Why Is This Blur Logo So Dang Familiar?

Why Is This Blur Logo So Dang Familiar?

Blur is a racing car game. It is made by Bizarre Creations, the studio behind racer Project Gotham Racing. As a racing game fan, I should be excited, but there is something that I cannot get out of my head.

For me, I think 1993 – 1999 were some of the best years musically. Those years fulfilled the promise of the Stone Roses and produced some of the best music the UK had seen in years. The era was dubbed “Brit Pop” — a term that can be viewed as somewhat pejorative today, but shouldn’t really.

Damon, Graham, Alex and Dave made up Blur, the rock group from London. Best known in the US for the short stomper Song 2, the group’s work varies in style — but was always pushing British rock forward with humour, style and substance. With tunes like Chemical World, The Universal and Beetlebum (among many, many others), they were (and still are) a truly great band.

When Blur the racing game was announced, I thought, Geez, why’d they do that? Yes, yes, I know the racing game has blurry effects, but still. That’s somewhat confusing! No, it’s really confusing. Just “Blur”. When you say “Blur”, I might have to ask you a follow-up: Oh, the game or the band?

Even more confusing is this:

These are the logos for Blur, er blur, the British rock group and Blur, er blur, the British racing game. Look, Blur the game has a trademark next to its logo. How cheeky!

Even more confusing that there is a new Blur documentary. And Bizarre Creations is from the UK! Somebody is doing this just to bother me, I know it!


  • Did anyone else notice how the Bizarre Creations logo that appears after the Activision logo is the exact green and orangy colours of the Xbox Live logo?

  • Wow, funnily I’d never thought of the connection. Interesting.

    And now I have Song 2 repeating in my head.

    • Dude.
      -All lower case
      -Very similar font in terms of rounded letters shaped the same way (e.g the l is a straight line, the r is made of one curved line) just different in terms of kerning and height as you mentioned
      -Not to mention it’s the SAME WORD.

      I do think it’s all that similar.

  • The logos are nothing alike, apart from both reading “blur”.

    Bot logos are merely the word spelled out. And in this case, the fonts used are vastly different, bar the curved arches.

  • Thanks for posting this! I’ve been curious if anyone else noticed the similarities too.

    I’m shocked that Bizarre Creations Legal didn’t think this one out, especially because the logos are so damn similar.

  • I do think the logos are similar, but this style is goddamm popular and common. For example I was thinking about designing a logo for my new stage name, Dj Blū, and found that there are at least 4 other companies or trademarks with similar name and logo, not to speak about all the other Dj Blu, dj blue and what not djs with similar or same name. The world is too small for everyone to be unique. My first sketch of the logo looked very much like the Blu cigarette logo, and trust me, I had never seen the logo before in my life.

  • Anyone who is using “kerning” and “height” differences to point out that these logos are dissimilar is out of touch. I never even knew that the band existed until I saw a new release on amazon today and I IMMEDIATELY thought I had seen the logo before. I looked up the game (which I don’t own, but saw a few times in a store) and YES, the logos are extremely similar. As far as I am concerned it is not even debatable.

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