WIN! Prince Of Persia PS3 Game & Guide

WIN! Prince Of Persia PS3 Game & Guide

Everyone loved Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Which is why the new Prince of Persia – out next week – is ostensibly a sequel to everyone’s favourite Prince of Persia game. And it’s really good. Wanna win it?

Thanks to Ubisoft we have EIGHT copies of Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands to give away this week. That’s four copies on PlayStation 3 and four on Xbox 360.

WIN! Prince Of Persia PS3 Game & GuideWe also have EIGHT Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands official Prima guides as well, pictured. So you win the game and the guide. If you win, that is.

We’re giving away one game and guide today and every day for the next three days. Actually, we’re skipping the weekend, so check back Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for the final three draws.

How do you enter?

Easy. It’s limerick time once more. All you have to do is write a Prince of Persia themed limerick in the comments below. Normally I give you the opening line, but this time you’re free to choose your own. Just make sure the limerick is about the Prince of Persia!

Entries for today’s PS3 draw will close at midnight tonight. No multiple entries please – but you may enter the next draw using a new limerick or perhaps a haiku. Make sure you leave a valid email or comment via Facebook Connect.

And yesterday’s 360 winner is:


Girlfriend hates my games. ‘But look- it’s Jake Gyllenhaal!’ Two as one on couch.

Nothing traditional about this haiku, but it did make me giggle.

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  • This is just for fun since I don’t deserve two copies of the game.

    There once was a Princess named Farah,
    The Prince thought there was no one fairer,
    So he went for a kiss,
    But was met with dismiss,
    And he quickly reversed that error.

  • Well done Jawsy. Also, love D. Wildgoose’s copy and pasting, re: second line nailing what traditional haikus are about:

    But look – it’s Jake Gyllenhaal.

    Ah, just like the old Japanese used to write.

  • There once was a young prince from Cairns,
    who found he could move time with his hands.
    His only crime,
    from altering time
    was looking at girls without pants!

  • A forgettable Prince have the Persians,
    With so many platforming diversions,
    Now Donnie Darko’s a foot,
    Showcasing pommy accents and smut,
    Thank God* we still get our gaming perversions.

    *Insert relevant faith – God, Allah, Budda, Jebus, Yoda, Tony Abbott, Sir Les Patterson, etc.

    I am re-entering this as yesterdays should have been a haiku!

  • There once was a Prince from Persia
    Who was mad addicted to ambrosia
    One fateful day,
    he pushed it away
    For his stomach was the size of Russia

  • I lie dying in a ravine.
    Pretty sure that blob there’s my spleen.
    I would use the sands,
    It’s just that my hands,
    Were detached by a slicing machine.

  • If Hendrix were crossed with Prince,
    His music would make us all wince,
    His Castles made of Sand,
    Played by The Experience band,
    Would surely sound shit, I’m convinced!

  • There once was an actor named Jake,
    Whose five o’clock shadow seemed fake.
    They announced him the prince,
    And I said with a wince,
    “I wish he’d go jump in a lake!”

  • Alright, time to submit this one properly 😛 Hopefully the comedic effect is not lost…

    The Prince held a dagger in his hand,
    That could control time with some weird kind of sand
    He kissed the Princess,
    But she slapped him for that B-S,
    So he rewound and instead had a one-night stand

  • There once was a Prince from Persia
    Who struggled with the grips of inertia,
    Over obstacle he bound
    Only to be found
    Skewered on spikes of acacia

  • There once was a Princely Prince
    Who printed pricely prints
    He printed princessess
    and Queens and Countessess
    Even Ladies and Dames at a pinch… Also, he’s from Persia.

  • There once was a prince with a dagger,
    Who killed all shadows he staggered
    With his new lady friend
    Slow sales was the trend
    So now we’ve gone back to the emo

  • A prisoner achieves royal ascension,
    but thinks that’s just not enough pretension.
    “This world in 2D,
    is far below me.
    Let’s add a third and then fourth dimension”

    • Hate to admit it as I have an entry in also but that was pretty good. (For those who didn’t know, the 4th dimension is time!…)

  • They tell me that consequences exist,
    And not everyone can simply be kissed,
    But times they can change,
    With sand I rearrange,
    And now, restraining orders, I dismiss.

