What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Easy one this weekend. I will be cantering across New Austin, shooting rabbits and losing all my money playing horseshoes.

What? There's a story? Actual missions?


Who else is playing Red Dead Redemption this weekend?


    Just finished the main story but will now be cleaning up various quests for outfits.

      Slowly making my way through the story in Redemption, in between poker, and bounties, and obtaining new outfits, and scouting for new horses... looking forward to mexico, and possibly coming across one of the numerous human/animal glitches.

    We are having some rainy weather here in Canberra today so it is perfect gaming weather. I think RDR is going to be the pick of the weekend for most console players.

    I am definitely going to put some good hours in to RDR this weekend. I might pick up Mod Nation racers as well so the wife and I can play PS3 together. Buuuut, that may not happen when I get sucked in to RDR.

    Was going to buy it last night, but all the shops shut at like 6pm. What a jip! Oh well, I was having second thoughts anyhow.

    yeah im pretty much done with red dead, trying out alpha protocol but.... feels kinda dated, we'll see.

      Dude, give us the word on Alpha Protocol, i was hyped for this game for awhile, and in the last week it seems like all the love is gone.
      Dud or what?

        yeah the reviews you see around are pretty accurate, the gameplay feels garbage if you've played mass effect 2. I'm enjoying the story but I wouldn't really suggest it to anyone.

        At most it'll just make you wish you were playing mass effect.

    I am finally deciding to check out EVE Online, and replaying Aquaria.

    I'm playing RDR also, killing everyone.

    I've got a copy of Red Dead Redemption Limited Edition for PS3 sitting on my shelf, but I can't play it until I can afford a PS3 in early July, it sure is a pretty box though :)

    Otherwise, I've been playing Half Life 2 on Mac :)

    Playing Alan Wake and really enjoying it, although I fear it's going to end soon, and prematurely too.

      Gameplay-wise, the ending is a bit disappointing. Story-wise, however, it is excellent, leaving as many questions as it answers, while still bringing the narrative to some sort of conclusion.
      I'm eagerly awaiting the DLC.

      This weekend: RDR and Pokemon HeartGold...

        Sounds interesting but I like my games to end when they end, and DLC to be an optional extra. I would fear that the only way to really get to the end of this story would be to keep buying DLC, which may never end, a bit like Lost.

      I played that this weekend too. I put it on hard to to stretch it out longer...or so I thought. I didn't like it. The story seemed like it was written like a 15 year old kid who was trying too hard. Maybe they should have just asked Stephen King...Back to Resonance of Fate for me.

    It's Double XP weekend on MW2 - that should make a few people stable their horses this weekend!

    got a few new titles to play this weekend (new as in purchased recently)...

    mainly i'll be going between RDR and ModNation tho...

    havent taken red dead out since i got it. my name is my gamertag, feel free to hit me up for a game anyone

    Red Dead Redmeption
    and some good ol Nazi Zombies

    Playing RDR single player, just go into Mexico. May sprinkle in some Multiplayer, and a clan night for Uncharted 2 with Double Cash

    Red Dead all the way... might try and put some time into the Single Player this weekend, have basically played about an hour of Single Player... and well over 24hrs in Free Roam!


    little Alpha protocol little blur

    finish off the story in RDR then i might leave it for a bit

    Modnation racers(hopefully the mentioned load time patch comes faster :P ) because its offically replaced the hell out of mario kart

    Im going to get stuck into Lost Planet 2, see how we go hey.

    Also will be playing Football, but with such little relevance to gaming I will leave it there.

    I didn't enjoy GTAIV (I got annoyed with the constant backtracking and travelling etc when dying in missions so gave up) so I'm passing on Red Dead Redemption, at least of for the time being.

    Currently playing Final Fantasy XIII. It's funny that everybody bags it out for the lack of free-roaming, but that actually makes it far more enjoyable for me- I never finished X or XII because I got so distracted grinding levels and stuff that I got bored and lost interest. FFXIII is keeping me focused on the task at hand and it's great.

    Also achievement-whoring Wolverine, just got the hard mode one left. Normally I don't go to so much effort for achievements but the "complete game" status is sooo close I can't help but go for it...

    RDR will consume my weekend. Maybe some Mass Effect 2 as well!

    Tibia, the MMO.

    Red Dead Redemption of course now that I've finished Alan Wake... And a little Doom II now it's out on XBLA =D

    I AM I AM I AM

    i want to finish the story line but i get so side tracked

    More Final Fantasy XIII, finally I'm at Gran Pulse, it's so much better there. Much more freedom.

    And maybe a bit of Metroid Prime Trilogy.

    Bioshock 2. I'm just getting through it slowly at my own pace.

    Nothing satisfies me more than laying out a ridiculous combination of mini turrets, trap rivets, proximity mines and then watching it all blow up nicely when the splicers come along.

    Doom 2 XBLA, Duke Nukem XBLA, Red Dead Redemption 360.

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