WIN! Blur On PS3 And Xbox 360

WIN! Blur On PS3 And Xbox 360

Blur, the new combat racing game from Project Gotham devs Bizarre Creations, wants you to race like a big boy. Activision wants you to win a copy. Here’s how.

Thanks to Activision we have TEN copies of Blur up for grabs. That’s FIVE on Xbox 360 and FIVE on PlayStation 3. We’ll be giving them away all this week, one of each per day until Friday.

Blur is like Mario Kart. But with real cars. As this ad so amusingly demonstrates.

We want to know what weapon or power-up you would use to win a race in Blur. Name and describe your weapon or power-up in the comments below to go into the draw. The wittiest, cleverest and most creative entries will win.

Today’s draw closes at midnight tonight and the winner will be announced at 11am tomorrow when a new draw will open. No multiple entries please. However, you may try again tomorrow with a new entry.

Oh, and please state which format you prefer!

And congratulations to Wednesday’s winners: James Chen and Pomp Fridge.

[Terms and Conditions]


  • The Delorean. Upon activating The Delorean, you’ve got 10 seconds to get your vehicle up to 88 MPH. You can then rewind the race up to 30 seconds, to a time when you may have been in a better position, or you can go ‘into the future’, where you lose control of the vehicle for 10 seconds and are controlled by a near perfect AI, gain a speed boost, and are immune to all opposition effects and weapons.


    • I would start out with super nitro and get a little ahead of the pack, I would drop mines on the field to slow down my competition, I would trurn corners carfully so I don’t crash,And am way ahead of others. I would end with lighting as I finish the race to annoy other racers. Xbox 360 :]

  • Small Hadron Collider (SHC)
    Fires charged particles that on impact create transient micro black holes. Opponents within a hole’s gravitional field are swallowed. Happy ending ensues.

  • The Invertomatic… an energy ray which knocks vehicles off course on impact and temporarily inverts vehicle and camera control to disorient opponents and test their ability to adapt to the new controls.

    xbox 360

  • The paparazzi cannon
    launches a pap pod around the car flashing photos disabling the driver abilty and the only way to rid of the pap is to side swipe anyone near you or if a player crashes into you.

    I would love to post what system but I forgot so I might post in sec to tell you I forgot to post just so it looks like a double post and I get your attention


  • The Lost writer redac ray, it causes the other racers to shift to another reality in which they never entered the race in the 1st place or are in limbo, whatever or something.

  • This would have to be a 360 only weapon. Basically if your are coming last, you can now pick the time that your xbox overheats and the red ring appears. Making the game forfeit and preventing your from losing.

    Oh yes and it is a 360 version of the game I would like.

  • My weapon of choice would be M.Bay Cameron special.
    Upon activation of this powerup Michael Bay and James Cameron show up claiming they’ve made the greatest films ever. Your opponents all briefly turn in to a mass of easily impressed drooling morons and are so mesmerized by whatever THREEE DEEE explosion and pretty cgi filled garbage the two directors are showing off they ignore the fact you just zoomed in to first place and took the lead.


  • The Whining Kid power up.

    Grab this powerup, and all your oponents will each get an annoying kid in the back seat of their car.
    There, he will hog your rear view mirror space, unable to view other racers, as he incessantly annoys the hell out of you in one whining, continous loop.
    Expect annoying gems like “The wheels on the blurred car go round and round…round and round…”, Nonsensical games of “Eye Spy” and my favourite, “Are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet” assaulting your earlobes all the way through the race.

    On the PS3 thanks,but would gladly accept the 360 Ver. if lucky enough to win.

  • The Fish and Chip Gun.

    Lobs a freshly cooked fish and chip meal (of butter fish and minimum chips of course!) on to the bonnet of a target car.

    The target’s car is then inundated by a flock of ravenous seagulls, obscuring the entire view of the player and assaulting their speakers with constant and unrelenting squawks. The gulls will not leave the car (and the player’s view) until the fish and chip package has been successfully lobbed on to another opponent. All the seagulls will then leave and assault the next car; however they leave a partially obscured view from the bird droppings, lasting for at least the next two laps.

    Take care, once the seagulls are unleased in a race they can only be passed on and will never go away!


