Will White Knight Chronicles 2 Turn Things Around?

Will White Knight Chronicles 2 Turn Things Around?

This brand new look at the sequel to Level 5’s so-so Japanese role-playing game certainly looks to ramp up the excitement, the big bad guys and the JRPG cliches. But White Knight Chronicles 2 will do it in style.

This is our first longform look at the PlayStation 3 sequel since its Tokyo Game Show 2009 debut. Like that previous preview, this one’s all in Japanese, but it speaks the universal language of role-playing game melodrama. Expect big battles and plenty of giant knight action in this new trailer for White Knight Chronicles 2.

Level 5’s next PS3 RPG hits Japan on July 8. Since North America just got the first game in February, get ready to wait a while for the sequel.


  • So we will have to wait another 2 years for this game to hit our shores right? Because the first game just come out like a few months ago in Australia right? A new game this soon just seems like overkill, plus from what I’ve heard the game is average.

  • Very, very average. Unexcitably average. Very pretty, though. But the character voices were like nails down a chalkboard – so to, the hyper-cliche “we need to go to x dungeon to follow this gang and retrieve y item and return it to this guy so that we can follow the princess!” style story line.

    Seriously, it’s that – rinse lather repeat, with a few intermittent amazingly rendered CG clips.

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