WIN! Blur On PS3 And Xbox 360

Blur, the new combat racing game from Project Gotham devs Bizarre Creations, wants you to race like a big boy. Activision wants you to win a copy. Here's how.

Thanks to Activision we have TEN copies of Blur up for grabs. That's FIVE on Xbox 360 and FIVE on PlayStation 3. We'll be giving them away all this week, one of each per day until Friday.

Blur is like Mario Kart. But with real cars. As this ad so amusingly demonstrates.

We want to know what weapon or power-up you would use to win a race in Blur. Name and describe your weapon or power-up in the comments below to go into the draw. The wittiest, cleverest and most creative entries will win.

Today's draw closes at midnight tonight and the winner will be announced at 11am tomorrow when a new draw will open. No multiple entries please. However, you may try again tomorrow with a new entry.

Oh, and please state which format you prefer!

And, again belatedly, Tuesday's winners are:

Ross Moir and Camb3h because I would love to see the chaos caused by their power-up ideas.

Just shy of the podium were DougA, FunkyJ, Gobbo, CyanPixie, Chuloopa and Bukake Kane.

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    This power-up is only available on the PS3, It is called "No Games". When the player collects the power up, he/she looses control of driving the car, the player must now dodge the obstacles by successfully completing a quick time event which comes up on screen. Completing three quick time events will grant the player control of their vehicle, failing to do so will make the vehicle crash into the obstacle before granting the player back their original controls.
    (360 please)

      Well if my PS3 has no games reference is too hot to handle then it would just be called the "Yakuza".
      Also who were yesterdays winners?

        If took them until about 3pm yesterday to announce Monday's winners. I was obsessively refreshing.

        Despite being at work. *whistles*

          Oh man, refreshing at least twice a minute here. thanks for the heads up.

            Speaking of... nice work to the winners :)

            Damn those elusive prizes!! :(

    The Over 9000.

    Skip the scouter and put pedal to the metal. The Over 9000 lets you get more out of your engine increasing the maximum speed of your vehicle for a short period of time.
    In this mode people around you grab the nearest gadget and crush it in their sweaty palms while their eyebrows twitch and facial muscles express their overwhelming anger at your vehicles power level.

    The Over 9000 takes 3 episo... I mean laps to charge.

      Whoops - 360 please!

    The Duplicator
    This powerup provides the user with both offensive and defensive capabilities. Once activated 2 AI controlled clones of the user will be created and will race around the track causing intense confusion. These clones will interact with the environment like any other racer and can be attacked, possibly diverting the attacks away from the real player, providing a high level of defence.

    After a certain period of time the clones will explode, or alternatively exploded remotely, providing an effective offensive weapon. This powerup can quickly turn a small 8 car/kart race into 24 creating a great deal of confusion, mayhem, and fun.

    Console: PS3

    The Asphalt Treadmill. When the player activates the power-up the road in front of every opponent ahead of the players position begins to move backwards like a treadmill.

    To prevent the power-up from being too over powered, only a small section of road is effected by the power-up and opponents have the opportunity to turn off the asphalt treadmill, at a slower-than-normal rate.

    PlayStation 3.

    The James Dean

    This power up is designed for players who find themselves towards the back of the pack. When activated it causes the lead driver in the prime of their life/race to veer violently towards the nearest object stopping them instantly.

    This power up was originally called the "Princess Dianna" but it was found to be to soon and in bad taste.

      Oh dude...still bad taste haha

    Flashing star.

    Temporary invulnerability, with the ability to hit any car, knocking them out of the way, (or over depending on the angle) without physics affecting you.


    My appropriately-timed power-up; the mysterious "Lost"

    Upon deploying this power-up, the screen flashes brightly and suddenly a random number of the racers are seemingly teleported to another place on the track, at another point in time (in future, or the past? Who knows!). Perhaps the racers aren't even the same people in their heads, but they've got this next leg of the race to improve their racing flair compared to their racing efforts previously. Car and driver shortcomings from before are weaknesses no more - hesitant pansies are now confident Schumachers!

    When the "Lost" wears off, a similar flash occurs, and racers are once again transported back on the track from before... Or are they? Cue a couple of on-track deja-vu experiences ("Hey, didn't I trade paint with him once before?!"), and by the end of the race, everybody's just stupid confused with what just happened.

    While it may not be the most beneficial power-up to use, even if you lose out at the end of the race (purely from confusion), you've had an enjoyable ride from the start to the finish :)

    [PS3 - and yeah I managed to keep it spoiler-free ;)]

    Two words:
    Portal. Gun.

    PS3 (that's not one of the words)

      lol... I forsee you not winning, like me!

      I used this yesterday, so either I'll win (doubt it) and thus using an existing winning entry won't win again...

      Or if I don't win, then it's simply not good enough to win...


    Available only for users playing on the PlayStation Network

    Once activated, the 5 closest competitors to your vehicle will immediately have the PlayStation XBM interface appear on screen, prompting users to complete a mandatory firmware update before allowing game play to continue *note, updates may also result in actual ENHANCEMENTS to remove obsolete features at Sony’s discretion*

    These attacks will only require small update of 200k, which thanks to the lightening fast speeds present on the Australian PlayStation Network, will take a mere 5 minutes on ADSL2+ connections.

    Associated trophy: Bronze trophy: Completed 100 Consecutive Useless System Updates


      This is a rather amusing answer!

