Why Are People Buying PS3s?

Why Are People Buying PS3s?

I bought my PS3 when the old backwards-compatible PAL model was taken off the market. I got one of the last ones. That’s my story. But why do other people buy PS3s? Research firm Nielsen decided to find out.

Polling 700 people aged between 7-54, all of whom were in the market for a PS3, the company asked what it was exactly that was driving these people to purchase Sony’s home console. Their responses show that anyone thinking Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted or Killzone had a big influence on console sales is crazy.

As you can see, the console’s Blu-Ray drive, overall library of games and recent price cut all played the biggest part in convincing these consumers that the PS3 was right for them. Also important were things like upgrading from a PS2 (and with 150 million of them out there, there’s a lot of people left to upgrade)and playing games with friends who own a PS3.

Something that wasn’t playing an important role was a desire to purchase a single game, only 12% of respondents saying that even contributed to their decision, let alone serve as the key motivator. Those that did, though, cited God of War III as a must-have, with no other game – including Final Fantasy XIII – managing much of a mention.

You can see the full range of responses below. They’re interesting, but I can’t help but feel that one for the Wii would be even more interesting.


  • I opted out when it lost backwards compatability.

    Got the 360 and was able to play the few Xbox games i missed out on KotOR etc.

    Blu-Ray has nevr been an issue with me, if I care that much I see it a the cinema. If I don’t DVD is good enough.

    I’d really like a surefire way to make the classic PS2 games look good on my swanky LCD. Component cord sounds a little hit and miss from what I’ve read.

  • I have been an xbox fanboy since xb1 but was a psone, ps2 fanboy prior. I have had a 360 for about 3-4 years. In december last year, with some saved up vouchers from work, I bought a refurbished slim for $399 from Gamesmen.

    I was drawn to it due to bluray (still dont care), free wifi built in, free online play, built in battery in controller, upgradable HDD etc.

    Then I got it home. I purchased it for heavy rain, being a huge fan of farenheit and was not dissapointed in the game. I am however dissappointed with the console.

    The built in battery means that if the battery dies mid game, I have to get a cord out. I only have 1 controller ($99!!! each so never got a second) and this sucks. The xbox has the removable battery which I have 4 of them and a charge station on constant rotation.

    The free wifi is good, and very much appreciated but have had the occasional issues finding my network. This is a plus, but read below about usability of this service.

    The free online is a good selling point (watch out at E3 though for ‘premium’) but the overall user interface, online play, friend list display, messaging and voice chat, cross game chat, dashboard only chat etc etc etc is sub par. It just seems that the xbox is far easier to use with the guide button (Big X) which allows for so much functionality with a couple of clicks.

    Lastly, background downloads!!! Every time I turn on the device, I either have to load 10 the game on the HDD for 10 miuntes or do another system or title update. And why have market place content that you cant DL while looking at other things.

    Oh, and another lastly, the ability to sync the controller or BR device. The xbox has a button, so you can go to a mates place, take your controller, syn in 2 seconds and get going. You have to have a cable attached to do this on the ps3 which is a pain as my controller has to be re-synced each time I unplug the console!

    I will keep the Ps3, but will really only use it where a friend has a specific game (I rebought borderlands to play online with a mate as i have the xbox version also) or exclusives i want like uncharted etc. Overall, the xbox is just a simpler system to use and certainly my preferred console, even with the Live fees and other issues.

    • It’s odd your controllers won’t Resync. I turn my power off at the wall every night and switching on the PS3 in the morning can be instantly done after flicking the wall switch to turn the PS3 onto standby mode by pushing the PS button from a completely unplugged controller, so for me, it’s still synced.

      I’ve got to agree with you on the ability of big patches making the screen sit there and do nothing, highly irritating when there are downloads from the store which leave you free to do whatever you like with the system.

    • Have to say that I’m almost the exact opposite… I have both consoles, had the 360 for a couple of years before I got the ps3. In my opinion, the PS3 is the far better console, for more reasons than I could be bothered to list.

      Although considering my 360 has RRoD’ed on me twice now, perhaps I’m biased.

  • Pffft, who needs backward compatibility when you still have an old PS2? Or just get a second hand one for next to nothing on eBay.

    Got the PS3 since it means I have a console (with free online matches, heh) AND a Blu-Ray player in one 🙂 Also Little Big Planet and Kratos.

    • Have you plugged a ps2 in to a big (40″ or so) tv? The quality is awful! But play the same game through a backwards compatible ps3 and it looks pretty damn good (due to the upscaling).

      • Thats what Im talkin about!


        I want that, but have little need for the rest of the functions…

  • I got a bonus Nov 07 and bought HD TV and PS3 to play games, paid $600 when RRP was $700 and while sorry to miss out of backwards-compatible version I now have GOW Collection, just want Shadow of the Colossus and I don’t feel I will have missed anything last Gen as I have over 20 games to play that are not yet completed.

  • Ironically, I got my PS3 for the exact opposite reasons, at the time I wasn’t interested at all in Blu-ray and the ps3 was still $750 for a 40 gig model when I got it. I just wanted a few specific games, MGS and FF, little did I know that I would have to wait about 4 years for an FF game and it turned out to be average anyway.

