WIN! Iron Man 2 Game & AC/DC Vinyl Soundtrack

WIN! Iron Man 2 Game & AC/DC Vinyl Soundtrack
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Iron Man 2, the game of the sequel of the movie of the comic, is being released this week. How’d you like to win a copy on Xbox 360 along with the movie’s soundtrack by AC/DC?

Yeah, I thought you might.

Thanks to SEGA and Sony we have FIVE Iron Man 2 packs up for grabs, each containing:

* An Iron Man 2 Xbox 360 game
* An Iron Man 2 vinyl soundtrack by AC/DC

To enter, we want you to rewrite the lyrics from a classic AC/DC song – a verse, a chorus or even the whole thing – to be themed around Iron Man and Marvel Comics.

Leave your lyrics in the comments below. You’ve got until midnight Sunday, May 2, to get your entry in. The five best we receive between now and then will win.

Good luck!

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  • Here’s the obvious:

    He was a fast machine,
    And shined like Mr. Sheen,
    He wore the best damned mecha that I’d ever seen
    He had those back-lit eyes,
    Used his arms when he flies,
    Shooting up dudes like it’s the 4th of July

    Fighting more than his share,
    Baddie’s don’t have a prayer,
    He may bust a suit, but He’s got plenty of spares

    So when the iron suit’s waking,
    Bad dude’s start quaking,
    And faces breaking,
    Stark’s here to mush them into glue,

    Stark is really strong!
    he knocks em out, I said, glue,
    Stark is really strong!

  • Well, you could imagine the song War Machine from the Black Ice album to be about the Iron Man character…

    Here’s my attempt, using the song Thunderstruck:

    I was caught by some terrorists near Iraq,
    I woke up, and my chest was torn up by some flak.
    My mind raced, and I thought, what could I do?
    Then I built, yes I built me an armoured suit.

    The magnet that runs, it’s protecting my heart.
    The bad guys have guns. I’ll tear them apart.

    My name? Tony Stark.

    Called Obadiah, some reporters, and stopped making guns.
    That left them breathless, yeah breathless, then I went back home.
    I made a new suit, this one I made sure could fly.
    Flew up too high, thought I would die.
    Yeah, yeah, it, it, it blew my mind.

    Obadiah was forlorn.
    Then Iron Monger was born.
    Iron Man toasted that jerk.
    I am Tony Stark!
    Tony Stark.
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, Tony Stark.
    Tony Stark.
    Said yeah, it’s alright,
    With Iron Man’s might.
    Said yeah, it’s alright,
    With Iron Man’s might.
    So fine, Tony Stark.
    Oooh, baby baby.
    Tony Stark.

  • Thunderstruck – ACDC
    Verse 1

    I was caught
    In the middle of a raceway track (Whiplash)
    I looked ’round,
    And I knew there was no turning back (Whiplash)
    My mind raced
    And I thought what could I do? (Whiplash)
    And I knew
    There was no help, no help from you (Whiplash)
    Sound of the crash
    Beatin’ in my heart
    The thunder of whips!
    Tore me apart
    You’ve been – Whiplashed!

  • To the tune of If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It):

    it’s ferric steel
    thought it would be subpar
    ferric steel
    it can really do a whole lot more
    the capacitors gave me nothin’
    tell me what’ll give me thrust?
    Back to whiplash’s haunt
    Leave Hammer in the dust

  • Iron Man! Iron Man! IRON MAN! Iron Man! IRON IRON IRON MAN MAN MAN! IRON MAAAAAAN! Iron Man! Iron MAN! Iron Man! IRON! MAN! MAAAAAAAAAAN! Iron Man! Iron Man! IRON MAN! Iron Maaaan! IRON MAN!

    [Sung to the tune of any classic AC/DC song of your choice]

  • I’m on a highway to hell
    My suit is starting to smell
    I should wash it, but oh well
    I’m so rich, I won’t dwell

  • All you women who want a man of the street
    But you don’t know which way you wanna turn
    Just keep a coming and put your hand out to me
    ‘Cause I’m the one who’s gonna make you burn
    I’m gonna take you down – down, down, down


  • To the tune of TNT

    See me fly out with my jetpack
    From inside your tank
    Kill as much terrorists as I can get
    Damn straight you KNOW I’m a threat.
    Rockets to the left of me
    And bullets to the right
    I am a gun
    I am a knife
    Don’t you start a fight.

    IRON MAN. Don’t you start a fight.
    IRON MAN. I’m a power load.
    IRON MAN. I’ll make you explode.

    I’m metal, mean, I am not green.
    I am Iron Man.
    I fight crime, I am number 1
    So lock up your band guys, lock up your guns
    Run out the back door, and run for your life
    Iron Man is back in town, and I got backup this time.

