What’s On Good Game Tonight?

What’s On Good Game Tonight?

Can you say FOUR REVIEWS IN ONE EPISODE? I can. And I am, because there are four reviews in this week’s episode of Good Game. Yikes.

* Yee-haw, we’ve got gun’s and we’re slinging em’ in Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West

* If you can’t bear the wait til FIFA 11 – 2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa is here to feed your football… fever (trying to work some alliteration in there)

* M.U.D. TV gives the micromanagers out there a glimpse into the production side of a TV network

*What do you get when you cross Little Big Planet with Mario Kart? ModNation Racers lets you customise to your heart’s content with this new twist on the classic kart racer

And if that isn’t enough, we visit Australia’s National Guitar Hero Champion – whose career highlights include competing overseas where he got to “stay in a hotel without his Mum”. He offers up his best tips for you Guitar Hero fiends out there.

Catch Good Game Monday nights on ABC2 @ 8:30pm – and now also Good Game: Spawn Point (especially for younger gamers) on Saturday nights on ABC3 @ 7:25pm.

Watch any episode at www.abc.net.au/goodgame
Or if you miss them, watch higher quality versions on ABC’s iView service.

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