Why Can’t I Stop Buying DS Games?

Why Can’t I Stop Buying DS Games?

Lately I’ve been buying Nintendo DS games at an alarming rate, with little or no regard to my own well-being. Could my new DS case be controlling my brain?

First off, yes, it’s pink. I like the colour pink, and my fiancée likes men who like the colour pink, so we’ve sorted that out. Anyway!

Recently GameStop had one of those Game Days sales, where they get rid of the stock that’s just sitting around gathering dust by putting large numbers on everything to show how cheap it is. Along with assorted games for various platforms, they usually have a bin filled with unwanted video game accessories. That’s where I found my pink, skull-covered G-Pak.

Skulls are very manly, by the way.

Up until then, I’d been using a black plastic case with foam indents for up to six Nintendo DS games. You might remember it from my PAX East post about it possibly being a bomb.

This case served me well enough, but I like to have all of my games on hand, and when my collection outgrew the case, I began shopping around for a new one.

As you can see, the G-Pak has plenty of storage.

See? Eight games, all lined up real pretty like, plus one in the DS. It’s even got room for my Flower, Sun and Rain instruction manual, which is required to play the game, a fact I only realised after I had boarded a plane to Boston with full intentions of playing the game all the way there.

I digress.

The G-Pak has plenty of space. Perhaps too much space.

I’m going to need more games.

That’s not true, of course. I’m a rational human being. I know I don’t technically need more games. Hell, I’ve got more in my library than I’ll ever have time to play as it stands.

But all of that empty space sure looks lonely, doesn’t it?

So I’ve been buying DS games like crazy lately, and not just good DS games. I’ll find myself in Walmart or Target, browsing the discount bins, looking for titles that are cheap enough to fill the G-Pak without wasting my bank account away to nothing.

I’ve gotten some good ones lately, don’t get me wrong. I don’t regret purchasing THQ’s Beat City, or Spectral Force Genesis. Picross 3D is simply amazing, and tomorrow, time permitting, I plan on picking up a copy of Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow.

So it’s not all bad. It’s just the dark times that bothers me. For instance, a couple of weeks ago I was heading to the Walmart checkout lane with this in my hand:

At least it’s a problem that shouldn’t last for too much longer. I have half of the case filled now, so I only need sixteen more games to stop this madness. Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow leaves fifteen spots.

Upcoming planned purchases include Majesco’s Dawn of Heroes, Capcom’s Mega Man Zero Collection, motherf-ing Puzzle Quest 2, and possibly Transformers: War for Cybertron, Autobot edition.

So that’s 11 spots I need to fill, with games that are not, hopefully, Hello Kitty Party. Anyone have any suggestions? Nintendo DS must-haves?

And don’t pretend I’m the only one who has ever been driven to fill empty space in his game holding device. I might be an extreme case, but I can’t be the only case, right?


  • Seems some bird has stolen Mike’s Kotaku login. Well I hope that’s the case or else he needs some major intervention.

  • I’ve got a game recommendation. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of sky. it may sound as babyish as Hello Kitty Party, but believe me, it’s great. And the music’s worth listening to as well, unlike the rubbish on Tinkerbell.

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