WIN! Blur On PS3 And Xbox 360

WIN! Blur On PS3 And Xbox 360

Blur, the new combat racing game from Project Gotham devs Bizarre Creations, wants you to race like a big boy. Activision wants you to win a copy. Here’s how.

UPDATE: This draw is now closed.

Thanks to Activision we have TEN copies of Blur up for grabs. That’s FIVE on Xbox 360 and FIVE on PlayStation 3. We’ll be giving them away all this week, one of each per day until Friday.

Blur is like Mario Kart. But with real cars. As this ad so amusingly demonstrates.

We want to know what weapon or power-up you would use to win a race in Blur. Name and describe your weapon or power-up in the comments below to go into the draw. The wittiest, cleverest and most creative entries will win.

Today’s draw closes at midnight tonight and the winner will be announced at 11am tomorrow when a new draw will open. No multiple entries please. However, you may try again tomorrow with a new entry.

Oh, and please state which format you prefer!

And, belatedly, here’s Monday’s winners are:

Matthew Kermeen, whose retro-tastic power-up wins him a PS3 copy, and Mark P, whose cash-injected power-up is a horrifying and all-too-plausible prospect, netting him the Xbox 360 copy.

Kudos to YoWombat, Noel Ash, Aron Quigley and Stone for finishing in the points.

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  • My weapon of choice would be the “The Jamieson”

    The Jamieson will shoot blowup Jenna Jamieson dolls all over the track.

    Hey look there’s a streaker……crash
    Hey look boobies……………..crash

    Just a moment of distraction is all i need.

  • Adipose Wake: Open the back doors and let it fly – that is, the five years worth of accumulated McD’s and Burger King wrappers you’ve tossed behind you while eating on the go and swear to your wife you’ll get to “one day”. Now’s your time to shine, you crazy diamond, and you simulteneously lgihten your laod for a sudden burst in speed and leave a trail of greasy, delicious destruction.

    360 preferred, PS3 is fine too.

  • So… are the entries we’ve made this morning on the other thread assumed to be part of today’s competition as well?

    Have I shot myself in the foot by putting today’s entry on that thread, thuis invalidating yesterday’s entry and not entering for today?

    I’m confused! 🙂

    – Caligari

    • Copied from other post:

      Ninja Moneky Buzz Bomb
      When triggered, the Ninja Monkey Buzz Bomb releases a small horde of highly trained monkeys. The monkeys launch themselves at the nearest opponent vehicle, caper all over it waving their tiny ninjato and pulling pieces off of the unfortunate player’s car, doing damage and providing distraction. Think the buzz droid from the start of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, combined with monkeys, combined with Ninja… Can’t lose!

      Happy with either format, marginally more happy with the 360.

  • Weapon of choice: The moving boost-pad

    We all know how hard it is to time corners, drifts, and overtaking manouevres in racing games to run over that boost pad to gain an extra speed boost, but what if you could deploy a moving boost pad to confuse your opponents??

    Hillarity, confusion and many-a-collision would follow, with drivers making last minute swerves to contact the boost pads, only to be pointing just that little-bit too far to the left/right, ending up being boosted into a conveniently located car/barrier/cliff 🙂


  • Power Surge

    Inflict the dreaded Yellow Light of Death (Exclusive to PS3) or Red Ring of Death (Exclusive to Xbox 360) upon your nearest racer forcing them out of the race.

    I am not fussed on platform Dave, but if i must choose, PS3.

  • The Cold War Cure

    All weapons currently carried by other vehicles activate on the carrier and any missiles or rockets on their way turn around and return to the person who fired them.

    Boosts or other bonuses are also activated, creating chaos and disarming the rest of the field.

    The weapon has a ten second cooldown, during which any cars other than the activator which pickup a bonus instantly receive the effect.

    If a cold war cure is being held when another is activated, the cooldown extends.


  • Moved post from the other article:

    PS3 for me, please.



    My weapon, once charged and fired, clogs all motorist with unbearable peak hour traffic city wide, slowing all competitors down to a 10Kmph crawl. Only those on bicycles will survive.

  • Blackout – A powerup that blackouts the satnav removing all the track info from other drivers view, such as track layout and directional turning arrows.


  • “The Slippery Naked Guy”

    The golden statue of ‘El’Derado’ falls out of the boot of your car and the “slippery naked guys” from Uncharted spawn out of the ground and attack nearby drivers.

