WIN! Blur On PS3 And Xbox 360

WIN! Blur On PS3 And Xbox 360

Blur, the new combat racing game from Project Gotham devs Bizarre Creations, wants you to race like a big boy. Activision wants you to win a copy. Here’s how.

Thanks to Activision we have TEN copies of Blur up for grabs. That’s FIVE on Xbox 360 and FIVE on PlayStation 3. We’ll be giving them away all this week, one of each per day until Friday.

Blur is like Mario Kart. But with real cars. As this ad so amusingly demonstrates.

We want to know what weapon or power-up you would use to win a race in Blur. Name and describe your weapon or power-up in the comments below to go into the draw. The wittiest, cleverest and most creative entries will win.

Today’s draw closes at midnight tonight and the winner will be announced at 11am tomorrow when a new draw will open. No multiple entries please. However, you may try again tomorrow with a new entry.

Oh, and please state which format you prefer!

Good luck!

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  • Well considering I’m a 360 user… my weapon of choice would have to be the “Red Rim of Death” a dastardly weapon that would effect 33% of the people surrounding me that would cause their car to overheat and their brakes to lock on and cause significant crashes and no doubt lead many to quit in a rage.

      • Well, I do have one other idea that made me laugh when I thought of it… and I would offer it up to one of you, however I’m going to keep it just in case this one doesn’t get me through.

        Sorry about that…

      • Argh curses to you Formal_Moderator you managed to pluck my idea from the very recesses of my mind and post it… guess if I don’t win today I’m screwed then…

  • A launcher that exclusively fires the vacated shells of green sea turtles.

    If they are half as effective as in Mario Kart they’ll be a winner for sure!


  • The Nanny State Gun – When deployed, turns opponent cars that are speeding, drifting, performing ‘Circle Work’, ‘Fish-tailing’ or generally engaging in Hoon activities into cubes.

  • The Nintendo64izer. Taking from the game title Blur, the Nintendo64izer will impair the vision of the other drivers so that everything is blurry with low resolution, draw distance is minimal, popup is frequent and fog is incredibly heavy.

  • I wouldn’t use a power-up myself but would take advantage of someone else using a nitro to race past the leaders and I would jump in front of them just in time to get thrown forward into the lead from them hitting me. Not only would it be cool if I actually managed to pull it off but it would be funny because god knows that would piss them off.

    Sorry if that person happens to be someone who reads this but you have to admit it would be cool.

  • Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (ASHPD AKA the portal gun). I’ll use it to make a shorcut to the finish line and send the enemies to the other end of the earth.

  • Kitten Mine Layer – place a small loveable kitten onto the road behind you or even launch it a few yards in front of your car, this will cause all enemy cars approaching it to swerve uncontrollaby generally causing them to end up going through a house or any known building which would be on the side of the road.


  • I’d have a power up that slows down time so I could have time to make any manoeuvre to weave and doge and win essentially through clean racing

  • I would fire the Koopa Troopers left homeless after their shells were used as ammunition in the Mario Kart series.


  • *puts on best Jeremy Clarkson voice*

    Some say he gets his jolly’s squeezing the pimples on the backs of fat greasy couch potato’s, others say he has a thing for Grandma’s… All I know is.. He’s called The Stig!

    Best weapon… IN THE WORLD!

  • The Portable Pothole – essentially a shaped charge dropped behind your vehicle.
    The blast creates a large pothole with steep sides that grows as more cars hit it.
    If a car is over the device during the explosion the pothole starts at double the initial size, although the car itself is launched clear of the pit.


  • The Atkinson Attack Gun (AA Gun);

    Deploys a Mr. Atkinson into the passenger seat of opposing cars. The Mr. Atkinson forces drivers to slow down and cease using violent weaponry as there may be children present.

  • The Death Race 2000 Presidential power-up.

    Can only be used at the end of the race where you crash into the Podium eliminating all the competitors who beat you thereby winning the race.

    PS3 please

  • One word (sort of).


    Nobody else can win if they can’t compete. It’ll look just like the giant mallet from Micro Machines V3 on PSX if anyone remembers that…

    360, natch.

  • Piranha Launcher – Fires off packs of piranhas that travel under the pavement and shreds nearby car tires.


