What The Hell’s Going On In That Black Ops Trailer?

What The Hell’s Going On In That Black Ops Trailer?

The debut trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops had waaaay too many fast cuts. So let’s slow it down a little, see what we can find out about where the game’s taking us, and what we’ll be doing.

I’ve selected what I think are the most important and interesting parts of the trailer and put them in the gallery below, based mainly on how – in the absence of any real details on the game – they give us hints as to where the game will take place and what kind of timeframe we’re looking at.

First things first, this lab makes repeat appearances. There are allusions to somebody being “revived”, and a look at that clock reveals what may well be a 2010 date (albeit in the Japanese back-to-front style).

Here’s a missile launch. Hard to tell what exactly is going on, but it looks like it’s at the coast, so maybe a submarine-launched nuclear weapon?

Dudes in the snow. What, you didn’t think the entire game was going to be set in jungles, did you?

Hello, Black Ops. Apocalypse Now called, it wants its chopper sequences back.

This brief chase through the jungle may look like Vietnam, but feels a lot more “Clear and Present Danger” (ie Central or South America) to me.

This is not an astronaut. He’s not a cosmonaut, either. He’s an SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance craft pilot. They had to wear this stuff because the plane flew so high it may as well have been in space.

Not quite sure what chopper this is (it’s not a Hind or a Cobra), but it’s clear it’s blowing up shit (and men) on that rope bridge. Looks like another South American sequence, too.

The SR-71, which first saw active service in the late 60’s, in action. Will we actually get to fly one? Who knows. We didn’t get to pilot the ISS in Modern Warfare 2…

You can only just make it out at the top, but that’s definitely a straw hat. Straw hats and Soviet weapons in a video game about the Cold War can only mean Viet Cong.

This one’s potentially most interesting. That’s a Steyr-AUG assault rifle, which didn’t see service until 1977, meaning this game may span decades.


  • My theory is that its going to have a deep story (compared to other Call of Duty games) of warfare fueled through decades of conflict. Your going to experience all the things that have lead the current war to happen.

  • I’m going to say I’m looking forward to this. Every COD game made by Treyarch so far, I’ve enjoyed immensely. I probably enjoyed World at War even more so than I did MW2.

    • When I first played WaW upon release, I would’ve argued this point with you black and blue.

      However, after I played MW 1 and 2, and recently went back and played WaW from beginning to end, I am *completely* in agreeance with you.

      I absolutely undersold Treyarch, blinding myself to how good their games were after the average part 3. WaW was a sensational game, much better than MW 1 and 2, it was fantastic beyond words.

      • Personally I wasn’t all that impressed. Not looking to argue, but I thought the AI was rather poor and become frustrating at times and some moments of the fights did feel very typical COD style stuff. There were some highlights the first time through, like the enemies jumping up out of grass or mud, but that idea really only works once. As far as I could tell they would spawn in the same places each time.

  • They’d be crazy not to put a zombie mode in I think. That was the most popular mode in COD-WAW.

    I wonder if this time they allow dedicated coop servers!!!

  • If they put in dedicated servers and mod suport.. ill prob get this on PC/mac.. otherwise NO SALE (unless maybe on wii)

    i hope it takes lots of influences from Metal gear solid 3 // Portable Ops // Peace walker.. a great set of games set in this period.

  • i hope this is involves more of the elements of ‘the dear hunter’ and ‘apoc. now’, i mean i know it wont but hey, maybe investigate the immense trauma of losing a friend maybe the inhumanity of killing another human regardless of race, it’d be nice if they actually took the terrors of war seriously instead of belittling the sacrifices made by those who were willing to give their lives for us.

  • After watching the trailer in GT (gametrailers) pop block, I have a suspicion that the game is set between to timelines: First in the Vietnam war, and second either in the present or future proceeding after the vietnam war. Although its just speculation

  • I know I’m a little late commenting on this one, but I think the cockpit view of the attack chopper actually is a Hind. Not the latter one with the bubble canopies but the first generation one which had a large squareish canopy.

    Interestingly, the early Mi-24A was used in the Cambodian-Vietnamese War in the late 70s. Which may explain some of the jungle pictures also.

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