WIN! Blur On PS3 And Xbox 360

Blur, the new combat racing game from Project Gotham devs Bizarre Creations, wants you to race like a big boy. Activision wants you to win a copy. Here's how.

UPDATE: This draw is now closed.

Thanks to Activision we have TEN copies of Blur up for grabs. That's FIVE on Xbox 360 and FIVE on PlayStation 3. We'll be giving them away all this week, one of each per day until Friday.

Blur is like Mario Kart. But with real cars. As this ad so amusingly demonstrates.

We want to know what weapon or power-up you would use to win a race in Blur. Name and describe your weapon or power-up in the comments below to go into the draw. The wittiest, cleverest and most creative entries will win.

Today's draw closes at midnight tonight and the winner will be announced at 11am tomorrow when a new draw will open. No multiple entries please. However, you may try again tomorrow with a new entry.

Oh, and please state which format you prefer!

And, belatedly, here's Monday's winners are:

Matthew Kermeen, whose retro-tastic power-up wins him a PS3 copy, and Mark P, whose cash-injected power-up is a horrifying and all-too-plausible prospect, netting him the Xbox 360 copy.

Kudos to YoWombat, Noel Ash, Aron Quigley and Stone for finishing in the points.

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    My weapon of choice would be the "The Jamieson"

    The Jamieson will shoot blowup Jenna Jamieson dolls all over the track.

    Hey look there's a streaker......crash
    Hey look boobies.................crash

    Just a moment of distraction is all i need.

      Not Jenna Jameson - the former *erm* "Actress" that's married to the UFC fighter Ortiz?? :)

      ...and if the driver of the distractee vehicle isn't that way inclined??

      aweful waste of tax payers money there i say :P

        and awful spelling on my part...

      Xbox 360 game for me please.

      Both mine and the blowup dolls fingers are crossed.

    Adipose Wake: Open the back doors and let it fly - that is, the five years worth of accumulated McD's and Burger King wrappers you've tossed behind you while eating on the go and swear to your wife you'll get to "one day". Now's your time to shine, you crazy diamond, and you simulteneously lgihten your laod for a sudden burst in speed and leave a trail of greasy, delicious destruction.

    360 preferred, PS3 is fine too.

      Please, if this is tomorrow's winner, correct my awful spelling before the repost. :(

        WOOHOO! Never mind then!

    So... are the entries we've made this morning on the other thread assumed to be part of today's competition as well?

    Have I shot myself in the foot by putting today's entry on that thread, thuis invalidating yesterday's entry and not entering for today?

    I'm confused! :)

    - Caligari

      Copied from other post:

      Ninja Moneky Buzz Bomb
      When triggered, the Ninja Monkey Buzz Bomb releases a small horde of highly trained monkeys. The monkeys launch themselves at the nearest opponent vehicle, caper all over it waving their tiny ninjato and pulling pieces off of the unfortunate player’s car, doing damage and providing distraction. Think the buzz droid from the start of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, combined with monkeys, combined with Ninja… Can’t lose!

      Happy with either format, marginally more happy with the 360.

    Weapon of choice: The moving boost-pad

    We all know how hard it is to time corners, drifts, and overtaking manouevres in racing games to run over that boost pad to gain an extra speed boost, but what if you could deploy a moving boost pad to confuse your opponents??

    Hillarity, confusion and many-a-collision would follow, with drivers making last minute swerves to contact the boost pads, only to be pointing just that little-bit too far to the left/right, ending up being boosted into a conveniently located car/barrier/cliff :)


    Power Surge

    Inflict the dreaded Yellow Light of Death (Exclusive to PS3) or Red Ring of Death (Exclusive to Xbox 360) upon your nearest racer forcing them out of the race.

    I am not fussed on platform Dave, but if i must choose, PS3.

    The Cold War Cure

    All weapons currently carried by other vehicles activate on the carrier and any missiles or rockets on their way turn around and return to the person who fired them.

    Boosts or other bonuses are also activated, creating chaos and disarming the rest of the field.

    The weapon has a ten second cooldown, during which any cars other than the activator which pickup a bonus instantly receive the effect.

    If a cold war cure is being held when another is activated, the cooldown extends.


    Moved post from the other article:

    PS3 for me, please.



    My weapon, once charged and fired, clogs all motorist with unbearable peak hour traffic city wide, slowing all competitors down to a 10Kmph crawl. Only those on bicycles will survive.

    Blackout - A powerup that blackouts the satnav removing all the track info from other drivers view, such as track layout and directional turning arrows.


    Da Doof Doof - Your car is equipped with powerful sub woofers that emit powerful shock waves and any car that comes close to you falls to bits.

