Who Wants A Dragon Age...Letter Opener?

What is this, 1876? Who still writes letters? Not me, though that won't stop me looking fondly at these Dragon Age letter openers, which fittingly are tiny replicas of Dragon Age swords.

Distributed by Sideshow, there are two available, the Grey Warden's "Render" and the Darkspawn's "Greatersword". While small - both are only seven inches tall - they're also cheap, coming in at only $US15, which is pleasantly affordable!

And while writing letters may be a thing of the past, there's something gentlemanly about opening a phone bill with a sword.


    Letter openers get more use killing people in movies than they do actually opening letters. But still I’d get the Darkspawn one, it looks awesome.

    Are the only available in America or can I have one shipped to Australia?

      It seems it's only available in America like everything else =(

    looks awesome!!

    Don't you get bills, they always come in paper envolopes.

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