  • The magnetic Hobo who latches onto your Car and attempts to clean your windshield with his Grimy Rag, and makes you so mad you crash your Car to get him Off


  • I would have to add an ‘Orgazmo’ radar to the car. Taken from the 1997 movie, it would temporarily disable your oponents vehicles, and your oponent (and make voice chat akward). I would also suggest to Bizarre Creations that camera support is disabled…

    It would also have an after effect of making some parts of the road slipery and others sticky so the competitors would be impeded by this.

    Is it too much to add that in online multi player, your oponents will have a ’tissue’ button to combat your gun.

    Xbox or PS3 is fine, just wash your hands.

  • My preference would be “Rift” a powerup in which if you shoot it infront of you it opens a green portal which if you travel through it you will teleport your car 20 meters ahead of your opponents. When going through this rift your screen will change colours to enhance the experience of driving (roughly 10-20 seconds or so). You could also plant a red rift behind you making anyone who travels through this porting them 20 meters behind their current location and turning their screen red. Xbox 360 user. Played the demo, loved it =D

  • ‘Court Injuction’

    ‘This weapon sues the pants off the other drivers so that they have to go start a new garage and make new cars while you blast to the end’

  • The Powerplay Launcher: It fires unsold copies of Split/Second at opponents. This weapon is awesome initially, but gets boring with continued use.

    (Xbox360 please!)

  • Banana peel! Opponents go over it, and spin around a few times, making them vulnerable to attacks, and also lose their position! What more do you want?! It could be called ‘Peel 2 Wheel’…

  • The Depixelator: For the victim it immediately transforms all graphics in the game to 8-bit era quality, making obstacles and opponents barely distinguishable from each other and reduces manouverability to zero. You’re almost guaranteed to lose while affected by this game-ruining powerup, but afterwards you’ll feel ok about it and share it as one of your fondest gaming memories for years to come.

  • Political Naivety

    Mining super-tax, lack of climate change action, an unfulfilled national broadband network promise and an unpopular hospital reform scheme; the onslaught is avoided allowing racers, particularly those named “K.Rudd”, to remain in poll position during the political race.


  • Holy Hand Mine that gets dropped behind you, after three seconds it would blow. During those three seconds though, it would play this tune:

    Anyone in the vicinity of the blast blows up and respawns with a halo. The halo resulting in them driving very slowly. They would have a dazed white screen for 5 seconds.

    PS3 for me 🙂

  • PS3

    The bungy Crapple. Nothing worse, you getting near the end and your friend always seems to slip past. This way they get grappled and keep going only seconds later to be bungied backwards out of your way.

  • Smoke of Confusion – This weapon will allow the driver to release a cloud of smoke all around him/her, which makes those who are within the smoke to experience a flipped out control scheme. Basically for few seconds, the competitors will need to learn that going left is going right, and accelerating is braking.


  • Id have a passenger in my car who, due to the high speed and flashing neon lights, would be hugely susceptible to nausea.
    When he gets queasy enough he can hang his head out the window and leave a trail of slippery vomit.
    An additional power up would be sick spray on opponents windscreens which would smear when they try to use their wipers.

    Xbox 360

  • The “I Win” Rubber band

    Stealing the AI’s ability to increase speed and handling to dizzying heights, this power up sling shots the played to the finish line just in time to finish first and infuriate the other competitors.


  • After playing so much Red Dead Redemption I’ll be looking for my trusty Lasoo to drag the other racers behind me smashing into any objects and ensuring my victory. Yee Haw!


  • System Of Choice : PS3

    As the game is tagged as “Mario Kart with Real Cars”, this weapon is a work of complete fiction in a fictional racing world…

    The Self Titled – Bizarre Creation Blur!

    Within the world of “Blur”, each competitor has 3 Lives…

    Upon deployment, a number of ‘Bizarre’ green/yellow winged creatures with pumpkin heads are released to seek out each of the competitors.

    These creatures move with incredible pace where they almost look like a ‘Blur’.

    Once they have found their target, each of the little creatures hover behind them and analyze where they are on the track and their surroundings.