  • The WG-ALB, or otherwise known as the “WildGoose Approval-Lag Bomb”

    After deployment of this power-up on an unsuspecting victim, the WG-ALB will take effect like a ninja in the night; it will appear as though nothing has happened, and your opponent will carry on racing to the chequered flag… or so they think…

    Upon reaching the finish line, the victim of the WG-ALB will seemingly freeze in their tracks. Mechanical fault? Black magic? Tarzan’s Grip? It won’t be until they see the “Your race win is awaiting moderation.” comment that they’ll realise what has happened.

    Then, assuming the infamous “Wildgoose” is on your side, your opponent will be left helpless for countless minutes whilst awaiting approval, leaving you free to cruise through to the chequered flag and onto victory!


  • The AGB.

    When used, the targeted driver immediately starts to feel the need to take an “After Grog Bog”, aka AGB.
    Drivers affected by the AGB will be forced to stop on the side of the road. There is a 10% chance that it was a phantom AGB, however for the other 90% the drivers bowels let loose the bog from hell.
    Once the demon has been released it acts as an additional hazard to other drivers, causing cars that hit it to lose traction and visibility.


  • Sebulba’s hydrospanner. Worked wonders in the Boonta Eve Classic…

    Given that I don’t own a PS3, an Xbox 360 copy would be awesome if I’m deemed worthy.

  • I’m going to go with my all-time favourite weapon: the Concrete Donkey from the Worms series. There’s nothing quite as satisfying or humourous as dropping a multi-tonne donkey statue on your opponents out of a clear sky.

    Well… except maybe a giant cartoon foot!


  • The magnetic Hobo who latches onto your Car and attempts to clean your windshield with his Grimy Rag, and makes you so mad you crash your Car to get him Off


  • 1. ‘Red Rim of Death’… Dead on arrival.
    2. ‘Rick Roller’… Pilfered.
    3. ‘The Bollinator’… Stillborn.
    4. ‘Distractor’… Oh look, a spoon.

    … how about the ‘Large Cash Bribe’ it pays off the “judges” with a sizable brown bag filled with unmarked bills* dropped off at an inconspicuous point of their choosing, thus invalidating the quality of their “racing” up till this point.

    *May only be the spare change I happen to have on me at the moment.

  • My weapon is called overcharge

    Once you shoot someone with an overcharge, all control over their car is lost, their steering becomes locked and their car is given a large speed boost. The overcharge effect lasts for about 10 seconds, but you need to be skillful when using it, like don’t use it when your enemy is on a long straight of road.

    This weapon can also be used in team based matches on your own teammates and only lasts 5 seconds if you hit a teammate.

    The best time to use it is when there are no edges or around tight corners.

    The overcharge would add a new level of skill to Blur, rather than people just spamming away with their weapons.

    PS. 360 if wins

  • Sanrio Super Spray!

    Once activated, Hello Kitty heads would begin spraying out your exhaust pipe forcing drivers behind to avert their gaze to avoid cuteness overload, thus crashing in to walls due to the lack of concentration! MWOOHAHAHAHAHHAH!

  • The Hamiltronic Cannon

    Hitting an opponent with this baby will cause them to ‘intentionally lose control of their motor vehicle’. The effects of this will be twofold. Firstly, the loss of control will result in wheelspin and a ‘fishtailing’ effect, not dissimilar to a burnout. This will cause the opponents car to slow down. Secondly, it will cause the Victorian traffic police to pursue the opponent, who will be required to evade to coppers, or risk being pulled over, charged and slapped with a small fine.

  • The “Visa Versa”

    All opponent cars within a reasonable distance of your car instantly have their controls inverted: So left and right steering is reversed (including which stick is active on the controller), acceleration and breaking pedals are also switched.

    Effect lasts 15 seconds if not countered; counters include:

    Avoiding contact with walls or opposition vehicles for the first 10 seconds of the effect, or (for those with Move or Natal) having the foresight to physically turn the controller around and drive for 5 seconds.

    The “Visa Versa” de-buff can stack up to three times on a competitors vehicle before needing to be triggered. When activated with two instances the duration is extended to 20 seconds and affects a wider radius. Three instances of the “Visa Versa” de-buff add an additional effect to the “Dual Visa Versa”. The penultimate “Visa Versa” adds to the disorientation by spawning Justin Beibier (pronounced bur-eb-er-beer) as the co-pilot of each effected vehicle; who then belts out his greatest hits … *He’s silent, but blinks sometimes*

    Preference: X360 but own both consoles.