    (Repeat chorus)

  • Sung to the tune of “Highway to hell”

    “This Armour chafes like hell”

    It ain’t easy, living encased
    Season ticket for another sequel
    Guns are hot, Gold and Red
    Taking on everything in my way
    Don’t need mercy
    Don’t need weakness
    Tony stark has a problem though
    Growing rash, lotion time
    My nuts are gonna be there too

    My Armour chafes like hell!
    Armour chafes like hell!
    Armour chafes like hell!
    My Armour chafes like hell!

    I think the rest would be a predictable anthem to skin pinches and the poor understanding a weapons designer usually has for ergonomics.

  • Flyin’ down the highway
    Stoppin crooks as i go
    over all the byways
    with rockets in my soles
    Gettin’ robbers
    Gettin’ flashed
    Givin’ beat downs
    with a back hand
    Gettin’ women
    Catchin’ crooks
    I tell you folks
    It’s harder than it looks (but not by much)

    It’s a long way to the top unless you’re tony stark
    It’s a long way to the top unless you’re tony stark
    If you think it’s easy doin’ one night stands
    Try doin it dressed like an iron man
    It’s a long way to the top unless you’re tony stark

    Hotel motel
    you know i own them all
    even got an f1
    but not any more
    Gettin’ heavy
    Gettin’ hot
    Gettin’ shot at
    Air Raid
    Gettin’ attention
    from the fans
    That’s how it goes
    bein’ Iron Man

    It’s a long way to the top unless you’re tony stark
    It’s a long way to the top unless you’re tony stark
    If you’re gettin lonely up in the sky
    Team up with a token black guy

    It’s a long way to the top unless you’re tony stark
    It’s a long way to the top unless you’re tony stark
    It’s a long way to the top unless you’re tony stark
    It’s a long way to the top unless you’re tony stark

    Well it’s a long way
    It’s a long way, you should’ve told me
    It’s a long way, such a long way

  • Guns for Hire – ACDC

    Original lyrics are here;

    My secret’s out
    Iron Man’s about
    Aiming a missile at you
    I’m a metal container
    A Marvel maker
    A man who can’t ever corrode
    Once slept with a whore
    Potts showed her the door
    Some stalker, lover of tin
    My heart’s in a knot
    From when I got caught
    Look out woman –

    This suit’s not for hire
    I’m a frequent flyer
    Guns not for hire
    Fired Obadiah

    I’m a metal toaster
    A shiny can
    Stopping Whiplash with my hand
    I’m the real creator
    He’s a lying faker
    I’ll trademark him with my brand

    Guns not for hire
    To weapon buyers
    Suit not for hire
    Until I retire

    (In awe that I scored, Ms Potts?)

  • Jailbreak ACDC:

    well I knew a guy who was a murder
    And evil men came to town
    They looked at him and found him guilty
    And locked him up in their hell

    He said I aint spendin my life here
    I aint living a slave
    Creatin no weapons for this wild gang
    Im breakin out and flyin home.

    Gonna make a jailbreak
    And Im heading towards the sky
    Im gunna make a jailbreak
    Oh I love how high I can fly!

    Was thinking of shoot to thrill, Stiff upper lip.
    But this matches the first movie alright =D

  • Ridin` in the desert
    Got a missile to show
    Stopped by guys with guns
    Shooting my army guys
    Gettin` grabbed
    Gettin` shot
    Gettin` beat up
    Broken boned
    Gettin` had
    Gettin` took
    Poor Tony Stark’s
    Got it harder than it looks

    It`s been a long time
    Since Tony had a normal human heart
    It`s been a long time
    Since Tony had a normal human heart
    If you think it`s easy wearing armoured suits
    Try being this playboy Stark
    It`s been a long time
    Since Tony had a normal human heart

    Obadiah, traitor
    Backstabber of our guy Stark
    Selling weapons outside
    The designated lines
    Big old man
    Evil guy
    Betrays Tony
    For monay!
    Big old man
    Evil guy
    That`s how it goes
    In the superhero world

    It`s been a long time
    Since Tony had a normal human heart
    It`s been a long time
    Since Tony had a normal human heart
    If you wanna fly to the moon and back
    Well tough, only Iron Man can do that!
    It`s been a long time
    Since Tony had a normal human heart
    It`s been a long time
    Since Tony had a normal human heart
    Oh, it’s been such a long time!
    Such a long time! (for the Iron Man)
    It`s been such a long time, long time! (bagpipe!)



    i no its not ACDC but im thinking outside the box

  • Shook me all night long – AC/DC

    He was a narcissistic fiend
    Selling weapons for green
    Scoring the hottest damn chicks that I have ever seen
    Betrayed by his only allies
    He built a suit from missiles
    Taking terrorists out with his repulsor missiles
    Stark industries had a drop in their shares
    When Tony said in despair
    He no longer wanted his company to deal in warfare

    All deals they were making
    Tony was breaking
    Obadiah’s’ wallet was aching
    Allegiances were breaking in two

