Who Needs NFL Teams When You Can Make Your Own?

Who Needs NFL Teams When You Can Make Your Own?

NaturalMotion’s Backbreaker might not have the official NFL licence like Madden does, but who needs that when you’ve got the tools to make the football team of your dreams at your fingertips? I’m going to call mine the Atnalta Falchions!

I am both excited and filled with dread at the options Backbreaker gives players for creating their own custom team. On one hand, I can see myself creating a pink and yellow Kotaku Kakesters team, which would be kind of cute. On the other hand, the first thought that sprung into my mind was how easy it would be to make a giant penis logo for the side of my helmet.

Creativity is certainly a double-edged penis sword.


  • Can’t quote a source but I understand because of the lack of monitoring of inappropruiate content, when playing online, your customer creations are NOT visible to other players. I have been a member of the BB forums since about 2007 but only occasionally check in there but i recall a post a while ago about this.

    Will try to confirm.

    PS… Awesome to see backbreaker news. Have been waiting for this for such a long time!

  • Further info to my above post:
    The game does not feature the NFL license, as most would suspect. It does feature a robust editor that will allow you to change player names, team names and create custom logos. The options there are very impressive, with shapes, animals, letters and more present. Donald mentioned he expects to see end zones that look like works of art a few weeks after the game releases.

    Sadly, users will not have the ability to share their rosters online, for legal reasons. However, you will be able to take your team online, and your friends can see what you’ve created.


      • I am not really fussed. I actually just posted a topic in the BB forums asking what other locals are doing. Happy to get the same as you, just want some local competition.

        Send a FR on both and we’ll chat

        GT: FatShady Live
        PSNID: fatshady-live
        twitter: fatshadylive

        Any other Aussies… Join in!


  • As a huge fan of games that offer customisation options (and given the lack of such team-level customisation in sports games bar PES) this is a sure buy – right after ModNation Racers.

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