  • The FLintstone

    This powerup was designed for use with the wii version of the game that tragicaly will never see the light of day. It involves use of the balance board and when activivated forces the opponents in other vechiles to run their feet up and down wildly on the board to maintain speed in the race.

  • The neuralyzer which makes everyone instantly forget what they are there for, adding confusion to the event once fired, like so

    * zap *

    Wait, what’s this thing for? Who are you people? What’s a Kotaku?


  • I would use a BP oil tanker and make sure it can not be fixed so when ever im in the lead, I’ll just open it up and make sure my opponents cant pass it because they will just slide all over the road.

    Xbox 360 Please

  • The Chickenator

    No, it’s not a weapon that transforms your opponents car into a Giant Chicken – although that would be cool.

    The Chickenator instead suspends the race briefly, transporting you and your targeted opponent onto a small mini track, facing each other, where you then both accelerate towards one another in a game of ‘chicken’.

    If your opponent swerves to avoid crashing, when the race resumes, you will be placed in first position and he will be placed some distance behind you.

    If you swerve to avoid crashing, when the race resumes, your opponent will be placed in first position and you will be placed some distance behind him.

    If you both crash, when the race resumes, your opponent will be placed in last position and you will be placed second last.

    So, do to swerve or not to swerve… that is the question.

    Hmm… maybe the Giant Chicken idea would be better.

  • The “Duke Nuken Forever”

    This item promises to be the biggest, baddest and most devistating weapon available. Unfortunately it was never completely finished and when used does nothing but disappoint the player and cause other players to laugh in ridicule.

  • The Glitch

    Temporarily causes a glitch on the screen of all nearby racers. While the other racers are smacking their TVs and throwing their controllers at the screen, you’ll be sailing on by on the way to victory.


  • The Wolf ACME weapon.

    An unnecessarily complex weapon, involving rockets, pulleys, roller-skates, and winches. Delivered in a wooden box. It doesn’t matter what it *should* do, it never works.

    Side effects may include – delayed gravity reactions, illusory-tunnel transportation, flattening, soot-inducing explostions, and other reality-altering effects.

    Its use is usually followed by a *beep beep*

  • Chulooptech Announces:

    Ants Pants Advance

    Annoyed sitting in the middle of back of the pack? Sick of seeing others get the “comfortable win”?

    Well make your opponents that little bit less comfy with Chulooptech’s new Ants Pants Advance (APA) system!

    APA is a launcher infront of a large box of angry angry ants! How angry you ask? Well they’ve just heard about the latest rate rise and they’re ALL home owners!

    Just simply target the nearest offending vehicle, pull the trigger and watch as thousands of ants hurtle towards that pesky racer! Sure, some of your ants may disintergrate on the windshield or bumper bars, but those that don’t will immediately make their way into the targets cockpit and then into his… erm… cockpit…

    All thats left to do from there is giggle in glee whilst he swerves all over the road, leaving you to take your well earned spot in the race!

    Order now and we’ll send you a free set of Antz Pantz ™ underwear – just for irony’s sake!

  • RRoD Missile

    Fires a RRoD missile at the first placed player, instantly giving that player’s Xbox 360 the Red Ring of Death. Think of it like a blue turtle shell in Mario Kart, except that it murders Xbox 360s.

    Preferred format would be Xbox 360 obviously 🙂

  • oh this one is good,


    (The Double Post Forum Deployment Weapon)

    This weapon unleashes double posts reminding the online players what fanboy they are as lots of fliers stuck too your windscreen with a picture of your console and your psn or xbx live account name including a customizable taunt.



  • i call this one, the “Keanu Reeves”
    basicly it sends out a projectile that when it hits a target, they can not go under 20 mph of their current speed at time of being hit for 60 seconds, if they go under the limit, their car explodes!

  • PS3 would be great.

    My weapon would be a new invention I like to call ‘Intensified Radiant Beacon.’ This weapon would come from the headlights, and shine an intensified beacon of light into the rear view mirrors of opponents ahead of me, slowing them down, blinding their vision and annoying the crap out of them.