    They jump on the cars and cause them to crash. Attack only lasts 3 seconds though.

  • Lights out!

    The lights out power up, will make opponents head lights go out along with all street lights, keeping your lights on and providing a spotlight overhead so that you can see all around you and where you are heading so you may weave your way around all the blind drivers.

    360 thanks.

  • The best power-up / weapon would have to be the ‘SE Auto-Pilot’.

    Upon using this power-up your nearest rivals car is overtaken by a computer simulated auto-pilot of Stefan Eriksson, ex Gizmondo senior executive.

    Now watch as the overtaken car is rammed into the closest pole at break-neck speeds!

  • Attraction of Doom – A weapon which a driver can use to hit an opponent with a device, which acts like a strong metal magnet. Every cars around the victim will be uncontrollably ‘attracted’ to it, and it allows the driver, who shot the weapon, a few seconds to get around his/her opponents, while at the same time laughing and pointing at multiple cars piling up together.

    PS3 thanks 🙂

  • ipad launcher

    I would fire an ipad off to the side of the track and watch as my opponents and everyone else in a 5k radius swarms to its location in a frenzy of hype like a pack of L4D zombies to a pipe bomb.

    Xbox 360

  • I would deploy the ‘cyclist’ powerup. Second to none in getting in the way of drivers, causing accidents and slowing cars to frustratingly low speeds.

  • The Annoying Kids bomb:

    When you deploy this weapon a hologram of annoying kids appears in the other drivers’ back seat, asking for a drink, nags to go to toilet and asks if you are there yet. Distracted by this and eventually looking back to yell at them for kicking their seat, the opponents careers off the road or into an obstacle, leaving you to win the race!

    Xbox for me please.

  • I would deploy a Stephen Conroy. He would apply a car filter to save the children. Then Stephen would start accusing all of the drivers of breaching privacy laws and get into mud slinging matches with them. Finally he’d start bringing in legislation banning all cars and drivers.
    This would slow the competition down, and they opposition would eventually leave blur altogether in disgust that they can’t conduct business (car racing) in a first world country with out being hampered.

    360 or ps3 is fine.

  • The Bobby-Kotickavator.

    A pre-emptive weapon that that detects when any threats may be thinking about harming you, and gets rid of them first.

    Secondary fire unleashes a plague of lawyers at the hapless target, bogging them down in ‘proceedings’.

    Tertiary fire sucks all of the fun out of the race and players, ensuring that no-one wins.

    (PS3 please)

  • The “Deep Horizon”.

    Massive oil slicks on the road are just the start.

    The full consequences of this weapon hit a little later, ranging from PR disasters, vehicle sponsor withdrawal and billion-dollar costs to class-action lawsuits, criminal charges and government intervention – with devastating effect on your rival drivers’ entire corporate structure.

    Xbox or PS3, thanks.

  • MyKi
    Upon deployment, an opposition driver would receive a Myki card. The driver’s car would come to a stop and the driver would then have to simply use their Myki card to start their car again. Sounds easy, but its more difficult than you would think!

    PS3 Prefferred Thanks!

  • The Match-Maker
    Using a grapple like appendage the player targets two racers and attaches them together for a limited time. The connection will hit/interact other objects thereby forcing the racers to work together to survive, or risk causing both racers to crash, in a glorious fashion.

    There is also the possibilty of using it as a weapon in team matches by linking team mates together and tangling enemies up in the connection.


  • A flux capacitor and a 1.21 giggawatt generator… Need I say more. Insta-win button. I just press it and im at the finish line, or if you win, I go back and stop you from winning.

    If you release a bunch of Jenna Jamiesons… BOOM. I WIN.
    (btw not really sure who she is.. is she in movies 😉
    A bunch of monkeys are released… BOOM, I WIN
    Slow paced RTA workers… BOOM , I WIN.

  • The power up I would put forward are the Graffiti Bombs.

    An attack that unleashes litres upon litres of paint projected via high pressured aerosol tins, thus demolishing an enemies windscreen and/or vehicle. All with no intention of clearing the drivers view until their car hits a wall or barrier where the paint infested shattered glass is then released onto the race track before further scenery recognition is available.

    Xbox 360 preferred.

  • Ruby on Rails
    Red Gem powerup enabling time-limited complete traction. “Corners like you are on rails”. Full speed turns make catching-up a breeze.

