WIN! No More Heroes 2 Wii Game & T-Shirt

WIN! No More Heroes 2 Wii Game & T-Shirt

What is wrong with you people? We’re giving away an awesome game and an awesome t-shirt here and no one could be bothered to enter? You’re all fools!

Well okay, maybe five of you have entered. So you’re not all fools.

And hey, thanks to All Interactive Entertainment, we have FIVE copies of No More Heroes 2 on Wii and FIVE No More Heroes 2 t-shirts up for grabs. That means, if no one else enters, the five of you have got this in the bag!

Here are the five entries we’ve received so far:


So, they’re our winners right now. However, you’ve still got until midnight Sunday to challenge them. If you think you can do better, here’s what you have to do.

It’s photo competition time!

In No More Heroes, Travis Touchdown is a geek – or otaku – who becomes an assassin. In No More Heroes 2, he dual-wields katana lightsabers. You don’t get much geekier than that.

You’re all geeks – or otaku – so we want you to show us why you’d make a good assassin. So send us a photo of yourself proving why being a geek makes you the perfect assassin. Please don’t kill someone for real though!

Multiple entries are not allowed. Photoshop is allowed, but you must use a photo of yourself as a source. Your photo must also show the Kotaku logo actually in the photo – not ‘shopped in later.

You’ve got until midnight Sunday, May 30, to get your entry in. Once your photo is ready, save it as a jpeg with a filesize no more than 200k, and send it to the usual address.

Good luck!

[Terms and Conditions]


  • lol
    Mr. Goose, do you really think i’m not entering? You should know me much better than that – i have grand schemes afoot for this comp 🙂

    There shall be at least one more entrant in me!

  • It’s strange that the more creative gamers seem to be staying away from entering a competition for such a stylish and creative looking game? I’ve got an entry in the works that should be up by the weekend!

      • Out of all girls I could fall in love with, it had to be one with the same last name as me…

        Still, I save on legal fees in the likely case we get married.

        • …now you have actually checked to make sure that you’re not distant cousins or anything?

          I know Lee is a common last name… but it pays to be safe!

          • HAHAHAHA! This is the highlight of my computer lab. It’s so freaking boring.

            And I would bother to enter, but I don’t have a wii. I could be a dirty kid and try and win it and then sell it, but then I feel……dirty.

  • Well I’m uncapped today so I shall send mine now 🙂

    It’s not good or anything so don’t expect much…

  • I’m working on it as fast as I can!

    Wish this could’ve been BEFORE I finally managed to land myself some full-time employment. There’s not enough time for anything any more ;_; AND MY STUFF WON’T DRY!

    This is gonna be a tight squeeze…

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