    At this point they start producing a ‘Creation’ of their own, relative to a section of the track the target is coming up on, finally their creation is unleashed and similar to a Final Destination movie, trigger a random sequence of events which ultimately stop the car DEAD in it’s tracks and one life is lost and you will respawn within a few seconds…

  • PS3. Weapon of choice: Cat Mine. Drops cats from underneath flat on their back, leaving unsuspecting drivers to run over the claws and hence become sluggishly slow for a period of time.

  • I’d use the “Back Seat Driver” powerup.

    Activate this one and your opponents screens are filled with hands reaching over their shoulders and knees pushing into the backs of their seats; plus voices telling them they’ve taken the wrong turn and to “go that way”, and constantly bugging them to change the radio station.

    I’d prefer 360 but either would do.

  • Well I would do it slightly differently,
    I would have console exclusive weapon.
    For the PS3 there would be the RROD (Red Ray of Doom) and on the 360 there would be the YLOD (Yellow lazer of Destruction.) Just to fuel the console wars that little bit more.

    PS3 version please

  • My ultimate weapon would be a large buck.

    Throw that out the boot, infront of the opposition cars, and not only will it put a big dent in their car, BUT…

    If playing Red Dead Redemption for the last 3 days straight has taught me anything, that’s some valuable roadkill!! They’ll be stopping their cars, getting out, and sitting through a skinning/filleting animation for the next minute or so, leaving victory to me!! Mwahahaha!!


  • I would use ‘The Ring’ gun. When fired the strange girl from The Ring would begin to crawl out of all my opponents’ televisions and as they screamed for their mothers I would cruise to the finish 🙂

    Xbox 360 – tag: BopMucket

  • Backwash
    Activating this powerup causes a wave of roiling water to sluice out behind your vehicle, swamping any vehicles close behind you and leaving a mud-like sludge across the road for a few moments. Those caught in the initial splash are spun and slowed (possibly to a stop), those who don’t manage to avoid the sludge are dramatically slowed while in its area.

    I’m happy with either format, but I guess I’d prefer the 360.

  • Act of god:
    Calls down a lightning strike, meteor and/or localised earthquake to bring down your opponents in a ridiculously lucky turn of events.

  • R.B.T
    Random Breath Tester
    This power up forces opponents to pull over to the side of the road to check for alcohol use. Opponents must inform the police officer they have had nothing to drink that day and then count to ten.

    This power up rarely catches real criminals and often just wastes the time of honest competitors allowing you to move into the lead.

  • The Acclaim Gun

    This will cause you’re opponant to do well for a short time, but ultimately removing himself from the race and all subsequent races after he gets the idea that it would be better if his car did freestyle tricks whilst piloted by topless women.

    X-box 360 please 🙂

  • ‘The President’

    (For the targeted character) Unlocks a modest looking car with awesome specs enticing the player to choose it, but doesn’t deliver on the specs and just plain out sucks. The player is then stuck with that car for 4 terms, erm, I mean races.
    Also the price(tax) of the other cars will have gone up upon completion of these races.


  • The Politician:

    KRudd or that Speedo wearing guy strapped to the bonnet spouting political policies so boring that all the other opponents fall into a coma and crash.

    Xbox360 please!

  • My power up is the ‘Masterchef Special’ which stops the cameras rolling, and cuts power to everyone’s cars, letting me catch up and take first, then the cameras start again and I take the win!


  • I’d use a teleportation device that would allow me to reach my hand through the screen and repeatedly punch my opponents in the face, distracting them from the race at hand and giving me a significant advantage.

    I believe the PS3’s superior online capabilities would be best suited to such a device, and as such I’d like that version please.

  • The Mark Webber Non-Ambiturner weapon – all your competitors struggle to deal with turning left whilst in traffic and crash out of the race, just like the real Mark Webber.

  • A rubber chicken appears on the hood of your car and warps you backwards on the track. Then, by pushing the weapon button (a lot) lets out an ear-splitting, earth moving crash blast wave. When all is said and done, you’ll warp right back to the front again, and the chicken will poop out a few explosive eggs.



  • My powerup would be Gridlock.

