Whose Car Is This?

Fancy sports car. Spotted at a Target. North Carolina plates that read "GRSOFWAR". Gears of War is developed in North Carolina by Epic Games. Could it be the car that Cliff Bleszinski, Gears' lead designer, tools around in?

Kotaku asked Bleszinski, who replied that it wasn't his car. This is his car:

A LP560 Gallado Spyder. We'll be honest, we were rather disappointed to see Bleszinski doesn't drive a Miata, but whaddaya gonna do.

Guesses on his vanity licence plate? "DUDEHUGE", anyone?


    Must be him. Thats a small man syndrome car if I have ever seen one.

    ... and plates should read "OVR-8ED"

    what a wanker cliffy is way to up himself

      I'd like to hear your explanation as to why he is
      "up himself".

        Obviously because he drives a car that 99% of people who comment here will probably never see, let alone drive, let alone own =P

        and because he put in the hard yards and the time to become a successful developer, who created a hugely successful game series. Personal views on the game aside, it was still a massive success.

        Tall Poppy Syndrome at its best there =P

        I say good on him, if I had his money i'd be tooling around in 2009 Gallado Superleggera.


      He's got money so he spent the money. What's wrong with that?

      For all we know, he sponsors more kids than Angelina Jolie owns.

    God damn I HATE "CliffyB".
    Hes so smug and up his own ass.
    Hes probably the ONLY game developer I hate.

    haters gonna hate. the gow series is rubbish, but it's not Bleszinskis fault we are all dumb enough to buy it. I salute him and his douchy lambo, I would own one as well, if I could afford it.


    Yeah, if I had enough money to afford a Lamborghini I definitely wouldn't buy one.

    *chokes, hard*

    I remember the making of vid that was on the original Gears collectors DVD. He was constantly drooling over Tim Sweeny's Lambo. Gears is definately his cash cow.

    From memory, the car belongs to that Rob guy that works with him. Rob Ferguson, I think it is. One of the Gears 2 promos went through the Epic offices and most of the production team drive sports cars with vanity plates.

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