What In The World Is Mega Man Online?

Recently, Kotaku wondered "What on Earth is Mega Man Universe"? Allow us to rephrase the question.

Mega Man company Capcom indicates in its latest report to stockholders that something called Mega Man Online is in development. Capcom is jointly developing MMO (hey, that's a great acronym!) with Korean games maker Neowiz. This is part of Capcom's bullet point number two in its objective to "enlarge the business model by concentrating on online game business". As fun as that sounds, we have no other details about what Mega Man.

We'll check with Capcom, who yours truly is meeting with minutes after the writing of this post, to see if we can get more info. For now, it's looking like this Korean-made game could be something for the Asian market, though, really, a few more details would be nice.

MMO. You do get it, yes?

Read the Capcom financial report PDF for yourself. [Capcom investors site, PDF link]

PIC from Mega Man 20th Anniversary


    This seems... cool. Though I could never get into the newer iterations which it will most likely represent, so I probably won't be playing.

    Sadly I doubt it'll be based on Legends like I want, but that anime-RPG series of games always seemed like they would make a pretty promising MMO.

    Although if they do use that setting I sort of hope the game sucks. If its good I'll be stuck choosing between not playing a good Mega Man game and feeling like a sex offender for logging into a game clearly aimed at kids. =(

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