  • PS3 entry:

    The Flamer: Once activated a laptop-wielding man pops out from the boot typing furiously on political, news and gaming blogs. His highly flammable rhetoric and opinion serves to both infuriate your opponents to the point of self-destruction while ‘flaming’ their vehicles. At full strength Godwin’s Law comes in to play, invalidating all previous acts in the race, locking that track from future play.

  • The Q Industries Powerup:

    This powerup is context sensitive – in the right situation, it will use a James Bond gadget to give you the advantage. Oil Slicks, Missle Launchers, Gatling Guns, Spike Strips, Jet Engines; All gadgets seen in the movies will have a place to be used.

    Xbox 360 please 🙂

  • I’m going to go with my all-time favourite weapon: the Concrete Donkey from the Worms series. There’s nothing quite as satisfying or humourous as dropping a multi-tonne donkey statue on your opponents out of a clear sky.

    Well… except maybe a giant cartoon foot!


  • The Button Masher.

    When activated it will randomly do one or more of the following:

    * Shoots over sized rubber mallets infront of your car
    * Lets out a classic oil slick, then sets it on fire
    * Gives a temporary speed boost and increases the weight of the car, allowing you to ram others off the road without getting wiped out
    * Sets off the cars alarm system, deploys airbags and runs off the road
    * Deploys a mini heat-seeking rocket that will occasionally target yourself
    * Pops out some boxing gloves from the front and back of the car, then flails ineffectually at anything and everything
    * Deploys a companion cube
    * Blasts a sonic wave infront of the car, distrupting all drivers in front of you
    * Releases the Krakken

  • Chulooptech presents:
    The ‘Tech Support Particle Emission Cannon – Alpha Build 2.3′
    (AKA TSPEC A-23)

    The TSPEC A-23 is a newly developed market leader in it’s field, maximizing the enjoyment you take from watching your opponent drop behind in sheer frustration.
    The genius behind the TSPEC A-23 lies in it’s particle ray technology. The TSPEC A-23 will automatically lock onto the nearest vehicle within .45 seconds of the weapon being activated. It then projects a ray up to 563 feet away (450 for maximum efficiency) which will strike to opposing vehicle.
    What happens next is where the genius comes into play. The particle ray causes a minor, niggling malfunction in the target vehicle that the pilot/driver can’t seem to locate, forcing him/her/it to pit as soon as possible.
    The pit crew will then spend an undetermined amount of time searching for the problem to no avail. In sheer frustration they will then call a “local” tech support office which is located in some remote offshore location.
    The crew will then spend the next hour or so actually trying to work out what the tech support officer is saying to them before discovering that they needed to put a 1 where there was a zero somewhere…. or something like that…

    so there you have it! The TSPEC A-23 – coming soon to a racecourse near you!

    Pre-order now for your special limited edition soundtrack featuring Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone” on infinate loop!

  • Red Alert 2’s chronosphere. Prefferably with the ability to make cars explode if dropped into water. It’s simple and effective. If you want to just get ahead of the 15 guys in your race, you just chronoshift yourself to the head of the pack. If you find some little prick of a driver who insists upon blocking your every attempt to pass him, you chronoshift him on top of a nearby building.
    It’d probably need a touchscreen of some sort to be really functional… but I’m sure you could work it into the game in single player mode at least – activate the power, temporarily pause the game, select your target and where to chronoshift them… resume game play with annoyance taken care of.

    PS3 please~

  • Gonna go with something playable in “The Countersteer” which switches the way the steering wheel turns for 10 seconds making a left turn swing them right and a right turn swing them left. Precision timing on this piece will make a laughing leader into a lamenting loser as he crashes into the final turn of the last lap.

  • I would unleash Bert Newtons Toupe if I didn’t think that it would devour the world without ol’ Moon Face to keep it in check.

  • The UbiSoftener PoP Missile Launcher (UPoP-ML)

    The UPoP-ML launches a sleek, well-directed missile towards the opponent vehicle at high speed. Along the path towards the enemy, the missile changes shape, style and direction, potentially damaging another opponent, only to revert back to it’s original form and hit the initial intended target.

