.

    As for myself, probably some Alone In The Dark, Need For Speed: Most Wanted (I know I'm a bit behind but I just snapped them up cheap secondhand).

    Also a bit of online with welbot (probably Street Fighter IV) and if 'Loops is on we might hook up for something as well.

    Pokemon platinum, Ballad of gay tony, clash of heroes and zeno clash

    Lol this weekend For sure.
    Ive been playing Lost Planet 2 since the release date was broken and have fallen in love with online co-op.
    I've met more hardcore gamers on Lost Planet in the last few days than on any other game in 6 mounths.
    And co-op is most def re-playable. and don't judge the game till you get to episode 5,

    Halo Reach Beta all of Saturday, work Sunday :(.

    Final Fantasy XIII... still.

    I'm up to chapter 9 and I'm getting the feeling that I'm closing to going to Pulse, as all the party members are now in one team.

    Quick question about Lost Planet 2 Dave, I've never played the Lost Planet games, but Lost Planet 2 looks like a futuristic Monster Hunter.
    Would that comparison be true?

      Unfortunately Lost Planet 2 has almost nothing in common with MH. It would be a better game if it did. The big monsters are few and far between and you mostly fight generic guys in poorly designed level. Don't even bother unless you are going to play exclusively online coop. Your squad AI is horrific and doesn't help at all.

    This weekend I'll be trying to make it through the third act of The Witcher. Probably some Civ IV and Bioshock as well.

    I was hoping to play some Skate 3 multiplayer but so far I'm having trouble connecting, and when I do there's nobody around. Maybe I'll have better luck later. In the meantime theres plenty to do in single player!

    Finishing up Assassin's Creed 2, I assume, since Ezio is all bearded up now.
    Never has a game made me think "Dammit! Where are all the prostitutes when you need them!?", what a great game.

    I just finished Lost Planet 2, it was epic.

    Dragon Age origins on my mage save (gonna make magic babies with hooty mc boob) and bad company 2

    Finish off Dragon Age: Awakening (I've done 2/3 major quest things so I assume the end of the game is next), and play some more Forza 3 (downloaded the Exotic car park, the Radial SR8 is AMAZING AWESOME GOOD FUN TIMES).

    Well said David. I'm actually really irritated by the amount of bad press the game is getting just because you can't hug walls or shoot your grappling hook in mid air.

    Monster Hunter Tri, as much as I love that damn game, is held on a pedestal because of it's slower, more weighted and tactical feel, but Lost Planet is shat on for the exact same reasons.

    Good to know you're giving it chance!

    Gonna try and prestige on MW2, level 63 atm, and I'm gonna respec my frost mage on WoW and maybe try and ace The Bunker on LBP.

    Unfortunately I had to sell my XBOX to pay a $1000 bill to fix on the transmission on my Car, so no XBOX for me, but I was hoping to play Portal, but there's an audio glitch in the Mac version with a wireless Apple keyboard, which beeps when you move in any direction..... :(

      Man, sucks to be you. I 'spose you can at least play flash games on your computer. I've got about 20 PC games I'd gladly lend you (I don't play 'em anymore) but I doubt you'd live anywhere near me.

        Cheers Old_Skool_Gamer, much appreciated :), I noticed a patch seems to have come out for Portal, so I'm going to see what happens when that's installed.

          No worries. I hope that patch works for you.

          Also if you go here http://www.microsoft.com/games/en-us/live/pages/livejoin.aspx
          and download the Games For Windows Live client you'll then be able to download a game called Tinker for free. You just have to have a gamertag or be willing to create one.

          I downloaded it today but haven't played it yet.

    Gears is more a shooter where as Lost planet 2 is more of an action/adventure game.

    I'll be playing the latest Riddick game.

    Chrono Trigger!

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