Who Plays Video Games Shirtless?

Here are a couple of guys checking out Gran Turismo last month at a PlayStation showcase at Stagecoach: California's Country Music Festival. Seems weird, but I never frequented beach arcades either. Anyone else out there play games sans shirt? (PIC: Michael Buckner/Getty Images)


    I bet there are cartoon style eye holes cut out of the posters.


    Sure, I game shirtless often, more so in the summer months, and only ever inside my own home.

    I guess if the guys in the pic are actually near the beach, then being shirtless would be fine.

    When you're at the supermarket or shopping centre, and you see these guys who wander around sans shirt, it's just plain weird. Even if it is hot, surely a tank top would suffice? No one really wants to see man-nipple in the supermarket do they?

    when im in my own house im sans pants aswell. its super comfortable.

    I always wear a shirt. On the other hands, PANTS...

    I game sans everything but boardshorts most of the time. Even in winter! It's comfy, and heck, I've got a heater so why not use it :)

    Things might change when I finally get a webcam tho...

    Look to the left of them - girls.

    i play nude. it used to be classic when playing burnout paradise online with the camera hooked up ;) every now and then i'd throw on a cowboy hat and/or my scuba mask and snorkel. good times.
    only ever on psn though. m$ woulda banned my ass for that. psn folk just have a bit of a laugh and keep going.

    Come on, be honest... when you've got big pictures of the legendary Kevin Butler lining the walls, who wouldn't start to get a bit warm and feel like removing a layer or three?

    i play naked but in my white sport socks
    lets me focus better

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