What Is Under The Black Wrapping Of This Nintendo Package?

It may not be due out until May 9, but the two-game, MotionPlus black Wii arrived on the doorstep of Kotaku Tower this morning.

Check out all of that black! If you're looking to pick one up it will set you back $US200, but includes Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort as well as the MotionPlus controller.

While the controllers, the MotionPlus add-on, the sleeves and the console are all black, Nintendo decided to leave the stand silver. Odd.

Now to unwrap with zeal!



    wait, your abode is a tower?

    thats so cool!

    if the wii was made in red, itd make you game/play a lot faster

    hasnt this been out in australia for a while now?

      The black Wii has, yes. But not this bundle - ours just has the Wii, a controller and Wii Sports. Theirs also has a MotionPlus and Wii Sports Resort.

      Heh, they only get WSR in a cardboard sleeve too :P

      Not a hard bundle with M+ and Sports Resort, no.

    Heaps surprised that Australia finally gets something major BEFORE the US.

    Not that the black Wii is necessarily groundbreaking, but still...

    now if only they could add M+ functionality to Wii Sports, that would be an awesome package

      They did that - it's called Wii Sports Resort :P

    You mean the one we've had for a few weeks now.

    Yeah, that's old news.

    Really do want one of these but not worth upgrading just for a colour option. Hopefully the next console will come with colours from the start, or if it doesnt, at least have upgraded functionality similar to the others upgrades.

    Anyway, looks awesome, much better then the horrible glaring white of the original, grats America on getting it

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