Who Wants Some Exotic Cars In Their Forza 3?

Who Wants Some Exotic Cars In Their Forza 3?

Who Wants Some Exotic Cars In Their Forza 3?Microsoft just sent me a bunch of download codes for the latest Forza 3 DLC, the Exotic Car Pack. And since I can’t use all the codes myself, I’m going to give them to you.

The Exotic Car Park features ten cars from ten manufacturers new to the Forza series. Apparently they’re all quite quick, too!

So I’ve got five download codes here. Below you’ll find one code. First person to redeem it via Xbox Live gets the pack. If the code doesn’t work, then somebody’s already nabbed it.


Later this afternoon I’ll post one code on the Kotaku AU Facebook page, one on the Kotaku AU twitter feed, one on my personal twitter feed, and one more code on this very post.

Good luck!

And here’s your 5th and final code: V2CQX-YCV2P-KH3R4-T6QCK-XJKCG


  • Well i don’t have forza three – but cheers for the nice thought 😛

    If you get sent any Forza 2 ones… lol

        • Hahaha. Nah, you can keep your teeth, mine are still in working order. Just send me a message on XBox Live and tell me which ones you want.

  • DAMN you guys are fast haha. I opened the kotaku twitter and refreshed it shortly after and i saw that code when it said less than 10 seconds ago posted. I copied and pasted that straight away and missed it.
    I am also was continually hitting F5 just then when the code was posted on David’s twitter, that time i got it within 5 seconds of being posted and that was used even though i copied and pasted straight away as well.

    So….who cheated???? haha j/k haha. I am not even going to bother checking back here every minute or so till the last code gets posted…..defiantly pointless :P….Thanks all the same for posting the codes David 🙂

  • Damn! Whoever gets these codes, you guys are fast. When I refreshed Dave’s Twitter page heaps of times and then the code came up and said posted 10 seconds ago, I copied and pasted it and wouldn’t you know it code has been redeemed.

    Not only that but out of all the five codes, only one person had the decency to say thank you.

    Ungrateful sods!

    • The guys who won on Facebook and my personal twitter both said thanks. Still waiting to hear from whoever won via the Kotaku twitter and 2nd code on this post…

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