Why Do You Think Wii Sales Have Slowed?

Why Do You Think Wii Sales Have Slowed?

The Nintendo Wii, a hugely successful console, is experiencing a sales slowdown. Wii sales are down 21 percent — the biggest decline since the console launched in 2006. But why?

It is important to keep in mind that the Wii has been a juggernaut, running rings around the competition. So even when Wii sales drop by 21 percent, Nintendo is still able to have its third best year ever.

The decline in Wii sales, however, does beg the larger question of why.



  • Saturation for sure, not to mention that while I’ve seen many posts of people having bought multiple 360’s (RROD anyone, having online and offline boxes) it’s not the same with Wii’s.

  • Maybe the second hand market is picking up the slack as the people who bought them and realised there arent any good games on there are selling them. I have not been impressed with mine.

  • I have to agree with Dylan above. Maybe if I had 3 wiimotes and one of the old, yet full-priced first party games (New Super Mario Bros, Super Smash Bros or Mario Kart) then I might enjoy it. It’s just a gamecube with a wiimote, which is an eye toy-like gimmick that hasn’t revolutionised gaming at all and natal and move will be no better.
    3rd party support consists of a majority of shovelware and last-gen quality ports with gimmicky and unfunctional controls.

  • Everyone has one. Even people i know who never played games has one. its like a Iphone, people get it because it makes them feel secure because their mates have it.
    Theres a misconception that the Wii is actually a good console. THe hardware is actually ‘poo’ and the games suck ‘rear’.

  • Almost everyone already having one is definately a big part of it. With supply no longer being much of an issue, most of those who want to buy the console, already have. Nintendo’s starting to run dry on casual market expansion and need to start drawing in more core gamers beyond classic nintendo fans. The slew of rpg’s, and the new classic franchise games all coming out this year will help pick up some of the slack.

  • Just wait until Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid come out, then it’ll jump right back up again.

    Oh and Zelda at Christmas time will be a big boost too. =D

    • In other words, the whole second half of this year =D
      I think I’ll be buying only two of those games, however. Plus I already have a Wii so I obviously won’t be contributing to increased numbers.

  • Shit games. Generally speaking, the quality of games on the wii has been nothing short of atrocious.

    I had a wii until about three months ago and there were four or five games that I genuinely enjoyed playing. I have now got rid of the thing.

    As dubious as meta-review scores are, they paint a pretty good picture of the comparative merits of the wii’s library compared to other current gen consoles – 10 games scored 90+ on matacritic as opposed to 28 for 360 and 24 for PS3.

  • Also, lol at the the Nintendrones claiming market saturation.

    The only part of the market that is saturated is soccer mums, children and Nintendo fanboys.

    There’s a large portion of the market (the “core” demographic) out there that don’t own a wii for the reason that the vast majority of the games are garbage and even the good ones look like arse compared to the wii’s current gen counterparts.

    So called market saturation is a symptom of the cause, rather than the cause itself, IMO.

    • @lolwut
      so saying its market saturation when it clearly is makes people fanboys or in your own terms “nintendromes”?
      I fear for the intelligence of man with people like you walking around

  • I’m surprised I haven’t seen anything yet about artificial inflation of 360 numbers due to replacing RROD machines. I haven’t heard anything about Wiis breaking down, so people with Launchday ones likely still have working consoles.

    Aside from that obvious cheap shot, it’s still a flooded market. People also need to remember Nintendo wants to shift software, not hardware because that’s where their real profit margin lies. So if the Wii’s sales numbers are going down, but the tie-in ratio is going up, it’s a big double net win for Nintendo. They get to cut costs AND make more money, since consoles are usually sold at a loss.

    People commenting on bad games have often never played much with a Wii because of the perception of bad games, rather than the reality. Yes, bad games are definitely out there, a number of them are much better than people think, they’re just not specifically designed to cater to a generation obsessed with a very small number of gaming genres.

    I’m a massive outlier because we have 25 Wii games, most of which I consider good, but a number of which (Lego Star Wars, Indy and Batman, Baroque, Okami and a few others) are cross-platform. The rest are enjoyable for being different experiences I can’t find on other systems.

    Examples of this are things like Monster Hunter tri, Little King’s Story, Endless Ocean 2, De Blob, Fragile Dreams and Trauma Center, not to mention Super Paper Mario, Mario Galaxy and Mario Kart, which was a let-down. Even WiiFit (which I’m counting in the 25) is a unique experience.

    I’m not a particular Nintendo fanperson. Zelda games seem too cliched and simplistic for me, despite the occasinal interesting puzzle and I couldn’t really bring myself to get into Twilight Princess. Like many other games, it lacked a compelling emotional dimension to the story and any feeling like the character was changing as the story progressed, a thought I’ve had with the Final Fantasy protagonists more than once. If you were to novelise a Zelda game it would seem to read ” And Link woke up in a village and then he did this and then he did this and then he hit this and this and then he did this and then he did this” all the way to the end, it’s almost devoid of character development. Yes, Link gets new abilities, but he doesn’t develop at all, there’s no emotional journey. Midna was interesting, but she was one part plot device, one part Navi assistant and Link rarely actually spoke to her.

    Sadly, if this is Nintendo’s flagship title, which it is to many it typifies the lack of expression which is found in many of Nintendo’s first pary games. They’re all about the game mechanics and in some situations you’re willing to go with that, like Mario Galaxy. Once in a while, they do something daring like Paper Mario which is amazing for all the subtleties and unexpected jokes, but it seems to be the only franchise in which they allow their characters the dimensions needed to match the quality of the game.

    Perhaps gamers finally do need more from certain types of games and they feel Nintendo isn’t always giving this to them. I’ve found in many of those good titles I mentioned above, the game was unexpectedly fun, more fun than I was expecting. However, most of those titles are Third-party and Nintendo itself isn’t necessarily coming up with the goods. I could be wrong, I haven’t played New Super Mario Bros. Wii yet and that should be good, since it doesn’t rely on characters having depth, just presenting fun.

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