Who Wants A BioShock 2 Xbox 360 DLC Code?

Who Wants A BioShock 2 Xbox 360 DLC Code?

The second batch of BioShock 2 downloadable content is out. For your chance to score yourself an Xbox 360 download code, read on.

The Rapture Metro pack contains six new multiplayer maps, three new achievements/trophies and a “rebirth” feature that awards a special mask to players who have hit level 50 and choose to rank down to level 1.

Thanks to 2K Games, we have FIVE Xbox 360 download codes up for grabs. As per usual, I’ll be adding them to this post, one at a time, throughout the day.

First person to redeem each code through Xbox Live Marketplace (Pro Tip: do it via the Xbox website) will get the pack. If you try a code and it doesn’t work, that means someone else has already redeemed it.

Good luck!

1st code: Q7TG2-F28V3-G24RD-V344M-7MYBW 2nd code: Q3KDK-QWMKX-BT4XQ-C769G-4PJJB 3rd code: C72T4-YC2C8-QBYDH-7KM9C-XT4WD 4th code: MC4XT-BVKKJ-2QQVD-WK96V-MBYB6 5th code: MTDQ3-YKDMX-HVRCJ-G2KFM-M2JJJ


  • It saddens me to say this but it would be easier to just give the codes away to the only 5 people who play this online.

    • Have to admit I would prefer it go to people who really play online a lot. I will stay out of this comp and wish everyone who plays Bio 2 Multiplayer all the luck. “Would you kindly go get some online fun!”

  • Here’s my protip – Don’t be a jerk, if you don’t have the game don’t try and get a code, which a few people did the last couple of times Dave gave out codes.

    I don’t have Bioshock 2, so good luck to everyone that does.

  • First one’s already gone 🙂

    But I’m keen to snag one. My copy of Bioshock arrives in the mail this week, so it should be fun to start playing multiplayer at a time when new maps have re-invigorated interest.

    • Got the second one though. Thanks David.

      I hereby solemnly promise to play the DLC once my copy of the game arrives.

  • lol don’t play it anymore, but dam its hard not to enter. I just like winning stuff 😛

    But i’ll hold off, as i’ve traded the game back already, and would be totally pointless to enter. Good luck to everyone else 🙂

  • Too bad they still haven’t released dates for the PC version. (Doubt these codes would even apply to the PC BS2)

    Oh and look, the 4th code is online as of 3:15PM

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