    When hit by this, the car affected will be surrounded by slowly moving cars. There is always a lane that is moving at the right speed, but if you manage to get over to it, that one slows down to. Also, you are forced to listen to the banal chatter of morning shock jocks during the effects of this weapon.

    Oh, and I’m a PS3 player 🙂

  • The PIXEL-JUNKER: An upgradable Gatling-gun style weapon, in which each “bullet” effectively turns whatever it hits into a cancerous oversized pixel, which falls off the vehicle it hits and crumbles into a dust. The PIXEL-JUNKER can be upgraded to a PJ-19 model, which as well as the Gatling-gun, includes a “pixenade-launcher” which has a similar effect to each of the bullets of the gun, but with a much larger area of damage.


  • The nomula, a scientific formula of omnom’s injected directly in the car’s engine, creating a car that will literally eat anything in its path and then spit it out its exausht, acting as a double edge sword noming those in front and leaving those behind a crubled mess in their wake.

  • The instantly-deployable late-nite Kebab stand! All other passing drivers are suddenly compelled to slow down and order a delicious kebab. (only works at night!)


  • My power-up would be the Ego Driver. It would enable me to be the driver I think I am instead of the driver I really am. Not only would I win (I have a big ego), but my ego would suffer no damage from reality checks.


  • The Rudd.

    When it launches it immediately places a tax on your car making it 40% less effective.


    The Flat Tyre.

    Instantly one of your car’s tyres blows out, causing you to pull over. As soon as your driver exits the car it starts raining heavily as you try to look for the jack.

    The ultimate weapon:

    The Blue Spikey Shell.

    Needs no explaination. Just play Mario Kart Wii and you will understand.

    (Xbox please)

  • How about a black out
    the game keeps going for everyone , but everyones screen goes black except for yours
    they can hear them selves crash but do nothing about it, but also have a chance not to crash, fair!

  • The Kotaku Competinator.

    By spawning exciting competitions, it distracts rival drivers into dreaming up clever ways to use the word “Wildgoose” in their entry instead of watching the road.

    360 or PS3

  • The Unemployment cheque.

    It turns the oponents car into a rusted out piece of junk, removing the wheels and leaving the car on a four stone slabs.

    As they are now jobless, they are out of the race.

    Xbox 360

  • The Midway Cannon.

    Causes the victim to do extremely well for a while, then decide to “appeal to a larger audience” and promptly exit their car and attempt to give everyone hugs and flowers.

    Then die.


  • The M. Night Shyamalan Experience

    Upon activation, your enemies are treated to hallucinations of the road. Several dead ends and traps line the course, and a narrator gleefully exclaims “That was a plot twist!” whenever your enemies crash.

    After the powerup ends, it is revealed that the narrator is actually a talking dog.


  • This isn’t much of a weapon but I would drive an electric car so then when i got hit by attacks, it would recharge my cars battery.

    360 for me

  • “The Peter Molyneux mine”. This deployable weapon is placed on the ground and takes form of the eventual victim’s ambition. Once an opponent is close to the proximity of the mine, it sets off, causing the victim to effectively flip and trip over their own ambition.

    360 player, here. 😀

  • The Octogenarian –
    spawns a smoke spewing, Volvo driving 80 year old; prone to hold up traffic by cruising at 25kmph; erratically swerving side to side and stopping in the middle of the road, to “clean glasses”.
    Occasionally leaves accidental “oil spills”

    360 please ^_^

  • For me as a PS3 user, seeing the 360 get all the attention, I would use the ‘gimme some attention’ power up. The power up would cause all power-ups gained by anybody in the next 10 seconds to go to me.

  • I would make it a homing internet troll, tracks down the target, and distracts it by attacking its poor grammar and creating an argument by tearing at what it holds most dear, the victim’s choice of console (or their mother, whatever happens to be more convenient)

  • The ultimate power up: “You got Rick Roll’d B*@&H”- once activated, “Never gonna give you up” blasts out of your car speakers and everyone gets Rick Rolled and their car rolls, “you got Rick Roll’d B*%$H” is permanently stuck on their Windows so they’re blinded and their car Rolls out of the track,their engines “give up” and explode. Other players will be scarred for life as they have been Rick Roll’d. You can sit back and relax and smell the scent of Victory in the air.