    Even more deadly is the ability to switch them on and off quickly, simulating a ‘flash’. The ‘flash’ will make the opponent paranoid, checking if his headlights are on, his doors are all closed, his fuel tank lid is closed, etc.

    Over all, through annoyance and paranoia, I should be able to assure a sure victory.

  • The Shaun White Excite Bike (SWEB)

    Upon activating the SWEB, an oversized excitebike motorcycle raises from the tarmac of the race track, directly in front of the opponents car, slowing down and putting its rear wheel over the bonnet, to send the opponent’s car spinning off the track/.


  • Activate the “Sudden-Genre-Change” mechanism and in the blink of an eye the game changes from car racing mayhem to… matching falling blocks? Kung-fu fighting? Horsegrooming? Interactive fiction? Better get your game on in whatever random genre is selected, because after 10 seconds everyone is reverted back to car racing and the points you accrued translate into race position!

  • Seed of the Deep.

    When deployed the ground hollows out and a harrowing dark liquid begins to fill from it’s depths. From within this acrid swamp your opponents will shudder in fear as they witness the birth of an abomination. A rising dark figure shall be born of the black placenta and immediately he will know his evil goal. A chill will shudder within those who dare to watch as the body of sin sweeps across the land with his sword of remorse. Men and children alike will weep as the reality as they know it are transformed into their deepest nightmares. Then just as your opponents realise their hopelessness shall his dark work begin.

    Also gives a brief bonus to speed.

  • Magic Mushroom Mine – The screen of the driver that picks one up turns into a swirly rainbow, 70’s style swirling screen for a few seconds creating confusion and generally making it difficult to see, steer and slow reacting brakes and stuff… just like if you were on one… maybe even throw in a few illusions and extra wierd artefacts like a clown or something on the road in front of you and stuff like that… like WHOA!!!


  • Coming Last? Use the last ditch “Duke Nukem FOREVEREVER” weapon

    Sure, it may not be game-changing, come from behind super-rubber-band-win, but it’ll cause your opponents and you – but you suck so bad it doesn’t matter – to slow time so much that it’s impossible to actually cross the finish line

    So, you don’t win, but you don’t lose either 🙂

  • The Time Gate.

    It can be used to enemies or to yourself.
    The impact will be the car will change both appearance and performance to the older model/version of that car.
    Let say you are driving an Evo X, it will turn into Evo VI, GTR35 into GTR32, Nissan 350Z into 240Z, and so on.
    It is not necessarily bad to be “Time Gate”ed, since previous model have different handling and performance and maybe better for certain course.
    It make this power ups to be used strategically.

    The impact will last for 30 seconds.

    PS3 version for me please.

  • ‘The super profits tax’
    Upon activating this powerful device, the game does a quick check of recent psn or xbox live purchases, judges who is spending the most money and then, using the ‘richest’ person’s account details, purchases blur dlc for all other players.


  • The MFF cannon:
    The MFF (or My Family Frangipani) cannon sprays the rear window of an opponents vehicle with ‘My Family’ and Frangipani stickers, effectively turning the driver into a drone with no sense of originality or initiative. Causing them to simply copy or follow all the other cars, rather than trying to lead/win the race.



    Instantly causes all other cars to uncontrollably accelerate off the track and then their cars are taken back to the manufacturer – leaving you to win the race. Oh and there’s a chick with 3 boobs…you know…like total recall.

    PS3 preferencials.


  • The Chopper Read Cannon!

    Upon activation, launches Chopper Read himself onto the bonnet of a single opponent (usually whoever is in front of you). While flying, Chopper says “Hello, f’kin Chopper Read here!” and upon landing on the opponent points at the unfortunate driver, introduces them to themselves, points out the vehicle they are driving and informs them they should “Harden the f#ck up!”. Then he shoots them in the face with a 410 shotgun.

    Yeah bitches!!!! PS3

  • The Economic Downturn

    When activated all of the opponents cars currently racing are transformed into the most basic, entry level slush-box vehicles on offer and all power-ups, upgrades and cash are stripped for a certain time period. Attempts to lift the effects of the ‘Economic Downturn’ power-up by way of screaming “BAIL OUT!” into the headset will trigger a small easter egg animation of a stockbroker taking a dive from a passing building.