      Not that my vote counts, +1 for Winner!

        Thanks oggob, perhaps your vote does count =) Apparently I'm one of the winners!

    taking cue from that amusing add:
    'Happy fun driving school' power up

    will send everyone into the mario kartesque driving school where your opponents must do laps at a leisurely pace on go karts, while you get to keep your beast of a car... ohh.. the carnage...


    Just out of curiousity, when will you be contacting the winners to get their delivery details? As I'm yet to receive an email (which I have now made viewable on my Facebook profile) I'm assuming you'll contact us all next week once all the winners have been picked?


        Ah cool, I'll stop checking the spam folder then =)

    The Wacky Racer. This powerup will grant your car a random upgrade based on the old "Wacky Races" cartoon. Giant robot legs, helicopter rotor, wheels replaced with pogo sticks... the list goes on.

    PS3 please.

    The Big LeBoomski.

    Bombs fall from the sky all over the track. And explode. If you're in front of one, you get a speed boost, if not... not only will your car flip out, so will you!



    Once activated, Rico from killzone will start bitching to whoever is closest to you in the race.
    This will cause their screen to start going blurry and shaky, because of the massive headache he causes!


    The Pope Missile - this weapon will turn your opponent car into the Pope Mobile limiting it speed for the duration of one lap and a man will shoot the windscreen making it harder to see

    PS3 Please

    You can't go past the ultimate screw-job power-up: the Blue Shell.

    If only Nintendo will allow its use on my PS3.

    the power up would be called "The Elder God"
    basically the car would sprout tentacles and eat/tear apart any car that comes with in 50 meters of it, a haunting screech would be unleashed every time a car is eaten. it would last for about 5-10 seconds.
    another one would be called "Grease Lightning". basically your car would turn in to a 1950's muscle car and you would gain a speed boost while the song Grease Lightning plays. this one would last for about 3-7 seconds

      Also 360 version please


    In keeping with the game's name, this power-up makes all other driver's vision blur temporarily.
    Nothing like high speed optical obfuscation.


    The Roulette Wheel. Something of a double edged sword, the Roulette Wheele is an extremely rare powerup that randomly changes swaps the position of all racers, including yourself. The only time you are guaranteed to advance your position is when you're dead last. It takes up an inventory slot, so if you dont use it, you're stuck with it until the end of the race.

    Xbox 360


    "Got a problem with a playa? Hit him with this thing and he will respawn no more."


    The Gobbo Gun.

    After years of multi-player gaming with my good friend Gobbo, I need a targeted gun to take him out and actually win for once.

    The Gobbo Gun causes the driver of the target car to go into “Big Ego Mode” (aka “Big Head Mode”), where upon the target’s screen is entirely taken up by the driver’s head. As other racers overtake the target car, they are accosted by constant requests to join Gobbo’s Red Dead Redemption posse. After a short time the driver’s head will reduce, allowing the target to see the track again. However, the target’s avatar will forever have a smug smile and a swagger its step.

    [PS3 version so that I can take on Gobbo.... or the 360 version if you want to keep us apart – which is probably a good idea]

    (Hmmm, this probably would have worked better if Gobbo had of actually won yesterday – I thought his was rather good!)

    haha the honorable mention it haunts me!!
    Well done guys! top entries there

    In the words of Maxwell Smart "Missed it by THAT much..."

    ...hey, that gives me an idea!

    Chulooptech presents:
    The Maxwell Smart-Bomb

    troubled by heat seeking missiles, machine guns, land mines and small fluffy dogs!?
    Worry no more with Chulooptech's new "Maxwell Smart-Bomb".
    The accuracy of your opponents on board targeting systems is staggering and will often leave your flaming wreck in a ditch or any other form of small inconveniently placed hole/crevice.
    Chulooptech has heard your cries and bring to you the pinnicle in targeting system sabotage.

    The Maxwell Smart-Bomb (or MSB), is a sharp looking roof-mounted launcher with a wide area of effect that will leave your competitors dazed and confused.
    When activated the launcher fires a single round warhead that effects all cars* within a rather large and over compensation radius jamming their tageting systems ensuring that they will always miss your car "by THAT much".

    Turn Missiles in MISS-isles, Machine Guns to MISS-ine Guns and Automated Satellite Tactical Nuclear Air Strikes into... erm.. MISS-tomated MISS-tillite MISS-tical MISS-clear MISS MISS's!!!


    Gain the competitive edge and make your competition look like fumbling fools today!

    Order now and we'll thrown in a free phone that fits right in your shoe!

    *All cars except those numbered 99

    360 please :)


    IImmediately places the user of this power up in an insurmountable lead effectively killing any potential fun to be had in the race.

    PS3 :p

    You have unlocked a trophy!

    The ultimate weapon against trophy whores, spawns a line of trophy's heading for the nearest wall / cliff. The trophy whore is no match for the sheer shininess and will HAVE to go for the trophy's, at the expense of the lead of course.

    PS3 Please

      lol i like it :)

      nice one

        cheers mate ;) was thinking of my local trophy whore whilst writing it :P we all know one!.

    The Flipper

    A gun shoots out a grenade that will spin under the oppositions car from any direction, than explode flipping the car on its roof.

    Each time you shoot it off you here "Bowl Warnie"

    Xbox 360 please.

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