  • Its likes groundhog day
    but without bill murray
    I went back in time
    So I could make up this rhyme

  • (First 2 lines, influenced from TV Cartoon Bravestar)

    With, eyes of the hawk, ears of the wolf.
    Strength of the bear, speed of a puma !
    Will make all evil stop
    He is the Prince of POP
    Diving, darting danger with a hop.

  • The once was a handsome young prince
    who had several adventurous stints
    until one day he fell
    down a spike trap filled well
    and he hasn’t been heard from since!

  • There once was a guy named FatShady
    Who now has a 16 month old baby
    Where once i could afford to buy games
    My gaming budget is spent on nappies & toy planes
    So Prince of Persia would make me oh-so happy.

  • There once a Persian prince
    Who could reverse time in a pinch
    All his female foes
    Seemed to have trouble with clothes
    And their swords would make any man wince

  • Princes of Persia 6 pack abs
    Made all the ladies wanna grab
    And oh to their shock
    Something’s wrong with jakes cock
    It appears Jake’s now got crabs

    A bit wrong but funny 😀

  • The Prince was climbing his wall
    When suddenly, he died from a fall
    So all the King’s horses
    And Persian armed forces
    Were wondering why they were called?

  • As the Prince soars over the gaps
    The structures before him collapse
    If’he weren’t an acrobat
    It could end with a splat
    He fell! Quick, the dagger; time-lapse.

  • FatShady now has a baby,
    He wants to win this like crazy,
    But he’s doing it wrong,
    Don’t sing the baby a song!
    Turn back time and say “Sorry Lady”

    Disclaimer: I have nothing against having children, neither is it personal towards FatShady. This is all in jest, and i think it’s a wonderful thing and perhaps the only purpose in life for humans to have great children. Again, I reiterate, this is all in jest!

    • First off, I don’t actually think I can be offended. Check out my blog

      Second of all, damn you for using my funniness against me (and to benefit you….)

      Oh well, here goes… Sorry David, I know you said no double posts but this time its personal!

      The history from Andrew:
      FatShady now has a baby,
      He wants to win this like crazy,
      But he’s doing it wrong,
      Don’t sing the baby a song!
      Turn back time and say “Sorry Lady”

      …And my response…
      Andrews comments were quite complex
      With a disclaimer his rights he protects
      But I do have a kid
      and that is no fibb
      And at least I can say I’ve had SEX!

      Your move!

      PS. Loved your one mate!

  • There once was a Prince who was Persian,
    Who boasted quite the aversion,
    To the demons of sand,
    Who plagued his fair land,
    So he used his dagger to purge ’em!


  • (With American accent….)

    There once was a Prince from Iran
    Who enjoyed playing with magic sand
    Game appearances he has had Nine
    With something, I wish Persia did rhyme
    Cause Iran does sound rather bland.

    • I didn’t even read your entire post. I just read the first two lines without the accent and said.. “Iran and Sand.. wtf”, then saw the part about the accent. Re-read it and immediately posted this.

      Very Funny! love it.

  • I’ve read so many poems I dare say
    I can’t stop thinking A, A, B, B, A
    If I hear any more of this tune
    it will be only too soon
    But if I win, it was worth it today

  • The Focus is on acrobatics and agility
    It’s all the prince’s responsibility
    No doubt it will take hours
    To get the additional elemental powers
    But it will all hang on my availability

  • Since I can’t write a good rhyme
    I’ll come up with a better line
    With the dagger in hand
    Full of magical sand
    I’d go back to haiku time

  • The Prince was able, they said,
    To reverse flow of time when shred.
    Though great this may be,
    One thing I query;
    How is rewind pressed when he’s dead?

  • Through the course of the week I’ve been stumped,
    To come up with an entry that trumps,
    If it’s a failure this time,
    No dagger to rewind,
    So I’ll have to pay cash like a chump.

  • The once was a Prince from the past
    Who somehow everyone he did outclass
    It was as if he knew
    What we all would do
    But there are many ways to kick someones ass

  • Awesome! Thanks a bunch, David. I needed a bit of good news after spending the week battling with tonsillitis.

  • There once was a Prince named Jake,
    Who wanted to feed ducks at the lake,
    He threw them bread,
    Went back in time and said:
    “Time travel a good day makes.”