    360 version

  • The Button Randomizer

    As it’s namesake, once activated, all rival player’s controls become randomized. This includes the accelerate button, brake, shoot, and the directional pad.

    Don’t tell anyone, but on rare occasions, it doesn’t just “randomize”,it replaces 3 out of 4 buttons with “brake”!


    PS3 please.

  • The Rick-Roller

    Creates an alternate path behind you that opponents can take, but will instead lead them into a brick wall with Rick Astley’s face on it.

    xbox (or ps3, xbox preferred 🙂

  • Red Ring Of Death Lazar (Xbox360 only)
    Once hit by this weapon your Xbox will begin to seize violently and spew out internal fluids until it finally collapses in a steaming mess with only the Red Ring displaying. Naturally you’ll loose the race and be forced to mail your Xbox off o some unknown location to be revived.

    PS3 please =)

  • What about a powerup that all of a sudden turns your opponents displays into 3D mode – making them have to grasp wildly for their silly looking 3D glasses, allowing you to drive past the the victory.

  • Portal gun.

    An attachment for the hood of your vehicle that shoots and creates a portal on any solid object. This may help you veer your enemies off track, or help you get ahead. [homage to Portal] 🙂


  • Weapon: “Ban hammer”

    When activated hammers fall out above your opponents’ car. When Everyone gets hit, their car gets destroyed and they are all “banned” from the track they are on. (A message will appear and say: YOU HAVE BEEN BANNED FROM BLUR, HAVE A NICE DAY :), PLEASE WAI )

    Everyone who gets hit is banned from playing Blur ever again (including CPU!). Even if they reset their console the same message will come up.

    This ensures that the Multiplayer Lobbies are empty and that you are the only one left.

    which means….. A WINNER IS ALWAYS YOU!

    PS3 (if 2nd place Xbox 360)

  • The P plate.

    When thrown onto an enemy’s car, it will use a mighty suction cup to firmly attach itself. It will then suck out the driver’s common sense causing him or her to drive around erratically, become intoxicated and fail to indicate. The driver, now a rampaging young bogan, will lose control and crash into a tree. Funeral services will be held where equally bogan relatives will come and moan about it being a tragedy.


  • The Super Happy Funtime Glorious Joy Balloon

    You shoot it at an enemy’s car, and if it connects then they turn into a happy and very brightly-coloured little go-kart of no particular series of games. As the kart you have a speed disadvantage and you can’t accelerate very quickly, as well as being light and therefore easily taken advantage of by other cars that can run over you. Fortunately, the upside is that you can drop banana peels which will do absolutely nothing to anyone (but they’re bright and colourful!)

    PS3 please!

  • The “Light Cycle” Pickup.

    Instantly transforms all cars into light cycles (as in the movie Tron), limiting direction control to the 4 axis of the controller (up, down, left, right)

    Walls appear around the track, and crashing into them takes you out of the race.

    The cycles leave light trails, which can be collided with as per the movie, which takes the other racer out of the race.

    The effect wears off when there is only one racer left.

    This allows racers to continue racing, but with increased difficulty, especially on circuits with many curves.

  • Dis-orientation Ray:

    The person who is hit by this ray is in for a doozy!
    Once hit, the players screen will slowly start switching. It will flip horizontally, then vertically and so on in a matter of 10 seconds.
    It would completely put them off and help the player behind to overtake! 😀


  • The Desultory Surprise.

    Upon activation, pirates emerge from the ground and proceed to suplex each car into a barrel cactus.

    They drag the driver out with their toenails and cough in their face. Later that day, the pirates turn up at the driver’s house, watch TV with their wives and steal their cutlery.

    Did I mention that ALL drivers get this treatment, including the activator?
    Yea…that’s why you don’t see anyone using it.

    PS3 please

  • The Portal Gun.

    It would be a 2 part weapon where you would shoot the first portal somewhere and then the second portal somehwere else,players running into the first/second portal would be teleported to the corresponding portal (E.g Hit First Portal,Taken To Second OR Hit Second Portal,taken to first portal). The portals can be used to benefit the player (Potentially your opponents too!) or setup to disadvantage the opponent (Watch out though,you may forget where it ends up and run into it yourself!).

