WIN! Blur On PS3 And Xbox 360

Blur, the new combat racing game from Project Gotham devs Bizarre Creations, wants you to race like a big boy. Activision wants you to win a copy. Here's how.

Thanks to Activision we have TEN copies of Blur up for grabs. That's FIVE on Xbox 360 and FIVE on PlayStation 3. We'll be giving them away all this week, one of each per day until Friday. Wait... that's today!

Blur is like Mario Kart. But with real cars. As this ad so amusingly demonstrates.

We want to know what weapon or power-up you would use to win a race in Blur. Name and describe your weapon or power-up in the comments below to go into the draw. The wittiest, cleverest and most creative entries will win.

Today's draw closes at midnight tonight and the winner will be announced at 5pm on Monday. No multiple entries please.

Oh, and please state which format you prefer!

Thursday's winners actually came up with some interesting and potentially plausible power-up ideas. Bali_Cooler's Time Gate is a really clever way of challenging the recipient while Jim's Overcharge provides plenty of scope for varied use. Who knew some (relatively) serious entries might win a Kotaku competition?

Kudos to Will, Dean, Kyle Castley, Sterling and Gobbo for contributing the most amusing entries. You've only got one chance left now...

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    Now we've all played an arcadey racer with the 'slingshot' or 'rubber band' effect, where the lead car's speed is crippled, and the cars at the back of the pack manage to catch-up with superhuman speed...

    Hate it? Yeah, so do we.

    We folk at Gobbo Industries believe that good racers deserve to be rewarded. Those hours spent training and eating bowls of concrete in order to harden-the-fudge up shouldn't be in vain. If you're winning, then you should be DOMINATING. And if you're last, it's cos you're CRAP, so stop trying and go take up a new hobby like knitting or basket-weaving.

    Enter... our new power-up... the ANTI-SLINGSHOT! *cue 80s guitar lick*

    Once activated, the racing physics catch-up mode is turned on it's head; leading cars will have their speed boosted (and the bigger the lead, the higher the boost), and trailing cars will be slowed down to a snail's pace even more. Some people would call this 'unfair', but we just think it'll magnify the actual state of the race, showing racers for who they really are... be that awesome, mediocre, or abysmal.

    If you've got half a brain, you'll only really want to use this power-up when you're in the lead. Otherwise you'll be giving the cars ahead of you an added advantage over you, so you probably deserve to drop a spot or two from sheer stupidity!

    Sound tough?? Well... life's tough!!


      An EMP shot wire thing (Like in the 2 fast 2 furious film, The wire that's shot from the helicopter to disable the cars electronics) would be cool, ;D.

      Xbox 360

    Some sort of hack to an onboard computer, which will sporadically pulse the accelerator, the brake, and the steering wheel. (i.e. it will make random changes to the state of each, causing uncontrolled braking and steering). Call it hacking.

    Xbox 360 :P

    Instant Tank Tracks

    Converts your wheels instantly into tank tracks, allowing you to drive over anything, including all obstacles and othe cars.

    Also makes you feel like Pierce Brosnan in Goldeneye, which is nice.


    The Blur Bomb
    A random generator of Britpop track nonsense including

    “Girls and Boys”

    Activation of this power up forces competitors to construct a visual flow diagram of the following lyrics before being able to accelerate again.

    Girls who are boys
    Who like boys to be girls
    Who do boys like they're girls
    Who do girls like they're boys

    Coffee and TV
    A milk carton will mosey out onto the track in front of your competitors. When hit it will reduce visibility for a short period of time.

    Song 2
    Best used early in a race as this forces Song 2 to be played on non stop loop in competitors cars. Although catchy at first it soon drives opponents crazy limiting their concentration and driving skills.


    The Last Ditch Attempt Big Red Button.

    Pressing the Big Red Button labelled “Last Ditch Attempt” will fire all available weapons (offensive and defensive) and inject the car’s engine with an overload of nos that you have approximately 30 seconds to cross the finish line before the engine explodes (which has the side effect of possibly taking some opponents out in the explosion in a final attempt to hinder them).

    The Last Ditch Attempt button also throws a kitchen sink at the closest opponent.


    The Removalist.

    To affect both yourself and enemies.
    For you, any objects obstructing the course will be cleared out of your path. This includes all forms of debris also allowing visible access to course shortcuts and pathing out a clear road.

    For the enemies, their tyres will be removed from their cars causing them to come to a complete halt, done in a similar folding technique as to the Delorean from Back to the future films.

    The duration of this attack will last up to 10 seconds with a maximum of 30 seconds, dependant on the number of the power-up modules being collected.

    Xbox 360 version for me please.

