Why You Won’t See Multiplayer For Alan Wake

Why You Won’t See Multiplayer For Alan Wake

Alan Wake developer, Matias Myllyrinne, as heard during this week’s live episode of Kotaku Talk Radio.


  • I don’t get why some people make a big deal about games that don’t include Multiplayer these days.
    Some games seem empty without it – usually TPS and FPS. I was dumbfounded with Metro 2033.

    But not every game needs it – Alan Wake seems like a game that can stand on its own merit without the need of multiplayer. The story itself shows off how good it is. The only thing I could justify with multiplayer and Alan Wake is a horde type mode.

    2 players or up to 4 fighting waves of monsters, mix it up with the light and weapons. But still – doesn’t need it!

    But then again, if Portal 2 is coming with multiplayer then anything is possible for games and multiplayer.

  • Makes sense. A.Wake was always a storyline, single-player orientated game. If they had to choose between spending time on integrating a multiplayer component, OR on polishing the main game experience, then I’m glad they went with the latter.

  • Left 4 Dead style multiplayer would be awesome. The fight system is so amazing and fun i would just like to kill endless taking with my friends!!!!!!! No deathmatch crap or anything like that.

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