What Are You Playing This Weekend?

A copy of Alan Wake landed on my desk Friday afternoon. From the brief time I spent with it yesterday, I'm confident it will be consuming most of my time this weekend.

I can't say any more just yet. But you'll be hearing my thoughts on Remedy's "psychological thriller" next week.

What are you playing this weekend?


    SC2 Beta and ... Overlord 2?

    I hope you enjoy it; can't wait to see the review :D

    Anyway, I'll see if I can finish Sam and Max: The Penal Zone, and will go see Iron Man 2 tonight. :D

    Hurry it up Dave!

    I haven't had an Alan Wake fix in a while. Really wanna know some first impressions...

      Agreed, looking forward to the first impressions of Alan Wake (already your comments sound promising though).

      In the meantime, it's all Whispered World for me. Up to chapter 3 and it is the most amazing game I've played in a long time. Recommend it to ANYONE. If you haven't got it, go get it.

    Not too much, waiting for Steam on Mac, and drooling about Red Dead Redemption, best Birthday present EVER!

    Probably some Final Fantasy XIII, StarCraft 2 Beta (I used to be good at SC 10 years ago, why do I suck so hard now?), maybe some Bad Company 2.

    Probably also playing the "Cleanup time because stuff is all over the house and I don't know where anything is" game.

    Maybe a bit of MW2 and FFXIII.
    The new Team Fortress 2 update is sure to pull me in sometime.

    iRacing's new V8 SuperCar at Phillip Island

    Super Street Fighter IV. Getting hurt bad.

    BF:BC, MW2.

    Maybe crack open Mass Effect I picked up for $5 from Game.

    SC2 beta although that seems counterproductive to study for uni

    A bit of Brutal Legend and Puzzle Quest. Would love to see if Alan Wake was worth the wait.

    A tired UPS delivery guy showed up at 5PM yesterday with my bundle of Splinter Cell: Conviction, Assassin's Creed II and Just Cause 2.
    Choices, choices.

    I'm playing this:


    Finish Sakura Wars then start on Monster Hunter Tri and continue with occasional rounds of Ogre Battle 64.

    Really interested in impressions of Alan Wake - unfortunately no matter how good it is I'll be putting my funds towards Red Dead Redemption. Really poor choice of release date - If it reviews well I'll pick it up after it drops in price...

    Rise of the Argonauts, maybe some Aliens vs Predator...

    Seriously need to farm CPs for FFXIII, then maybe some Twilight Princess again, plus start playing Bioshock...

    You bastard. Send Alan Wake to me. Now.


    God I can't believe it's coming out this month... Seems like it's been years away forever... if that makes sense? I might even pre order it, maybe I'll even take a day off work :p

    As for me, I've promised myself I'd spend a few hours in Battlefield BC2, but I'm also going to spend some time with Borderlands and GoW III...

    Resonance of fate is really grabing me at the moment, far more than ff13 did. But i really should get around to finishing mass effect again so i can transfer my progres...

    Jealous of Alan Wake.

    Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker!

    Been slaving away at Star Ocean 4 trying to get 1000/1000, so I think I'll give the grinding a rest and play something like Red Alert 3.

    Monster Hunter Tri, Pokemon SoulSilver and maybe God of War Collection.

    Despite having Bad Company 2, I've gone back to BF1943, quite fun...

    Might throw in some Just Cause 2 also...

    Still working through my Steam sale back catalog and partying like it's 2004. Finished Armed and Dangerous this week and have moved onto Escape from Butcher Bay as part of the Dark Athena pack.

    I'm living in teh future!!

    Monster Hunter Tri and then some Monster Hunter Tri and maybe after that a little Monster Hunter Tri.

    I can't get enough!

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