WIN! Prince Of Persia PS3 Game & Guide

Everyone loved Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Which is why the new Prince of Persia - out next week - is ostensibly a sequel to everyone's favourite Prince of Persia game. And it's really good. Wanna win it?

Thanks to Ubisoft we have EIGHT copies of Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands to give away this week. That's four copies on PlayStation 3 and four on Xbox 360.

We also have EIGHT Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands official Prima guides as well, pictured. So you win the game and the guide. If you win, that is.

We're giving away one game and guide today and every day for the next three days. Actually, we're skipping the weekend, so check back Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for the final three draws.

How do you enter?

Easy. It's limerick time once more. All you have to do is write a Prince of Persia themed limerick in the comments below. Normally I give you the opening line, but this time you're free to choose your own. Just make sure the limerick is about the Prince of Persia!

Entries for today's PS3 draw will close at midnight tonight. No multiple entries please - but you may enter the next draw using a new limerick or perhaps a haiku. Make sure you leave a valid email or comment via Facebook Connect.

And yesterday's 360 winner is:


Girlfriend hates my games. 'But look- it's Jake Gyllenhaal!' Two as one on couch.

Nothing traditional about this haiku, but it did make me giggle.

[Terms and Conditions]


    Young Prince walked in with a swagger
    Saw a girl and wanted to shag her
    He started to undress
    Over confident in his noblesse
    And then she bit off his dagger.

    Whenever the Sands Of Time are involved
    Many mysteries are left unsolved
    The Prince knew what he did
    When he removed the lid
    After a quick resolve, his sins absolved

    There once was a guard called Jaffier,
    Who attacked the Prince for the Vizier.
    He was pushed from a great height
    But the prince reversed his flight..
    Then smiled and stabbed Jaffier in the wazzier...

    used up most of my A material earlier in the week :(

    Spare a thought for the prince, my friends
    Always rewinding, his day never ends.
    So despite his hard work
    He misses the perks
    He'll never make it to the weekend!

    There once was a gamer named Ross,
    And on kotaku much time he lost,
    The last Prince of Persia was fine,
    But the guide was divine,
    Alas, these extras come at quite a cost.

    This public service announcement of mine:
    Don't mess with the Sands of Time.
    Or a Chesty Bond Jake
    Into your house he will break
    And then... oh wait, no that would be fine.

    The prince had a long magic dagger
    that made him walk with a swagger
    When the princes came near
    asking "what have we here?"
    "I'm pleased to see you" he replied.Dirty bugger.
    XBOX 360

    The sand corns of time,
    within each second will run
    like the prince coming

    Sorry, posted on wrong date :p

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