    This weapon could be used strategically to avoid certain parts of the track (The Portals would exist during the duration of the race) or used to set opponents back before parts of the track,this would be a thinking man’s weapon 😉

    Oh and 360 🙂

  • This power-up is called the “YAKUZA”.
    When the player collects the power up, he/she looses control of the car, the player must now dodge the obstacles by successfully completing a quick time event which comes up on screen. Completing three quick time events will grant the player control of their vehicle, failing to do so will make the vehicle crash into the obstacle before granting the player back their original controls.
    (360 please)

  • The “Hey brother”.

    The unlucky victim of this uber power-up will be covertly greeted by a hook-handed Buster Bluth tapping on the driver’s side window with said hook, cooing: “Heeey brotherrr”.

    Screaming and maniacal swerving will ensue.

  • The Reverser

    When you activate this powerup, everything changes into reverse.

    Laps go in the opposite direction.
    Accelerating brakes your car.
    Braking accelerates.
    Your rearview mirror rights your vision – it’s backward!

    Imagine the chaos caused by this. 360 please.

  • The Centre of Attention

    The target car becomes magnetic, pulling it towards nearby cars or guard rails. You can take out multiple cars if they’re bunched together.

    PS3 please.

  • I use the text attack where your wife text you 10times while your driving asking where the hell are you

  • The Pothole Generator

    Sorta like a bananna drop in Mario kart, except in it’s place, it will leave a massive pothole/crator. Cars will go dropping into it, or if they’re fast enought, slam into the top end, flip around in mid air a few times, and roll down the track.

    xb0x or ps3

  • The “Achievement Unlocked” powerup.

    This 360-exclusive powerup causes a fake achievement to pop up on your opponent’s screens. While they scramble to hit the Guide button to check what they just earned 10G for (forgoing control of their cars in the process), you’ve already coasted past them to victory.

    Double edged powerup though, as if your friends or opponents aren’t achievement whores the powerup basically does nothing.

    360 preferred!

  • The “Chuck Norris Effect”:

    When Chuck Norris does push ups, he pushes the Earth down.

    Similarly, a car powered up with the “Chuck Norris Effect” has such a nerdy friction coefficient on its wheels that it moves the Earth backward.

    Said car will advance at double speed while competitors struggle to make progress.

    [sarcasm] Totally consistent with the laws of physics [/sarcasm]

  • Lean Mean Green Machine

    You convert the enginges of your opponents into crappy little electric engines with almost no power. You laugh heartily as you lap them multiple times.

    Achievement Unlocked: Hooray! You are saving the environment! Have a lollypop and pat yourself on the back.

    – Xbox 360

  • The Unibow
    This wonderful powerup turns you temporarily into a magnificent Unicorn gaining magical speeds and trailing a vibrant Rainbow in your wake blinding your foes with its brilliance.

  • Casualitis!

    Infect opponents with casualitis, causing their standard controller to stop working, sending the player into a frenzied rush as they are forced to grab the nearest phallic shaped object and start waving around in the air in an attempt to replicate the actions of driving with a steering wheeling.
    Casualitis lasts until you get bored with it and put it on the shelf where it collects dust. It is also highly contagious, spreading to any other opponents that come into contact with the infected.

    Side note: I actually love the potential that motion controls have, but I have been reading alot of articles about them lately, and thought that forcing a player to change mid game from the standard controller to motion controls would be an odd twist.

    (Xbox 360)

  • The Apple.

    Once obtained, you’re position will show your in first place, but in reality, you’re still in the same place. You gain a supreme sense of smugness and eliteness, and your kart will only henceforth respond to multitouch (…..somehow……..). You will also be technologically inferior for the duration of the effect, and as such, can’t accelerate as much as the others.

    Please don’t kill me people who like Apple. I actually would like an iPad, its just waaaaaaaaaay too overpriced.

    Oh and a PS3 copy would be nice if I win.

  • ***The barack o”BOMB”a***

    this would be the most rare powerup in the game. Upon activating it, it would teleport you directly to first place and compliment you with 3 bombs in your powerup inventory…….because it’s “time for change”. 🙂

    I own an Xbox 360.

  • Controller disabler.
    Disable your targeted opponents controller.
    he will be left helpless for seconds while he tries to sync up his remote to his console again.

    Xbox360 please.

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