    It takes a strange path, but it hits the right spot in the end. I give PoP: The Forgotten Sands an 8/10…… I mean that’s why the UPoP-ML is the deadliest weapon available…


  • The Tripeater Mine, Hitting this will force your opponents to repeat their current section of track from a complete stop three times

    PS3 Please

  • Okay… my ‘Red Rim of Death’ didn’t work my ‘Rick Roller’ was used by someone else before I got the chance… hmmm what else is something that is detrimental to the average videogamer…


    My power-up is ‘The Bollinator’ it records your in-game exploits and then streams them onto everyone’s screens… but that is not all… before it starts playing it on somebody’s screen it edits and rewrites the events with the German precision of everybody’s favorite videogame-film director until it’s an unrecognisable mess of explosions, wooden acting and ham-fisted dialogue.

    xbox 360…

  • In-car GPYES! Navigational System.
    When activated, a helpful voice will announce all upcoming turns, incoming traffic, and special “driving tips”, for your ears only. If you adhere to each instruction within 5 seconds of its announcement (ie. turn left now!, flash headlights, wind down windows, etc) then you will receive a moderate speed boost and immunity to enemy weapons until the next instruction is received.
    Pay attention and respond quickly to maintain your advantage!
    (GPYES! power-up ends after 45 seconds or 3 failed instructions)

  • Catastrophic Arms Teleportation System (C.A.T.S) – Allows you to teleport a small, high yield bomb into the car closest to your own. The bomb will detonate after five seconds allowing you to make your time. The blast radius on the bomb is also big enough to knock out other cars caught in said blast.

    Due to the nature of this item and the power, the power-up is a one time use and you are unable to obtain this particular power-up again for the rest of the race.

    Also, a cookie to anyone who gets the referance in this, Gentlemen.

  • The “Event Horizon”

    When used enables the played to bend time-space and instantly appear at the finish line. There is, however, a slight downside to this powerup. It almost always makes the played go insane and mutilate all other players and try and return to the “Chaos” dimension.


  • System : PS3 first, 360 second…

    The Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device

    It can be used as either a weapon against the opposition, eg: misdirect them into walls, etc.

    Or used by the user to teleport themselves along the track, eg: pop down an open portal near the finish line, finish the lap, open up a new portal and within an instance be a lap up on everyone!

  • The Defacator

    This power up provides a boost to your “fully sick” subwoofer that when engaged causes a bowel shaking bass beat. This causes opponents to lose all control of regular body functions and remain in an uncomfortable and squirmy race suit for the remaining part of the race.


  • The Otherworld Portal

    Tears a handy car-sized hole in the fabric of space-time. If anyone drives through it, they are transported to a Silent Hill style version of the part of the track they’re currently racing on – all rusted metal and fire-like with a grinding industrial soundtrack and crazy film grain/vignetting.

    To make things more interesting, several Pyramid Heads populate the Otherworld track, and crashing into them initiates a QTE where they try to get ‘friendly’ with your vehicle.

  • (Insert Cheesy Salemen Voice Over)

    Tired of not knowing where you’re going?
    Other racers giving you the slip with ease?

    Then you need the “Cliche Voice Over Navigator Power Up”!!

    YES ! introducing the “Cliche Voice Over Navigator Power Up”
    From the creators of the SHAM-WOW, Now your skills will never go stale again!
    With just 5 easy payments of $9.99, now you can receive professional driving
    advice and assistence from our trained A.I. navigator.

    With detailed help like “Easy right” , “Overjump” , “Medium Left…Matey” of Sega Rally to help you navigate around the course,
    to the “C’mon! Drive a smart race, there’s alot or racing ahead” to the gruff/angry “2 laps to GOOOOOOOOOOO!!” to
    make sure you’re always focussed on that checkered flag.
    You’ll always be “Ahead of curb” when Blurring past your oposition!

    Thanks! “Cliche Voice Over Navigator Power Up” (insert random paid actor to endorse)

    *Order now and receive a free power up set of re-inflatable tyres. Cause you never know when someone will blow out your tyres!

    On PS3 thanks guys.
    But would gladly accept on 360 if I miss out. I have both.

  • Introducing… the Monty Foot

    A giant foot, like from Monty Python, comes crashing from above and crushes any car in front of you. The foot is accompanied with a deep, god light laughter (Yes, i’ve heard him laugh)

    It works much like the shrink lightning from Mario Kart, but slightly more amusing.

  • Oops, had to ammend a few things, sorry.
    (Insert Cheesy Salemen Voice Over)

    Tired of not knowing where you’re going?
    Other racers giving you the slip with ease?