    This power up is useful when your in last position or if your car is extremely slow and all of your power ups are gone or if your playing online and someone becomes really annoying and drives dirty or always taunts you!

    PS3 Plez with a cherry on top and whipped cream 😀

  • The ‘Pimp My Ride’ ray!

    Hitting competitors with this powerful ray will cause their car to undergo a bizzare transformation.

    Withing seconds wickedly bright flame decals suddenly appear, rear spoilers sprout from the body, and rims expand to stupidly large sizes. Tricking out their cars with all these sweet parts, coupled with the sudden appearance of a spa/pool table/living room entertainment system in the back seat, your competitors will no longer be able to accelerate or turn corners with any kind of proficiency, putting them at a massive disadvantage.

    Not only that, but the now monstrous sound system will blast Xzibit’s fat lyrics at near defeaning decibels, instantly draining them of all their fans.

    The ‘Pimp My Ride’ ray is not only extremely effective in disabling opponents, but it is also guarenteed to make anyone you hit with it look like a massive twat.

    (Xbox 360)

  • The “Increase Petrol Price Shot”

    Once the competitor is hit with this weapon, they will fall victim to a oil crisis of epic proportion. The price of fuel will get so high they’ll have to limit their average speed to 70km/h for optimal fuel efficiency.

    This will allow you to fly past them at the types of speeds old petrol prices allowed.

    Xbox 360.

  • Sound Wave Emitter: The user emits an ultra sonic sound and shatters the windscreen of all the cars around them…blinding their vision of the path

  • The memeinator

    The affected enemies will be spammed by at least 9000 mudkips, vegetas and “i can haz cheezburger”‘s

  • Conjoined Twins.

    Attach two enemies that are close to each other with a chain, and let them get tangled on objects.


  • A Keyblade on either side of my car. It swings out as cars try to over take me and leaves a nice, long, deep scratch down the side of some young wippersnappers souped up car. I’d love to see the look on there face 🙂


  • My Power-up would be the Bizarre Creations Pumpkin:

    This Power-up (an easter-egg hidden by the game’s developer’s) would be unlike any other power-up in any other game, because it’s effect would be random (of sorts). It could take on any number of forms, resembling other Bizarre Creations games, with different effects for each outcome.

    Choice 1: Red Snake from Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2. This sneaky little sucker is a pain for enemies. Spawning right in front of the enemy, opponents can only get rid of it by shooting it’s head, which is quite hard given its long tail that blocks shots.

    Choice 2: Another Car. This Ferrari spawns from Project Gotham Racing 4, and is in incredibly high detail. So much detail, in fact, that it’s detail outshines the opponents car and causes it to tremble in fear. This loss of traction causes the opponents car to react violently, and spin out of control, whilst giving the user plenty of kudos along the way.

    Choice 3: Various characters from, “The Club.” Launching this makes the 8 playable characters from, “The Club,” leap out of your car and hack an opponents car to pieces. Burst tyres, damaged windshields, and general dent-age, result in the car being slowed down drastically.

    360 Preferred, but PS3 OK as well 🙂

  • My ultimate weapon would be a risk and reward dual purpose Asgard Zap, which when activated would release a ‘time dilation bubble’:

    If released ahead of you, and the player manages to enter the field. Your car would move faster than other players as time inside the field is accelerated; but hit a wall or opposition player and consequences could be dire!

    If released backward, then opposition cars that collide with it get stuck in a slowed down field, powerless as they watch fellow rival cars zooming past. Unless they supercharge the field with their own onboard power up effectively inverting the fields negative effect!

  • I would introduce a Safety Car system so that everytime there is an accident all the cars would bunch up again until the track is safe.
    After the race you could lodge protests against the other cars for one reason or another until eventually you are named the winner.
    This would take all the fun out of it but at least it would be the safest & most realistic racer ever released on PS3 in the Nanny State!!

  • ‘The Micro-Transaction Distraction’ Get hit by this weapon mid-race and you are forced to pay gamerpoints to stay in the competition. There’s a three tiered penalty with each stage adding conspicuous changes to your vehicle. Imagine the humiliation when everyone else knows it cost you money to just scrape into 4th place as a charred recon helmet at tier one, a hot cup of coffee at tier two and the final shame of a car in horse armour at tier three. With gamerpoints at stake it can only be 360.