  • He jumps, he rolls and he walks on walls…
    He controls time to banish foes once and for all…
    What’s his real name? I really don’t know
    He saves kingdoms and princesses though!
    Chuck Norris! The Prince is here to bring your fall!

    (cue background noise – “Everybody run!!!”)

  • Kotaku is overrun by gamers studying Linguistics!
    A trait that is not one of my characteristics
    If I controlled the dagger of time
    I would use it to steal, rewind and re-post the best rhyme
    Winning all competitions with unbeaten statistics

  • Prince of Persia flew across a wall,
    Prince of Persia had a great fall,
    All the Persian’s creatures and all the Persian’s undead men arrived firsthand,
    Tore him apart and then played in the Forgotten Sands.

  • The Prince tried to jump a long gap,
    But fell in a dastardly trap,
    How did he drop,
    In the cell-shaded POP?
    ‘Cos Elika was having her nap.

  • There once was a boy with a persian mother,
    her beauty was legendary like no other.
    She was a queen,
    pregnant as a teen.
    That’ll teach her, for doing it with her brother.

  • …n and on my friends,
    Started by some Persian Prince,
    It has been running ever since,
    He found his dagger, time transcends.

    This is the limerick that never ends,
    It just goes on and on my friends,
    Started by some Persian Prince,
    It has been running ever since,
    He found his dagger, time transcends.

    This is the limerick that never ends,
    It just goes on and on my friends,
    Started by some Persian Prince,
    It has been running ever since,
    He found his dagger, time transcends.

    This is the limerick that never ends,
    It just goes on and on my friends,
    Started by some Persian Prince,
    It has been runn…

  • The sands of time are at his command
    Controlling the flow of time within his hand
    He uses this gift not for the greater good
    Or rescuing princesses like his should
    But instead to clear his underwear of sand

  • Jake Gyllenhaal once started as Donnie Darko
    Weak, he had a few steroid Tacos
    His gigantic abs were the one-and-all
    Jerry Bruckheimer had to gve him a call
    Now his sippin’ Champagne in Rio de Janeiro

  • Limerick first:

    There once was a prince from Iran
    Who hopped, skipped and jumped like no man
    “Iran”‘s there, you see
    <3 Geography
    Speaking of, time to play some Catan


    A prince of Persia
    Parkour, time travel, I guess
    Never played them *shrug*

    I sure have never played any PoP game 😛 Looks good though, if only to see myself reflected in those epic abs.

  • Walk forward and drop down the floor,
    Turn right and you’ll enter a war,
    Go back left and discover,
    A sword you’ll recover,
    Fight back right to exit the door.

  • The prince was not to be crossed
    He fought throughout Persia at great cost
    But in the process
    Of claiming success
    Error – Connection to server lost

  • Of course i must admit
    I have not played a PoP game, not a bit
    But with time mechanics that are cool
    And graphics for which to drool
    Winning would be really sick!

  • Young Prince walked in with a swagger
    Saw a girl and wanted to shag her
    He started to undress
    Over confident in his noblesse
    And then she bit off his dagger.

  • Whenever the Sands Of Time are involved
    Many mysteries are left unsolved
    The Prince knew what he did
    When he removed the lid
    After a quick resolve, his sins absolved

  • There once was a guard called Jaffier,
    Who attacked the Prince for the Vizier.
    He was pushed from a great height
    But the prince reversed his flight..
    Then smiled and stabbed Jaffier in the wazzier…

  • used up most of my A material earlier in the week 🙁

    Spare a thought for the prince, my friends
    Always rewinding, his day never ends.
    So despite his hard work
    He misses the perks
    He’ll never make it to the weekend!

  • There once was a gamer named Ross,
    And on kotaku much time he lost,
    The last Prince of Persia was fine,
    But the guide was divine,
    Alas, these extras come at quite a cost.

  • This public service announcement of mine:
    Don’t mess with the Sands of Time.
    Or a Chesty Bond Jake
    Into your house he will break
    And then… oh wait, no that would be fine.

  • The prince had a long magic dagger
    that made him walk with a swagger
    When the princes came near
    asking “what have we here?”
    “I’m pleased to see you” he replied.Dirty bugger.
    XBOX 360

  • The sand corns of time,
    within each second will run
    like the prince coming

    Sorry, posted on wrong date :p

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