    Then you need the “Cliche Voice Over Navigator Power Up”!!

    YES ! introducing the “Cliche Voice Over Navigator Power Up”
    From the creators of the SHAM-WOW, Now your skills will never go stale again!
    With just 5 easy payments of $9.99, now you can receive professional driving
    advice and assistence from our trained A.I. navigator.(power-up contains no batteries, but lasts for 1 lap)

    With detailed help like “Easy right” , “Overjump” , “Medium Left…Matey” of Sega Rally to help you navigate around the course,
    to the “C’mon! Drive a smart race, there’s alot or racing ahead” to the gruff/angry “2 laps to GOOOOOOOOOOO!!” of Ridge/Rage Racer to
    make sure you’re always focussed on that checkered flag.
    You’ll always be “Ahead of curb” when Blurring past your oposition!

    Thanks! “Cliche Voice Over Navigator Power Up” (insert random paid actor to endorse)

    *Order now and receive a free power up set of re-inflatable tyres. Cause you never know when someone will blow out your tyres!

  • The Nickelback. Plays a random Nickelback song into all opponents earpieces at maximum volume, thereby inducing either bleeding from the eardrums, or the desire to stop playing and going to purchase a pickup truck.

  • Big Rig-itis. Not for the other competitors, but for myself. Why?

    Two words: reverse gear.

    The race is mine.

  • Facebook Connectivity: Land this beauty on your opponent and all their friends’ Facebook updates will appear live in game. Eventually your opponent will be blind to the race as all their friends’ likes, status updates and Farmville status cover the screen.

    PS3 Thanks.

  • The Lagger

    When this powerup is activated, the symptoms of horrible lag and disconnection appear on your opponents’ screens.

    If someone’s done this, I apologize, but I’m not reading through all the posts.

    also 360

  • The Bribe – Pit Crew Payoff

    Use at any time to have the gearbox or something enginey to drop out the bottom and cause the car to slow down and roll for 3 seconds. Nothing like coming second to see your rival konk out and not even roll over the line, or have to walk with a jerry can to the local petrol station with a burst fuel line.

    Xbox 360 all the way.

  • “The Sunday Driver”

    As you activate this pickup, cars turn out of all streets adjacent to your rivals, and immediately merge into the lanes in front of them. They will then proceed to slow down to 30kph, and leave their left indicator on for the following 500 meters. Occasionally drifting into the middle of the road, they are a frustrating and difficult obstacle to overcome.

    Again, I’d prefer 360, but either format is ok.

  • the ‘pretty picture’ power up.
    It will cause a screenshot of GT5 to pop up in front of the other drivers leaving them in awe, only to find out that they won’t be able to touch it until Polyphony decides they’re done with it.

  • “Barry Hall Bash up”- When you activate this power up huge size clones of Barry hall comes out of the trunk of your car and sprint to your opponents and grab, smash and most importantly head butt them. They will be deemed destroyed and you can win with ease.

    PS3 Version please and thank you 🙂

  • The Octivision

    Yes, it’s a shameful pun on Activision. And no, it doesn’t involve Octomom in any way, shape or form. Instead, the Octivision is a system of 8 monitors positioned around your vehicle to spot the competition, see the sights, dodge projectiles and notice things you probably shouldn’t have noticed to begin with.

    Front View
    [Hmm? A Mario Kart parody? *Bump* YIKES! Sorry!]

    Left Front-Side View

    Right Front-Side View
    [I’m driving over the lines again? Who cares?]

    Left Rear-Side View
    [Time to turn on the shield or my rear will get cleared…]

    Right Rear-Side View
    [Look at all those fans! *CRASH…..* Look at all those fatalities…]

    Rear View
    [Keep tailgating me and I will blow exhaust all over you, buddy!]

    Bottom View
    [Blurry asphalt, blurry asphalt, blurry asphalt… Why am I watching this?]

    Aerial View
    [—Things may seem closer than they appear— Oh great, another missile…]

  • Sticking to yesterdays theme of Top Gear, I’m gonna go with the Super Captain Slow bomb!
    Once dropped, it turns all the other drivers in to James May aka. Captain Slow. This will in turn have them drive slow and sensibly, while having them inundated with sleep inducing statistics all over their screen!

