Wii Sales Down 21% In A Single Year

Wii Sales Down 21% In A Single Year

Could the huff finally be running out of Nintendo’s puff? As far as the current generation of hardware is concerned, it certainly looks that way.

Nintendo released its annual fiscal report today, and perhaps the most interesting finding is that hardware sales for both the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS are down, in the Wii’s case significantly, from the previous year.

For the financial year running from April 2008 to March 2009, Nintendo sold 25.95 million Wiis. Over the same period last financial year (Apr 09 – Mar 10), sales were down to 20.53 million. Still a remarkable number overall, yes, but it’s also a 21% drop in sales over a single year, which is surely cause for concern at Nintendo.

Ironically given the recent reveal of the Nintendo 3DS, the DS family fared a little better. Although sales were also down for Nintendo’s handhelds, from 31 million to 27 million, this is “only” a 12% drop, something the company had to be expecting, given the fact the DS is five and a half years old.

Software too was down, Wii game sales down 6% from 204 million to 191 million, with DS software down 23%, from 197 million to 151 million.


  • I would expect Wii hardware sales would have fallen as economic situations became better and people turned to Xbox360 and PS3.
    Either that or everyone already has a Wiifit and nobody else is looking to buy.

  • Could it be the sales are down because every man and his dog owns a Wii console, maybe they’re running out of people to sell Wii’s to.

  • Well, any gamer who ever wanted one would have one by now. They have to keep on selling to overweight housewives and (according to their ads) old people, and there’s only a finite supply of them.

    • Sorry but I do believe that overweight and old people are being produced everyday. So I would say there’s a infinite supply of them.

  • I know what they’re gonna do

    Nintendo Master Plan (Not to be confused with Operation: Master Sword)

    Make it smaller, then make it smaller again and take away features (maybe GC playback), then add a camera, then make it bigger again, each time making the price go up by $100 for no reason

    It will print (more) money!

  • hence the price plummet i suppose. had to wait for something like this before they did drop it, just to shake out the last few hiding in the nooks and cracks that didnt buy one yet.

  • Considering they’ve been selling at a profit since release and have only recently seen a price drop, I imagine nintendo is pretty happy with the Wii’s sales.
    Remember, the 3 and 360 were selling at a loss when they first came out and they were still expensive. Both consoles have had significant price drops from the release price and their production costs have dropped, but so have the costs to produce the wii.
    Nintendo is still making money, they’re just making less, which relative to the waterfall they’ve been under for the last couple of years, I don’t think they’ll mind.

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