    I’m not surprised to see the results now, Blu-ray has really got some momentum behind it in the last few years, plus we are on the cusp of this whole 3D boom, I suspect a lot of people will want a PS3 because it’s a cheap option to play all these hi def 3d movies.

  • i bought an Xbox, in fact i bought 2.

    a few weeks after the first red ringed on me and i replaced it sony did their bravia + free PS3 deal. all my mates suddenly had PS3s.

    and now so do i ;_;

  • Only reason i got one was because it was cheaper then a blu ray player at the time. Played a few games on it, but I only use it for PlayTV and Blu Rays now, and exclusive games if i’ve got nothing to play on 360

  • I got my PS3 with the Bravia bundle. But i was going to buy one prior anyway.

    Free online features, easy to manage store currency, BR discs for both moves AND games which means no disc swapping for larger games.

    But the biggest seller for me was the region free games. Here in Australia games a pretty damn expensive and with the PS3 I can import games for a hefty reduction in cost, not to mention i can take advantage of the earlier NA and JP release dates.

    The only real annoyance is that DLC is still region locked but i have access to other region PSN stores ^^

  • Ratchet and Clank was the sole reason I bought the PS3. Plus, the game library isn’t too shabby either. But Ratchet and Clank definitely was the deal breaker.

  • I originally got one basically as my way into the new generation of gaming. Had I known the PS3 was going to have the same soldering issues as the 360, I would have just stuck with my Wii (Zelda, Mario and Metroid were the reasons I got it). I never really got into Blu-Ray movies until I got District 9 and watched that on my 40″ Bravia, but after spending about $3000 on other games and stuff for my PS3, I was a little annoyed with the fact that it gave me the damn YLoD. I wouldn’t mind getting a new Blu-Ray player, but the odds of me getting a new PS3 these days are effectively nil. Hell, I’d buy an Xbox 360 before I got another PS3.

  • I have been an Xbox fanboy since I won one in a competition. I’ve had a 360 for a while, and I decided to buy a PS3 to see what my “ex-fanboy” friend was talking about, and why everyone with a PS3 that I knew said “Xbox sucks! Get a PS3!”. Sadly, I sold it in less than a fortnight. I had all the major games (MGS4, Killzone 2 ect) and yet I just didn’t enjoy the experience. I have big hands, and the controllers were too small. I liked the fact that the WiFi modem/router was built in, but many of the players were either teenagers who think they are mature (who can insult and camp on any game, even Motorstorm!) or kids with a…how do I put it…a strong vocabulary.

    My online experience was adequate, but not what I was expecting. Offline was pretty good too. My favorite part was the Blu-Ray player (which I now have one separate).

    Of course, this is my experience and my opinion. Please respect that fact.

  • My ‘purchase motivators’ for buying a PS3 are 1. God of War III and 2. ……that’s it, really. The only reason I bought a PS2 right at the bitter end of its life was to play both God of War games. The only reason I want a PSP is to play God of War. Sure I enjoy the odd exclusive like Ico, but basically I want PlayStation hardware for God of War. Everything else can go jump.

  • i bought mine because my xbox died and i was really hanging to play valkyria chronicles, metal gear solid and demons souls… which are the best games on ps3 imo. then mass effect 2 came out so i bought another xbox (2nd one this time) i just wanted both for exclusives… tho i do prefer the xbox controller but whatever its all about the games not what i play them on

  • Got to wonder how many of those who cited the reason “upgrade from my PS2” got a shock when they couldn’t play their PS2 games on it – especially if they’d traded in their PS2 for the purchase.

  • I got my PS3 for the blu ray and the PS3 exclusive games.

    Uncharted 2
    Heavy Rain
    God of War Collection
    God of War 3

    I also got FF13 on PS3.

  • I bought mine about 6 months ago when JB HiFi had a ridiculously good deal on the Slim (250Gb HDD + Uncharted 2 + HDMI cable + some other crap, for the same price as the 120Gb model on its own!)

    I don’t care about BluRay, I bought it for the exclusive game series – Uncharted, God of War, MotorStorm, Heavy Rain, etc – I was just waiting for it to drop to a price I could actually afford…

  • Ahhh, the great negativity of the internet. Such a great headline to feed into it aswell.

    With great DVD upscaling, HD gaming, robust online digital store offerings, bluray, digital video service incoming for us, pheonomonal games why are people NOT buying ps3s?

    Honestly, from Valkyria Chronicles, to Uncharted, to Heavy Rain, the ps3 is the console to have for great games, everything else is a bonus, and that’s a hell of a lot of bonuses. does this mean the 360 is shit? hell no. It’s a great system in it’s own right too but the insinuation of the header of this article is a pretty blatant attempt to fan the fanboy wars. Why is it that a friend of mine just innocently asks if anyone is getting modnation racers in the 360 forums gets banned? We can’t cross to the “other” side now. how fucking stupid.

  • I bought a PS3 when they first came out as I did with the PS2 and the PS before it (hurrah Playstation Generation), I own both consoles though I have gone through several 360’s (my brother’s, the replacement and one I ended up buying).

    I found the largest problem would be the noise, the constant scratching of the disk drive (sometimes damaging the DVD) and a sound I can only discribe as slow grinding death but it did come with a HD cable.

    This article brought back memories of playing MSG4 for the first time in HD (got the HDMI cable same day as I got the game) then thinking about how everything else looked like you had rubbed dirt into your eyes, good times.

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