When Fans Design 3DS Logos!

The Nintendo 3DS is an enigma. We don't know if that will be its final name, don't know what it looks like, don't know how powerful it is. We hope, though, its logo looks a little something like this.

This was whipped up by reader TestZero, in response to our post on Nintendo's console code names. It draws on both the DS and GameCube logos for its look, which is appropriate, seeing as it's following the design of the former and is reputed to have the power of the latter.

The text may need a little work, but the logo itself is so nice the actual product is going to have a hard time beating it.


    A riddle wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a coconut.

      Vietnamese candy? :O

    this has been used over and over
    un originality ahoy

    I'm thinking it will carry the Gameboy name. They've been saying for years that they are going to continue the Gameboy name at some point.

      Yeah, but that was before the DS outsold the entire Gameboy line. Unless The 3DS is 2D then it probably won't carry the GameBoy name.

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