  • I would deploy a family-sized SUV, complete with obnoxious children watching ceiling mounted DVD players. Their waving arms, and frustrated parents would distract your opponents as they rubber-neck into an evitable, cataclysmic crash.

    • Sorry, not that I had a chance anyway, but I would be more than happy with a copy for either the 360 or PS3. Thanks again.

  • Attatched to my steering wheel, in place of the horn will be a START button.
    From there, upon pressing it, I’ll have the option on my heads up display, to restart the race. Cause no doubt I’m ganna get shafted so many times before the end of the 1st corner, that I’ll have to start again out of FRUSTRATION !!!

  • The Chicken-Dance-O-Tron 3600 Max

    When activated, this power up will blast the Chicken Dance repeatedly through the opponents’ speakers at a loud volume. This will deprive opponents of all sensory awareness and cause a psychosis that will force opponents to smash themselves into a wall at high speed to prevent further auditory torture. Leaves the attacker free to win without challenge.

    360 preferred, but PS3 will be fine also

  • VTEC when it kicks in the race is more or less over… unless the car blows up then i still get kamakazi take downs

  • 4chan

    Open image forums are a bad influence. Tossing one at an opponent’s windscreen will guarantee win. Effects and proof include:

    – Short term: distraction, as illustrated in “hot girl backstabbing”,

    – Long term: Awaken some inner fetish such as sexuality (doubly so for the denizens of the interweb), and we all know what Microsoft does to people who openly declare sexuality…

    Plus, your opponent will thank you. A weapon which permanently defeats your opponent and makes him your pal. You just can’t beat that.


  • PS3

    My power-up would be


    Unfortunately your power-up is deemed too graphic and mature for the audience. The Classification Board has deemed the weapon unsuitable for Australian audiences, who need to be sheltered from the evil of videogames.

    As such, we have decided to alter the power-up to match and suit the MA15+ rating


    The barbie comb.

  • The power up i would use is called the web slinger what this does is if the person in front of you was about to win the race you use a web that grabs the car and it pulls them backwards all the way back to the start while you finish but the only way you can use it is if the other car is in view… if i win i will be the happiest person xbox 360

  • “Blur is like Mario Kart. But with real cars.”

    I like using the red shells.
    Oh, can I get this on the DS?

    PS3 Version.

  • Australian interenet latency missile which on impact will make the target stutter and appear to be in a different position than where they really are on screen. When fully charged it can literally take the player out of the game altogether.


  • The Pine Tree Car Deodoriser pickup

    This pick up hangs a cheap pine tree car deodoriser off the opponents cars’ rearview mirror, which instantly engulfs the opposition player in a sickly fake pine smell, far worse and much more toxic than the smell which existed in the car in the first place.


  • Tactical Noob

    Calls in an AI that camps with a car at the tightest corners, causing everyone but you to crash into it.


  • PS3

    The driver (you) radios in a tactical missile strike on himself. When the missile is launched it is targeted at YOUR car! But this missile when it hits its target does not detonate, instead it embeds itself into the rear end of the car, once seated the last of the missile fuel in burned as hard as possible to create a MASSIVE boost in speed.

  • The Harpoon– fired from the front or rear of your car, it will attach itself to your opponents car, disable all their electrics and stop their car allowing you to pass or getaway from them.

    PS3 version for me would be great. thanks for the comp.

  • I’d use the PRIC

    ‘Portable Roadside Incident Collective’: A group of the most formidable road obstacles known to every commuter. Pick this puppy up and your fellow racers are in for a world of ‘wait’.

    The 12 man “dig a hole” team. While the hole might not be too wide – you know it has to be f@#king deep to require that many people. We cant have people falling in holes now! Of course they’re gonna have to shut the road down so be patient while you wait for the lollipop man to say go.

    The “Insta-RBT-Pullova” is a nasty one – you better make sure you’re not drifting drunk! You can try and turn around quickly and hope they don’t see you… but we don’t like your chances.

