Who Wants Some Exotic Cars In Their Forza 3?

Microsoft just sent me a bunch of download codes for the latest Forza 3 DLC, the Exotic Car Pack. And since I can’t use all the codes myself, I’m going to give them to you.

The Exotic Car Park features ten cars from ten manufacturers new to the Forza series. Apparently they’re all quite quick, too!

So I’ve got five download codes here. Below you’ll find one code. First person to redeem it via Xbox Live gets the pack. If the code doesn’t work, then somebody’s already nabbed it.


Later this afternoon I’ll post one code on the Kotaku AU Facebook page, one on the Kotaku AU twitter feed, one on my personal twitter feed, and one more code on this very post.

Good luck!

And here’s your 5th and final code: V2CQX-YCV2P-KH3R4-T6QCK-XJKCG


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