    PS3 Thanks

    "The Slippery Naked Guy"

    The golden statue of 'El'Derado' falls out of the boot of your car and the "slippery naked guys" from Uncharted spawn out of the ground and attack nearby drivers.

    They jump on the cars and cause them to crash. Attack only lasts 3 seconds though.

      Forgot to mention, PS3 for me :)

    No winner announcement for Monday?

      Coming shortly.

    Lights out!

    The lights out power up, will make opponents head lights go out along with all street lights, keeping your lights on and providing a spotlight overhead so that you can see all around you and where you are heading so you may weave your way around all the blind drivers.

    360 thanks.

    The best power-up / weapon would have to be the 'SE Auto-Pilot'.

    Upon using this power-up your nearest rivals car is overtaken by a computer simulated auto-pilot of Stefan Eriksson, ex Gizmondo senior executive.

    Now watch as the overtaken car is rammed into the closest pole at break-neck speeds!

      Console: PS3

    Attraction of Doom - A weapon which a driver can use to hit an opponent with a device, which acts like a strong metal magnet. Every cars around the victim will be uncontrollably 'attracted' to it, and it allows the driver, who shot the weapon, a few seconds to get around his/her opponents, while at the same time laughing and pointing at multiple cars piling up together.

    PS3 thanks :)

    ipad launcher

    I would fire an ipad off to the side of the track and watch as my opponents and everyone else in a 5k radius swarms to its location in a frenzy of hype like a pack of L4D zombies to a pipe bomb.

    Xbox 360

    I would deploy the 'cyclist' powerup. Second to none in getting in the way of drivers, causing accidents and slowing cars to frustratingly low speeds.

      360 sorry.

    The Annoying Kids bomb:

    When you deploy this weapon a hologram of annoying kids appears in the other drivers’ back seat, asking for a drink, nags to go to toilet and asks if you are there yet. Distracted by this and eventually looking back to yell at them for kicking their seat, the opponents careers off the road or into an obstacle, leaving you to win the race!

    Xbox for me please.

    I would deploy a Stephen Conroy. He would apply a car filter to save the children. Then Stephen would start accusing all of the drivers of breaching privacy laws and get into mud slinging matches with them. Finally he'd start bringing in legislation banning all cars and drivers.
    This would slow the competition down, and they opposition would eventually leave blur altogether in disgust that they can't conduct business (car racing) in a first world country with out being hampered.

    360 or ps3 is fine.

    The Bobby-Kotickavator.

    A pre-emptive weapon that that detects when any threats may be thinking about harming you, and gets rid of them first.

    Secondary fire unleashes a plague of lawyers at the hapless target, bogging them down in 'proceedings'.

    Tertiary fire sucks all of the fun out of the race and players, ensuring that no-one wins.

    (PS3 please)

      this is so good it can't be defeated

    The "Deep Horizon".

    Massive oil slicks on the road are just the start.

    The full consequences of this weapon hit a little later, ranging from PR disasters, vehicle sponsor withdrawal and billion-dollar costs to class-action lawsuits, criminal charges and government intervention - with devastating effect on your rival drivers' entire corporate structure.

    Xbox or PS3, thanks.

    Upon deployment, an opposition driver would receive a Myki card. The driver's car would come to a stop and the driver would then have to simply use their Myki card to start their car again. Sounds easy, but its more difficult than you would think!

    PS3 Prefferred Thanks!

    The Match-Maker
    Using a grapple like appendage the player targets two racers and attaches them together for a limited time. The connection will hit/interact other objects thereby forcing the racers to work together to survive, or risk causing both racers to crash, in a glorious fashion.

    There is also the possibilty of using it as a weapon in team matches by linking team mates together and tangling enemies up in the connection.


    A flux capacitor and a 1.21 giggawatt generator... Need I say more. Insta-win button. I just press it and im at the finish line, or if you win, I go back and stop you from winning.

    If you release a bunch of Jenna Jamiesons... BOOM. I WIN.
    (btw not really sure who she is.. is she in movies ;)
    A bunch of monkeys are released... BOOM, I WIN
    Slow paced RTA workers... BOOM , I WIN.

      Oops.. PS3 or Xbox... damn.. I've been laughing at you all for doing the same thing!!!

    The power up I would put forward are the Graffiti Bombs.

    An attack that unleashes litres upon litres of paint projected via high pressured aerosol tins, thus demolishing an enemies windscreen and/or vehicle. All with no intention of clearing the drivers view until their car hits a wall or barrier where the paint infested shattered glass is then released onto the race track before further scenery recognition is available.

    Xbox 360 preferred.

    Ruby on Rails
    Red Gem powerup enabling time-limited complete traction. "Corners like you are on rails". Full speed turns make catching-up a breeze.

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