WIN! Prince Of Persia PS3 Game & Guide

Everyone loved Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Which is why the new Prince of Persia - out next week - is ostensibly a sequel to everyone's favourite Prince of Persia game. And it's really good. Wanna win it?

UPDATE: This draw is now closed.

Thanks to Ubisoft we have EIGHT copies of Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands to give away this week. That's four copies on PlayStation 3 and four on Xbox 360.

We also have EIGHT Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands official Prima guides as well, pictured right. So you win the game and the guide. If you win, that is.

We'll be giving away one game and guide today and every day for the next seven days.

How do you enter?

Easy. It's limerick time once more. All you have to do is write a Prince of Persia themed limerick in the comments below. Normally I give you the opening line, but this time you're free to choose your own. Just make sure the limerick is about the Prince of Persia!

Entries for today's draw will close at midnight tonight. No multiple entries please - but you may enter tomorrow's draw using a new limerick. Make sure you leave a valid email or comment via Facebook Connect.

Good luck!

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    Holy crap i love limmerick days!! haha

    Good luck PS3 owners!!! *bounces in anticipation for 360 comp*

    There once was a competition for the sands of time,
    where internet trolls needed to rhyme,
    but this line doesn't,
    and neither does this one.

    In persia there once was a prince
    who no one could ever convince
    to quit wall jumping and climb
    pause and reverse time
    and hasn't used a door since.

    There once was a Prince from Persia.
    Who defied the laws of inertia.
    He controlled the sands of time.
    So his fate he could rewind.
    He really dislikes the color fuchsia.

    I'd love to be a Prince of Persia.
    And fight some pirates yelling "CURSE-YA!"
    But alas I'm born late.
    Guess this is my fate.
    To live as a sweedish nerd ya!

    He'll go back in time once more
    To save ancient kingdoms galore
    Was probably his fault
    Everywhere he will vault
    Peace and freedom he will restore

    There once was a game called PoP
    But it was a great big flop
    So the guys down at Montreal
    Said fuck it all
    And decided to remake it from the top


      Give that man a game!

    With the slash of his sword
    His enemy’s blood now poured
    Back and forth in time
    Slash them one more time
    None survive prince of Persia

      Way to rhyme time with time.

    That Prince shows a athletic display,
    From danger he never did stray,
    In Persia he swung,
    But he speaks the king's tongue,
    Ahh, cliches from the U.S of A.

      Changing my name to Mr GrammaticalErrors.

      Should read:

      That Prince shows AN athletic display,
      From danger he never did stray,
      In Persia he swung,
      But he speaks the King’s tongue,
      Ahh, cliches from the U.S of A.

    There once was a prince called Dastan,
    Son of the king Sharaman,
    the movie gave him a name,
    quite unlike the game,
    don't give him one just cos you can. :(

    A prince, who's name I've forgotten
    Sands, which reverse time too often
    A sequel anew
    or maybe a preview
    time travel makes memory a-rotten!

      that's good!...
      but it should be "WHOSE name I've forgotten" :P

    Is todays comp for the PS3 game only?


    There once was a Persian prince
    Who came across beautiful twins
    They were trying on pants
    He stopped time with his sands
    And nobody's seen him since

    There once were some cool Persian sands,
    Which were unleashed throughout all of the lands
    Time rewound and went forward,
    The bad dude was thwarted,
    While the Prince did some sweet looking handstands

    (PS, The Terms and Conditions link is not working)

    There once was a Prince with a sword,
    Who rubbed up and down when he was bored,
    He stroked it until "SpLaT",
    And with some sand in his crack,
    Sticky hands he shook with his good Lord.

    I'v not been the prince since the days of commadore
    and have heard of new tales that are not a bore
    given the chance and a guide to boot
    I'm almost sure I'll have a hoot
    I'd love the chance to experience more!

    After a particularly horrible fall,
    Cosmetic surgery performed at the mall.
    A huge failure since,
    This new in-game Prince,
    Looks nothing like Jake Gyllanhall.

    Sands of Time added a handy rewind
    See, death's a pain in the behind
    He runs, jumps and swings
    Off the least sturdy things
    He must be out of his mind

    I wouldn't buy this game, as the last one was lame.
    But I would play it, if it were free.
    Maybe a rental? If it wasn't too mental,
    Or I could go climb a tree..

      It seems your structure is all wrong,
      You've constructed some kind of song,
      Certainly no limerick,
      Nor ballad, I don't think,
      It was a messed up couplet all along.

      (I love limerick day!)

        My rhyme was crap,
        I'd have to agree,
        but I'd still play the game,
        if I got it for free.

          Your rhyming is fine
          Though not sublime
          We know what you're saying
          You don't wanna be paying
          Just seems you're missing a line

    I made a deal with my friend
    To see movies our star crushes are in
    Now I’ll sit through this nonsense
    While she pervs on Jake Gyllanhall topless
    And I’ll start hating my body again

    Developers both Canadian and French
    Rebooted a classic much loved by us Mensch
    Betrayed by sequels that always fell short
    We nonetheless came back for more
    Will this time we find that magical rapport?

    The prince have returned,
    as heads will turn!
    This brand new game,
    will be anything but lame!

    There once was a prince the master of time
    Strong and brave and boy could he climb
    Many enemies has he slayed
    And fair maidens he has saved
    But thats nothing compared to making words rhyme.

    Being Prince of a kingdom isn't easy,
    In fact it made him quite queasy,
    He fled overseas,
    Evading his responsibilities,
    But now he's back to rewrite history.

    These sands are a slippery lot,
    All mystical, shifty and hot,
    For once he was done,
    And battle was won,
    The Persian prince somehow forgot...

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