Where Are Gundam Plastic Models Made?

Would you like to know? Would you? OK then.

As Japanese site Gigazine points out, this year is the 30th anniversary of Gunpla (Gundam plastic model kits) with the first one going on sale in July 1980. The made-in-Japan Gundam plastic model kits are, according to robot expert Matt Alt, the rolex watches of plastic model kits. The

The site recently visited the Gundam plastic model factory in Shizuoka.

What makes the factory so interesting is how Gundamed out the place is! (Tons of pics here.)

Staffers on the factory floor even wear Earth Federation uniforms! And contains are carried by a "MS-06 Zaku" automated forklift.

Here are the model-making machines in action.

The life-sized Gundam statue will be erected near the Gunpla factory this July.

How Gundam Plastic Models are made at "Bandai Hobby Center" in Shizuoka - GIGAZINE [GIGAZINE]


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