WIN! Blur On PS3 And Xbox 360

Blur, the new combat racing game from Project Gotham devs Bizarre Creations, wants you to race like a big boy. Activision wants you to win a copy. Here's how.

Thanks to Activision we have TEN copies of Blur up for grabs. That's FIVE on Xbox 360 and FIVE on PlayStation 3. We'll be giving them away all this week, one of each per day until Friday.

Blur is like Mario Kart. But with real cars. As this ad so amusingly demonstrates.

We want to know what weapon or power-up you would use to win a race in Blur. Name and describe your weapon or power-up in the comments below to go into the draw. The wittiest, cleverest and most creative entries will win.

Today's draw closes at midnight tonight and the winner will be announced at 11am tomorrow when a new draw will open. No multiple entries please. However, you may try again tomorrow with a new entry.

Oh, and please state which format you prefer!

Good luck!

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    Well considering I'm a 360 user... my weapon of choice would have to be the "Red Rim of Death" a dastardly weapon that would effect 33% of the people surrounding me that would cause their car to overheat and their brakes to lock on and cause significant crashes and no doubt lead many to quit in a rage.

      Damn it! Now I can't enter today, your idea is hilariously awesome and bound to win!

      Haha! Nice one. How are we supposed to top that?

        Well, I do have one other idea that made me laugh when I thought of it... and I would offer it up to one of you, however I'm going to keep it just in case this one doesn't get me through.

        Sorry about that...

        Argh curses to you Formal_Moderator you managed to pluck my idea from the very recesses of my mind and post it... guess if I don't win today I'm screwed then...

    A launcher that exclusively fires the vacated shells of green sea turtles.

    If they are half as effective as in Mario Kart they'll be a winner for sure!


    The Nanny State Gun - When deployed, turns opponent cars that are speeding, drifting, performing 'Circle Work', 'Fish-tailing' or generally engaging in Hoon activities into cubes.

      And in case I need to specifically ask for which format I would prefer to win it would be Xbox360.

    The Nintendo64izer. Taking from the game title Blur, the Nintendo64izer will impair the vision of the other drivers so that everything is blurry with low resolution, draw distance is minimal, popup is frequent and fog is incredibly heavy.


    I wouldn't use a power-up myself but would take advantage of someone else using a nitro to race past the leaders and I would jump in front of them just in time to get thrown forward into the lead from them hitting me. Not only would it be cool if I actually managed to pull it off but it would be funny because god knows that would piss them off.

    Sorry if that person happens to be someone who reads this but you have to admit it would be cool.

      Forgot to mention, Xbox 360 or PS3 for me
      Gamertag is sykoticus
      PSN ID is driftking600

    Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (ASHPD AKA the portal gun). I'll use it to make a shorcut to the finish line and send the enemies to the other end of the earth.

      PS3 Please

    Kitten Mine Layer - place a small loveable kitten onto the road behind you or even launch it a few yards in front of your car, this will cause all enemy cars approaching it to swerve uncontrollaby generally causing them to end up going through a house or any known building which would be on the side of the road.


      I saw a kitten get hit by a car last week. It still haunts me :(

    I'd have a power up that slows down time so I could have time to make any manoeuvre to weave and doge and win essentially through clean racing

    I would fire the Koopa Troopers left homeless after their shells were used as ammunition in the Mario Kart series.


    *puts on best Jeremy Clarkson voice*

    Some say he gets his jolly's squeezing the pimples on the backs of fat greasy couch potato's, others say he has a thing for Grandma's... All I know is.. He's called The Stig!

    Best weapon... IN THE WORLD!

      damn it.. forgot preference.. xbox is I have to specify, but i'm happy to have whatever's left over as I have both ;)

        double damn it! IF not IS!!! stoopid fingers!

    The Portable Pothole - essentially a shaped charge dropped behind your vehicle.
    The blast creates a large pothole with steep sides that grows as more cars hit it.
    If a car is over the device during the explosion the pothole starts at double the initial size, although the car itself is launched clear of the pit.


      As the hole grows it causes more damage and interference with cars that hit it.

    The Atkinson Attack Gun (AA Gun);

    Deploys a Mr. Atkinson into the passenger seat of opposing cars. The Mr. Atkinson forces drivers to slow down and cease using violent weaponry as there may be children present.

    The Death Race 2000 Presidential power-up.

    Can only be used at the end of the race where you crash into the Podium eliminating all the competitors who beat you thereby winning the race.

    PS3 please

    One word (sort of).


    Nobody else can win if they can't compete. It'll look just like the giant mallet from Micro Machines V3 on PSX if anyone remembers that...

    360, natch.

    A self-destruct button that will clear the whole field, including the user


      Though the user would still be able to respawn and take the lead/finish the race

    Piranha Launcher - Fires off packs of piranhas that travel under the pavement and shreds nearby car tires.


    The magnetic Hobo who latches onto your Car and attempts to clean your windshield with his Grimy Rag, and makes you so mad you crash your Car to get him Off


    I would have to add an 'Orgazmo' radar to the car. Taken from the 1997 movie, it would temporarily disable your oponents vehicles, and your oponent (and make voice chat akward). I would also suggest to Bizarre Creations that camera support is disabled...

    It would also have an after effect of making some parts of the road slipery and others sticky so the competitors would be impeded by this.

    Is it too much to add that in online multi player, your oponents will have a 'tissue' button to combat your gun.

    Xbox or PS3 is fine, just wash your hands.

    My preference would be "Rift" a powerup in which if you shoot it infront of you it opens a green portal which if you travel through it you will teleport your car 20 meters ahead of your opponents. When going through this rift your screen will change colours to enhance the experience of driving (roughly 10-20 seconds or so). You could also plant a red rift behind you making anyone who travels through this porting them 20 meters behind their current location and turning their screen red. Xbox 360 user. Played the demo, loved it =D

    'Court Injuction'

    'This weapon sues the pants off the other drivers so that they have to go start a new garage and make new cars while you blast to the end'

    The Powerplay Launcher: It fires unsold copies of Split/Second at opponents. This weapon is awesome initially, but gets boring with continued use.

    (Xbox360 please!)

    The Hamster-dance-inator.
    All opponents' windscreens are suddenly impaired by the following webpage for 15 seconds.


    Banana peel! Opponents go over it, and spin around a few times, making them vulnerable to attacks, and also lose their position! What more do you want?! It could be called 'Peel 2 Wheel'...

      Oh, PS3 version...

    The Depixelator: For the victim it immediately transforms all graphics in the game to 8-bit era quality, making obstacles and opponents barely distinguishable from each other and reduces manouverability to zero. You're almost guaranteed to lose while affected by this game-ruining powerup, but afterwards you'll feel ok about it and share it as one of your fondest gaming memories for years to come.

      Oh, either format is fine but 360 is preferred.

      I love the idea of this one. The only person it wouldn't affect is Lucas from "The Wizard", at least not if he had his Powerglove®™ handy...

    Political Naivety

    Mining super-tax, lack of climate change action, an unfulfilled national broadband network promise and an unpopular hospital reform scheme; the onslaught is avoided allowing racers, particularly those named “K.Rudd”, to remain in poll position during the political race.


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