What Makes Spider-Man Spectacular? What Makes Him Noir?

Activision's suiting up its Spider-Man licence again with the hopefully-does-not-suck Spider-Man: Shattered Dimension. In one reality Spider-Man's stealthy. In another, he appears to have been bitten by a radioactive Kratos.


    Looks potentially interesting... though I can see it getting a lot of criticism if it doesn't have any open world areas.

    I certainly won't be pre-ordering it or buying it until I've seen some reviews... I've fallen for that one too many times already with jsut abot every Spider-Man game since number 2.

    I doubt it will be able to match up to the brilliance and execution of Arkham Asylum. Still, we'll wait and see, I suppose.

      Yeah, I agree completely. But then the two characters are very different, so in a sense it's a bit of an unfair comparison. But I would love to see Spider-Man go down a fairly serious path for once... it's certainly had enough serious things brought up through the comics, they just need to tap into it.

    Spider-Man Noir was absolute Shite.

    Batman: Arkham Asylum is a comic masterpiece!

    So if source material is anything to go by
    (I know it isn't, Goldeneye anyone? And it's not like any elements were really used from The BM:AA graphic Novel).

    This looks awesome! I can't wait to fork out for it!

    Let's just hope it's good :)

    i really don't like the idea of spidey's webs being able to for shapes like hammers - it just seems like a massive cop out to me!

    I'm really unsure about this game which is a shame as i want sooo much to like it!

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