    The Kotakuciser

    This sucker will remove an opponents ability to accelerate and brake using conventional button presses. Insteadthey will be forced to enter controls in alternating haiku and limerick form.

    For example:

    Hit the turn's apex
    Brake gives way to gas pedal
    Perfect powerslide

    There once was a hot racing car
    Whose pilot was a driving star
    He sat in first place
    Was winning the race
    Till a weapon strike made him go "Wah!"

    And so forth.

    X360 FTW!!!

      Clever :)

      haha, i like this.

    Alright alright alright. Scratch the ‘Intensified Radiant Beacon.’ plans. I've got a whole new idea.

    I call it... the 'Honker'.

      Also, PS3 again, please. =D

    1. 'Red Rim of Death'... Gagged.
    2. 'Rick-Roller'... Toe-Tagged.
    3. 'The Bollinator'... Tea-Bagged.
    4. 'The Distractor'... Body Bagged.

    So with hope in my heart I send you one more to accompany these lost souls to the Great Kotaku Competition in the sky.

    My final attempt is named the 'Sheer Bloody-Minded Persistance in the Face of Insurmountable Odds' it basically gives you the will to keep trying even though the odds are well and truly stacked against you. Now I can hear you all crying "But Jonmokoko (for that is my name and as such I would expect you to address me as such), surely 'Sheer Bloody-Minded Persistance in the Face of Insurmountable Odds' is more of a spritual state of being rather than a Power-Up, thus invalidating your entry for today?".

    Well in response to your rather direct question... I'm going to say that becoming in touch with your inner-self and aqcuiring such a spiritual state as this would be what some could reasonably call a 'Power'. And the concept of it being "Insurmountable Odds" is all in you head... which is at the top of your body, which is to say in comparison with for example your feet is... "Up" hence I feel justified in calling this a "Power-Up".

    If you still aren't satisfied with that response, I have prepared a second. This is it.

    *raises palms up, shrugs shoulders, winks and says "It's all relative, baby" then strolls off into the sunset*

      *quickly does an about face and returns to mutter "360... please... thanks" before face-palming and shuffling back toward the sunset*

      So, it tricks you into thinking you're doing good?
      Anyhow, you would have an unfair advantage, as it seems you have this power available by default...

        Well not so much in the sense of tricking you into thinking you're good. Just sort of fills you with a sense of hope yet still keeping you grounded in the fact that you probably aren't going to win.

        Yes, indeed. It is one of my many super-powers... others include the ability to jump my own shoe-laces in a single bound and to be faster than a speeding vole.

    The Primary Buffer Panel.

    The Primary Buffer Panel will fall off your grram ship..err car, damaging anyone behind you. Your car will then start yelling in Alan Tudyks voice Phrases such as "Oh God, oh god, we're going to die", "We shall call this land....THIS LAND" and other classic quotes by Wash.


      "This is gonna get interesting..."

      "Define interesting."

      "Oh God, Oh God, we're all going to die?"

      One of my favourite exchanges in Sci Fi.
      Firefly was better than Serenity in any case.

        How can one be better than the other? It was one story, the movie being the conclusion of the series.

          The story fit better as a TV series than a movie. And the movie was only partially a conclusion to the series, as it retconned several details from the series to make it more film-worthy.

        Do you want to pilot this ship?

        YES! can't!

        I agree Firefly was better than Serenity, but it's just overall brilliance.As to how that is, Serenity kind of felt like a rushed conclusion. That, and Serenity gave me hope that the show could return. Which it didn't. Which made me sad.

        In other news:
        ".....boy, we sure could use some GRENADES right now"

          I think considering the circumstance that Whedon did an amazing job on that film.
          Managed to tie-up all the various plot-threads and mysteries while making it interesting and movie-worthy at the same time.
          Thought he did a really great job there.

    The Aquaplane

    As it sounds .. with this powerup you drop a stream of water behind you. The opponents wont realise that they're in an aqua plane till they try to steer their car and have it not respond. Great for use around corners (got me a few years back)

    xbox or ps3 (xbox preferred)

    The P Plater

    Being the target of this power-up in a race is not where you want to be. ‘P Plater’ status automatically reduces your car’s speed to a maximum of 90 km/h and immediately places large Red P plates on both the front and back of your vehicle. In addition, picking up power-ups under this status is prohibited and will result in a loss of your license and your car ending up impounded for any future races.

    However, the potential ‘benefit’ of being under P Plater status is the ability to immediately slow down any cars that are directly behind you, subjecting them as well to your imposed 90 km/h speed limit.

    Still, it doesn’t stop them from letting loose a missile to clear you out of the way...


