Who Supports Aussie Game Ratings? Catholic Bishops!

There is widespread support amongst both Australian voters and politicians for the introduction of an adults-only rating for video games. Oh, and Catholic bishops, too!

The Aussie government has released some preliminary findings from its look at introducing an R18+ rating, and amongst the support is this, indicating the backing of the Catholic bigmen:

The Australian Catholic Bishops (ACB) state that their preferred position is that R 18+ material would not be available in Australia. However, as material is currently available despite its illegality, it would be preferable to introduce an R18+ classification category for computer games so that access to such material, particularly by children, can be restricted.

Granted, it's not a wholehearted endorsement, given their preference for no adult content, but a realistic resignation is still a tick in the "support" column!

Australian Catholic Bishops support R18+ rating [Gamepron]


    I was actually excited to read the preliminary findings and one other point that struck me as odd was the sporting shooters against the R18+ classification. Yes, its a sporting organisation but still they are supporters of firearms which you could also argue could and do get into the wrong hands and cause much more damage than games!

    I wonder how family first feel about this statement?

      Their opinion/feelings are invalid due to their sheer stupidity and inability to see logic when it comes to video games.

        If that's the way you jump the gun and label people, then maybe you should join them. You just proved that whatever feeling you have on the matter would be thrown out the door. People need to come together on this subject and many others like it so we as gamers and even game developers in this country can get a fair say.

          yeah he probably went over the top, but i cant think of many logical decisions made by them but at the same time there arent that many logical ones made by the govt either

          is it wrong that i root for the govts plans to fail 90% of the time

      Fundies First are generally evangelicals - they view the Roman Catholics as almost as bad as the diabolical secular humanists!

    This makes me kinda happy. I'm a Christina, and while most people in my church think an R rating is a good idea there are some who are very mis-informed about the issues. I'm glad that the Catholic leadership is taking a realistic stand on this :)

      hi Christina .... i'm a jason

        This is a waste of a comment but...


        that just made my weekend :D

    Just more proof Christians in Australia and around the world aren't necessarily psycho-right-wing fundamentalist nutters like what you see in America or on TV. Duh.

      Ummm... they said Catholic Bishops... Not Christians...

        Catholics are Christians. Will refrain from saying anything else.

    I'm very glad to see that some Church Higher-ups are thinking with a clear head when it comes to the R18+ discussion.

    It just shows that not everyone in church circles are religious Zealot nutbags that tout the evils of pretty much anything...

    At least these individuals have said "we'd prefer it not to be available at all, but that isn't going to happen so we'd prefer to see it labeled correctly"

    ... You know what this means don't you? All that unprotected catholic sex must do wonders to clear the mind and think reasonably... ;)

    Yeah, Catholic bishops don't like it when children have their minds warped by adult....games.

    Huh, my respect for catholic bishops just went up a little. For both their realistic viewpoint and support (if half-hearted) of an R18+ rating.

    Note that "we hate this stuff, it should be banned, but since we can't ban it, we'll control it" is their attitude.

    Nowhere does the concept of "free speech" enter into their moral reasoning.

    The Vatican has always loved an expansive and intrusive role for the State.

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