    Tony Stark, is IRONMAN
    Yeah Stark, is IRONMAN

  • It was TNT…now an ode to Robert Downey Jr…

    See me flyin’ while the sun sets
    Over Marvel’s NYC
    Took down Stane, didn’t break a sweat
    Got back in time for drinks
    Cap is to the left of me
    Thor’s to the right
    We all get our own films
    Then we’ll team up..
    Don’t you start no fight

    Cos I’m
    I’m Tony Stark
    Perfect for the part
    Box office smash
    Rollin’ in cash

    Got an Aussie as the Thunder God
    Johnny Storm’s now Cap
    Just don’t mention the Fantastic Four
    (They were crap)
    So get into Gold Class
    Buy all the toys
    Widow costumes for the girls
    And repulsors for boys
    Iron Man is back in town
    So don’t you mess around

    The sequel’s great
    And you just can’t wait
    And see it you must
    The Bat can eat our dust

  • The game’s being released this week and there are no reviews anywhere? Even metacritic? Doesn’t bode well for the quality of the game….

  • for thunderstuck, instead of “thunderstuck!” would end up being something like “GWEEEEENnnnnneeeeth!!!” golly she is annoying 🙁

  • Moneytalks – AC/DC

    Metallic suit, made from arms
    From some terrorists, with all the charms
    Bomb fragments, all through my heart
    With a super-powered magnet to let me do my part.
    The torture’s on you
    Revenge is on me
    So what do you do
    After I flee?
    Engage my jet-pack, take to the sky!
    Escape through the desert, anyone else would fry!

    Come on, come on, armoured something funny
    Come on, come on, stranded now I have to walk!
    Come on, come on, helicopters flying!
    Come on, come on, soldiers come along to talk!

    What I’ve made, shut it down
    Illegal weapons trading really make me frown
    The Iron Monger, he ships them out
    He says he wont stop until he’s off the ground
    They claim it’s all you
    So it’s down to me
    So what do you do
    How can you flee?
    Hey Iron Monger, now I can fly!
    Your hustlings, your deals, come crashing from the sky!

    Come on, come on, armoured something funny
    Come on, come on. terror in the middle east!
    Come on, come on, your plans go down the dunny
    Come, come on, Iron Man will make it cease!
    Iron Man, yeah, yeah

    Iron Man, makes them walk
    Wakes them walk, come on, come on

    Come on, come on, armoured something funny
    Come on, come on, listen to my robot talk!
    Come on, come on, I have too much money
    Come on, come on, watch as Monger does the walk!

  • Saw this movie last night. Not bad, not enough Samuel or Scarlett, but still a good movie.

    If you see it, make sure you stay till the end after the credits for a special bonus scene that hints at THOR.

  • TNT, transformed into IRON MAN:

    Oi! x Infinite

    See me fly out of the sunset
    In my colored super suit
    Out for all that I can get
    If you know what I mean
    Women to the left of me
    Women to the right
    I’ve got some awesome guns
    got no knife
    Don’t you start no fight

    Cos I’m
    I’m very shiny
    Everyone loves me
    I’m a power-load
    Watch your head explode!

    I’m flirty, clean and mighty lean
    I’m an Iron Man
    Public Hero Number One
    So lock up your daughter
    And lock up your wife
    Lock up your back door
    And run for your life
    The Iron Man is back in town
    So don’t you mess around


    (Guitar Solo)

    Iron Man oi oi oi
    Iron Man oi oi oi
    Iron Man oi oi oi
    Iron Man oi oi oi

    Iron Man
    I can fly really high (oi oi oi)
    Iron Man
    And I’ll kick your behind (oi oi oi)
    Iron Man
    There’s a magnet on my chest (oi oi oi)
    Iron Man
    You’re about to face the best!

  • Sung to the tune of: “BACK IN BLACK”

    Back to back
    Iron Man’s on track
    To sell out the cinemas, I’m so glad it’s back

    Yes, it’s quite good
    That’s the news
    That’s kept the fans hanging around

    I’ve been looking at the sky
    For Tony Stark to fly
    Forget the hearse ’cause he never dies

    He could have nine wives
    But they’d all die
    Killing every bad guy running around

    ‘Cause I’m Staaaaark
    Yes, I’m Staaaaark
    Well, I’m Staark
    Yes, I’m Staaaaaark
    Well, I’m Staaaaark, Staaaark
    (Well) I’m back for blood
    Yes, I’m Tony Stark

    Back in the back
    Of my Iron Cadillac
    Number one with a bullet, and a jet pack

    Yes, I’m in a gang
    With iron hands
    They’ll never catch me, cos’ I’m Iron Man

    Cause I’m back in town
    And I’m not messing around
    So, watch out Whiplash ‘cos you’re ‘bout to hit the ground

    So look at my suit
    Yeah, it’s that Iron dude’s
    Don’t try to push your luck, just get out of my way

    Well, I’m back, Iron Man’s back
    Well, I’m back, he’s back
    Well, I’m back, back
    Well I’m back for blood
    Yes I’m Tony Stark

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