Which Multiplayer Transformer Type Are You?

Which Multiplayer Transformer Type Are You?

High Moon Studios takes breaks down multiplayer characters in Transformers: War for Cybertron into four distinct classes represented by four different vehicle types. Are you a car, truck, tank or plane?

This is certainly an interesting solution to allowing players to create their own custom Autobots and Decepticons without having to build a ridiculously deep character generator. The leaders are trucks; scouts are cars; tanks are, indeed, tanks; and planes act as the rogues of the Cybertronian war, sniping and using stealth to get the drop on their enemies.

Of course this opens up all sorts of new questions for me. Before, I could simply pick my favourite character, but to give me this sort of choice is almost cruel. I’d prefer to be a plane, given my disposition towards rogue-like characters, but then I’ve always loved plucky scout characters like Bumblebee.

I guess I’ll just have to figure it all out before Transformers: War for Cybertron ships this June.


  • I hope this plays well, every trailer and bit of info seems to me that they want to be the guys who make not just the best Transformer game ever. but one of the best 3rd person shooter games ever.

    I really want to like this game, I know I’m going to buy it. I just hope I don’t return it a day or two later.

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