  • hmm…
    My weapon would be… the Nomnomnom-a-tron.
    Its basically a giant metal[?] mouth attached to the front of the car that noms on other cars infront. ‘Nuff said. 🙂


  • My powerup would be called the Lolcat Cheezburga, it would involve a giant kitten falling from the sky at which point all opponent vehicles take on the appearance of cheezburgas, the kitten would then of course go rampaging around trying to eat the cheezburga cars.

  • I’d have the “Bad Bad Rubber Piggie” cannon. It fires small Piglet sizes Rubber Pigs at the cars behind, lodging into wheel arches and flying through windscreens. But that isn’t all, they have a time delayed fuse, that ignites with red hot thermite, instantly cooking the Piggie Toys and leaving the unmistakable smell of Bacon embedded in your enemies nostrils. You can’t drive on an empty stomach with the smell of Chewie Yummy Smokey Bacon in the Air!!!
    PS3. Please.

  • The Carpool.

    Employs an associate who just so happens to be travelling to the same destination you are; allowing you to use the carpool lane whilst your competitors continue to queue at toll booths.

  • The Orgazmorator

    Fires a ray at all opponents and causes them to have an instantaneous orgasm, loosing all control (of their cars!) for a few seconds.


  • The Bieber Effect
    Blasts Justin Bieber out of your car, forcing opposition to crash and stop the sound (cant really call it music 😉 ) or slow down but be surrounded by 16yr old girls.
    360 or PS3

  • Portable Zombie Horde: With this utterly terrifying weapon unleash a horde of vicious metal eating zombies to ravage your foes and leave them brainless whist you cruse to victory!

    PS3 please =)

  • “Mushroom Injection System”
    far more powerful then NOS and you can grow them in the dark damp places in your car… well my care has dark damp places with mushrooms… doesn’t yours?..

  • My powerup would consist of 2 things. A loudspeaker attached to the roof of the car, and some earplugs.
    Through the loudspeaker will be played the world’s funniest joke. Every other player will immediately crash their car due to them laughing so hard and losing concentration, except for you who will not hear the joke due to wearing ear plugs.

    – 360 please

  • My power-up of choice would always target the first place racer, and when you activate the ‘Accomplishment Bomb’ the current race leader is bombarded with their own success. Every XBOX 360 Achievement or PSN Trophy they have every eared is flashed in quick sequence across their screen.

    This is particularly devastating on the PS3 version as PSN has to synchronise the Trophies first, and that never ends in beer and skittles!

    Preference: Either version but X360 if I had to choose.

  • i’d probably have a powerup that sends out a cute small furry animal, which can either:
    1) make your enemy swerve to miss it and then crash
    2) if they hit it, they may win the race, but next to their name on the scoreboard, it says “Puppykiller”, or has a small child crying over his beloved pet, which would make your enemy feel extremely guilty for winning, and may forfeit the win.
    (note: other affects of this powerup may include; depression, purchasing of new pets (which can be bought in the Blur pet shop, so more money for the devs), or in some cases, suicide)


  • Tron
    Quite simple, creates a Tron-esque line of doom behind you.
    Lasts around 5 seconds (don’t want the ENTIRE track unplayable now do we?)
    Frantic driving guaranteed!

    360 thanks.

  • “The Criterion Takedown”

    When this power-up is activated the player is able to perform barrel rolls down the track tacking out any other players they come into contact with in a huge fiery explosion. The power-up ends if the player doesn’t manage to hit any one within the allotted time and in turn the power-up duration increases for each enemy car destroyed.

    (Xbox 360)

  • “The Thompsonator” – Deploys a Jack Thompson lookalike dummy (real JT would be preferable), which will lure the attraction of other racers to run over. Upon hitting ‘The Thompsonator’, a video w/ audio will appear taking up majority of the screen (space could scale depending on race position?) explaining to the player that by running over a person they are portraying violent behaviours and they should seise to do so, else they will become a uncontrollable murdering monster in real life.

    Upon hitting multiple ‘Thompsonators’ will result in an explination by Jack Thompson himself as to why he can’t win a court case.