    The “Peak Hour Traffic Light Outage”. Here you were thinking video games gave you a reprieve from the real world. Well make believe this! You cant even turn off the console if you get caught in this one.

    So fire-up your “power-up” and you will randomly drop one of these beauties ahead of the first car – you’re vehicle will be transformed into a ‘Union Rep Road Side Inspection’ truck, a ‘Supreme Court Judge’s Limo’ (yeh cos they never D&D), or a ‘Morning News Traffic Chopper’ respectively. Thereby negating the roadside dull drums your competitors are about to face and granting you victory… at least until you wake up and go to work tomorrow…


  • The ‘Big Mothertrucker Mother******’. A powerup so massive, so offensive, when you roll over it in multiplayer, all other players suddenly have their cars changed into vehicles, complete with graphic and control change, from BIG MOTHERTRUCKERS for the next two minutes.

    However, one must be wary not to run over this powerup again whilst it’s activated, or one will accidentally activate BIG MOTHERTRUCKER 2! Where your own copy of Blur will be suddenly overwritten permanently with a copy of Big Mothertruckers 2!!!!

    360 🙂

  • I would employ a simple pocket calculator. Innocuous you say? Useless you say? Cunningly devastating I say, when I divide by zero on your sorry asses.

    Yes, hell hath no fury like impossible mathematics.


  • The Humour Virus

    Deploys a virus to the other competitors GPS units, which gives them a sense of humour. After telling the driver to take a wrong turn, the GPS unit laughs maniacally, then after the third wrong turns the driver takes, starts saying “I can’t believe you keep falling for this!”. After six wrong turns, “You think you’d learn by now Dave”. If the driver realizes and starts going the right way, the unit says “I can’t let you do that Dave” and locks up the brakes.

    PS3 or 360

  • Reverse Psychology

    after a 2 second warning reverse competitors steering for 5 seconds. I would be nasty but would leave how badly it effects opponents in their control so it wouldn’t feel cheap.


  • The bowlers hat.

    This would place the hat of your regular octogenarian lawn bowler on the rear parcel shelf of your opponents cars causing them to reduce their speed to 40kmph and leaving one of their blinkers on.

    This comes at a cost though. While the benefit is that you can fly past your competition like their standing still, they will change lanes erratically regardless of which way they’re indicating.

  • Kangaroo Road Kill attack.

    If you’ve seen a car hit a big red on the highway, you know why that’s dangerous.


  • Ninja Moneky Buzz Bomb
    When triggered, the Ninja Monkey Buzz Bomb releases a small horde of highly trained monkeys. The monkeys launch themselves at the nearest opponent vehicle, caper all over it waving their tiny ninjato and pulling pieces off of the unfortunate player’s car, doing damage and providing distraction. Think the buzz droid from the start of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, combined with monkeys, combined with Ninja… Can’t lose!

    Happy with either format, marginally more happy with the 360.

  • How about a random breath test van that slows down everyone while you just cruise past? Or a crappy song that makes everyone swerve out of control? On xbox 360 thanks guys.

  • PS3 for me, please.



    My weapon, once charged and fired, clogs all motorist with unbearable peak hour traffic city wide, slowing all competitors down to a 10Kmph crawl. Only those on bicycles will survive.

  • My Words.

    We all want to win, it’s true, but the Earth’s virtual environment is in danger. If we continue to drive around in these games with no regard for the toxic pixels our vehicular avatars are spewing forth into the world, all the while burning up precious supplies of virtual resources, doing irreparable damage to the in-game universe, then we all lose.

    In order to truly win, I would race only in a hybrid car, that runs on bio-fuel and solar power, with exhaust recycling and built from bio-degradable polygons wherever possible.

    My weapon of choice then, would be simply ‘my words’, as I implore all my competitors to do the same.

    Saving the virtual environment begins with a single step, but in the end, if everyone does their part, we can all be winners.

    Think of the virtual children.

    – PS3

  • The Mythbuster.

    A weapon that does everything in its power to make sure that the weapon succeeds even if it does mean breaking the laws of physics or indeed the programming of the game.

    Either Format. PS3 Preferred.

  • The Volvo Crash Avoidance Power Up
    With this powered up you would never crash again…..or would you


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