    Periscope Mole
    Activation turns your vehicle into a sub-surface drilling machine. The view changes dramatically with just a periscope slicing through the road above.
    Your size is reduced allowing you to pass easily between opponents with a smaller surface area for targeting, however your view of the track is also diminished making it more difficult to navigate. Awesome if you have committed the circuit to memory already.

    Dimension Gate
    When activated, this powerup slides your vehicle into an alternate shadow world where the other cars appear as ghostly apparitions. You are unable to affect them, and they are unable to affect you, until the powerup runs out and burst back into the "real world". While in the shadow world you are not visible to the other drivers. Surpise!

    Still most interested in a 360 copy, but willing to accept a PS3.

    - Caligari

    The Randomiser

    When used it randomly pairs racers up and switches them on the track (for example P1 and P7 switch positions, P2 and P4 switch positions, etc). This affect lasts for 15 seconds and at which point everyone is returned back to the position they where in, except for 1 pair.

    This creates a risk element. Do you sabotage the other player in the hopes that you are switched back to your original postion? Or do your best to win with the chance to stay where you are?


    PS3 please :)

    A truly insidious and sneaky power-up I shall call "Friday afternoon at work". It initially gives a boost to everyone (the knowledge that the drudgery will be over soon) but then gradually whittles away at your oponent's performance as they realise they have to put in extra effort to work through till finish time (or the finish line if you prefer).

    Also their susceptibility to distraction is inversely proportional to the remaing time in the race.

    PS3 please.

    A truck load of manure!

    If the movies of my 80s childhood have taught me anything. That's what stops a car.

    I hate manure!

    Oh, and 360 :)

    The TXT MSG

    You can send SMS messages to the drivers of other cars, this distracting them and causing erratic and dangerous driving.


    Xbox 360

    "The Cheney"

    Be a complete Dick and turn and shoot freind and foe alike.
    When the police arrive claim you were shooting for quail.Be cleared of all charges, receive an apology from the victim and go on to win, win, WIN!!!


    When activated, the girlfriend (or mother, for those single men out there) of the opponent taps the player on the shoulder from behind, informing them 1 of 3 things, depending on the level of the other-ator.

    LVL 1 - "Dinner's ready"
    LVL 2 - "Time to take out the trash"
    LVL 3 - "It's late - time for bed"

    The opponents turns around to respond "One more minute, almost finished" only to turn back to the screen and have crumpled his car against the siderail of the track.


    The ultimate power up! Separate into 5 parts and once you have collected 5 parts during the course of the race you can activate it!

    With the press of a single button and whoosh your car turns into a transformer! And you can start gunning down the other cars but of course the opponents can just speed away from you. There will be a timer for how long the power-up last so its not for the whole course. If an opponent's car is destroyed they will respawn within a certain time.

    But get this, its not only you that can collect and use this power-up but also your opponents! Whether it is against the AI or against your friends more than 1 person can use this power simultaneously and once two or more transforms you guys can duke it!

    This will be a fun distraction and advantageous if used properly but remember this is still a race so you still need to get to the finish line!

      ops forgot to mention format, PS3 please!

    Introducing the OUTRUNNER

    To be used in the most dire of situations.
    Find yourself struggling at the back of the racing pack? Time running out and find yourself wishing for a miraculous comeback??

    Bust out this bad boy, and your car will transform into a convertible. A blonde honey, complete with sexy white blouse, will be beamed down into your passenger seat.A timer at the top of the screen, will begin counting down, urging you to focus as you have to make it to the next branching stage before time runs out. A fork on the road will merge, and judging by your selection, you will be presented with another locale and hopefully easier track as compared to your other racers.

    Enjoy the cruisey track selection of :
    * Splash Wave (FM 80.3)
    * Magical Sound Shower (FM 69.2)
    * Passing Breeze (FM 74.6)

    as you find your car gripping round corners like never before, as you you overtake everyone to claim 1st !!

      On PS3 thanks,
      But would gladly accept the 360 ver. if I'm fortunate enough to win.

    Some may call it dangerous. Some may call it abusive. We call it... THE TRACK EDITOR (catchy name, eh?).
    Been playing too much ModNation Racers lately? Why not try using your track-creation skills... DURING THE MIDDLE OF THE RACE! Screw the correct path- confuse and bedazzle your opponents by driving off into the wild blue yonder, a wavy line of track following behind you. Will your opponents continue on the standard track, or take a risk and follow you? Just remember to join back up to the regular path before you run out of track to lay, or else you'll be stranded on a one way street and have to go back the way you came!

    PS3 please, senor. We fell upon hard times and ate the xbox.

    Michael Bay/Megan Fox effect.

    When deployed Megan Fox slow-motion runs towards the camera with Michael Bay-esque explosions triggered in the background

    Xbox 360

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