    Also, 360 thanks, need something to take my eyes away from MW2, or who knows what I might go do…

  • The Billy Mayser

    Hi! Billy Mays here for the Billy Mayser, the fastest way to drive your opponents absolutely insane and lead you to victory!
    Don’t waste effort aiming rockets!
    Don’t waste time building up speed boosts!
    Just a single press of a button and your oppnents’ screens will be filled with my fear inducing visage, as I bombard them with fantastic offers on goods and devices they don’t even need!
    The specially crafted Billy Mayser is designed for absolute ease of use, as you find yourself in first place with the press of a button!
    Never aim a rocket again!
    Never lose ever again!
    Call now and recieve the Billy Mayser with the bonus DVD “The Billy Mayser and You: What do winners do?” for just $19.99!
    But that’s not all! Call RIGHT NOW and receive the bonus Blur Steak Knives set, ABSOLUTELY FREE! Just pay seperate postage and handling!
    That’s The Billy Mayser, a copy of “The Billy Mayser and You: What do winners do?” on DVD AND a bonus Blur Steak Knives set, ALL FOR THE FANTASTIC PRICE OF JUST $19.99!


  • Weapon: “Some kind of Hot Rod Time Machine”

    Turns your car into a hot rod that can travel back in time back before you hit the exploding tanker/plane/taco stand which caused you to get respawned back near the end.

    Alternate fire: Your car turns into a delorian(?)


  • Fast Travel
    A vastly modern and new method of travelling.

    Simply point and click to traverse over landscapes and distances with ease, and no apparent loss except time.


  • wow so many choices id have to say a companion cube, they weigh you car down spinning it out of control until you pass it on to the next player.

    or a kevin rudd doll blaster and as it fires it lets out the classic kevin rudd laugh from rove’s tv series.

    console PS3

  • The RACV

    Being struck with this causes you to pull your car to the side of the road, pop the hood and wait 45 minutes for the RACV mechanic to arrive.
    After which he will state “Nope, gonna have to get a tow truck”.
    Then you wait another 45 minutes for the two truck to arrive.

    • Not to mention. . .
      Standing over the engine wobbling bits and pulling things in a failed attempt at pretending you know what youre doing.

      Xbox 360 thanks 🙂

  • Inflatable companion: You put a blow-up doll in the passenger seat in order to drive in the carpool lane. You’ll get to overtake the car in front of you but don’t expect to get away with it for long. Highly recommended for the ruthless or those without any dignity.

  • The gabbatron. the girl inside the car appears from the sunroof and starts to gabber, and that makes all the cars crash haha 🙂

    360 plz!

  • The Paralyzer.

    When triggered, it doesn’t affect the car, but showing very very bright red and blue light alternately at a rate of 15hz in fullscreen on the other players tv screen for 30 seconds. This will cause varied effects on other players, from blurred vision, headaches, dizziness, nausea, seizures, blindness, convulsions and lost consciousness. Online Multiplayer only.

    Ps3 version for me please.

  • Tatical Cruise
    – Will fix the speedometer of ALL vechicles racing for 6 seconds. This means the cars accelerator AND brakes have no effect and this includes YOUR car too! The advantage is YOU get to choose when to use it. Hehehehe..

    360 please.

  • This power up is called “No Games”, only available on the PS3 version. The game takes control of the players vehicle and you must press a sequence of buttons to dodge the obstacles in the way of the car. Press the wrong sequence and the car will crash into the obstacle, the player will now gain control of the vehicle in charge of getting back on course.
    (360 please)

  • The I just got home from the pub weaion. As I just did , the weipn assumes that thy aoppnent just got home frrm the oib. Then when you shoot it, they annoy the crap out of you and tell you uou shouldn;t have been at the pub!

  • The “Clause 17” power up.

    In the event of war, terrorism, state of emergency, disaster or (without limitation) any other event outside anybody’s reasonable control, the Promoter is entitled to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the competition, thus eliminating them from the race entirely.


  • Awesome winners, as per usual. Didn’t get a chance yesterday with uni, and I’m sure someone’s bound to have done this idea already.

    I would suggest an Atkinson bomb which forces opponents to drive under 60kmph and obey all street signs in order to avoid any possible criminal behaviour.

    Well, hopefully noones done it yet (again, I’m sure someone has so my apologies if so). I would prefer 360, but have both systems 🙂

  • The Ball and Chain
    When activated the victim will hear in a banshee like voice spewing nagging lines such as “playing video games again”, “why dont you find something more productive to do with your time” and “how does this look on me? You’re not even looking!”.
    Next a silhouette will block most of the screen and the controller will be wrestled out from the players hand.

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