WIN! Prince Of Persia PS3 Game & Guide

WIN! Prince Of Persia PS3 Game & Guide

Everyone loved Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Which is why the new Prince of Persia – out next week – is ostensibly a sequel to everyone’s favourite Prince of Persia game. And it’s really good. Wanna win it?

UPDATE: This draw is now closed.

Thanks to Ubisoft we have EIGHT copies of Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands to give away this week. That’s four copies on PlayStation 3 and four on Xbox 360.

WIN! Prince Of Persia PS3 Game & GuideWe also have EIGHT Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands official Prima guides as well, pictured right. So you win the game and the guide. If you win, that is.

We’ll be giving away one game and guide today and every day for the next seven days.

How do you enter?

Easy. It’s limerick time once more. All you have to do is write a Prince of Persia themed limerick in the comments below. Normally I give you the opening line, but this time you’re free to choose your own. Just make sure the limerick is about the Prince of Persia!

Entries for today’s draw will close at midnight tonight. No multiple entries please – but you may enter tomorrow’s draw using a new limerick. Make sure you leave a valid email or comment via Facebook Connect.

Good luck!

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  • Holy crap i love limmerick days!! haha

    Good luck PS3 owners!!! *bounces in anticipation for 360 comp*

  • There once was a Prince from Persia.
    Who defied the laws of inertia.
    He controlled the sands of time.
    So his fate he could rewind.
    He really dislikes the color fuchsia.

  • I’d love to be a Prince of Persia.
    And fight some pirates yelling “CURSE-YA!”
    But alas I’m born late.
    Guess this is my fate.
    To live as a sweedish nerd ya!

  • That Prince shows a athletic display,
    From danger he never did stray,
    In Persia he swung,
    But he speaks the king’s tongue,
    Ahh, cliches from the U.S of A.

    • Changing my name to Mr GrammaticalErrors.

      Should read:

      That Prince shows AN athletic display,
      From danger he never did stray,
      In Persia he swung,
      But he speaks the King’s tongue,
      Ahh, cliches from the U.S of A.

  • There once was a prince called Dastan,
    Son of the king Sharaman,
    the movie gave him a name,
    quite unlike the game,
    don’t give him one just cos you can. 🙁

  • A prince, who’s name I’ve forgotten
    Sands, which reverse time too often
    A sequel anew
    or maybe a preview
    time travel makes memory a-rotten!

  • There once was a Persian prince
    Who came across beautiful twins
    They were trying on pants
    He stopped time with his sands
    And nobody’s seen him since

  • There once were some cool Persian sands,
    Which were unleashed throughout all of the lands
    Time rewound and went forward,
    The bad dude was thwarted,
    While the Prince did some sweet looking handstands

    (PS, The Terms and Conditions link is not working)

  • There once was a Prince with a sword,
    Who rubbed up and down when he was bored,
    He stroked it until “SpLaT”,
    And with some sand in his crack,
    Sticky hands he shook with his good Lord.

  • I’v not been the prince since the days of commadore
    and have heard of new tales that are not a bore
    given the chance and a guide to boot
    I’m almost sure I’ll have a hoot
    I’d love the chance to experience more!

  • After a particularly horrible fall,
    Cosmetic surgery performed at the mall.
    A huge failure since,
    This new in-game Prince,
    Looks nothing like Jake Gyllanhall.

  • I wouldn’t buy this game, as the last one was lame.
    But I would play it, if it were free.
    Maybe a rental? If it wasn’t too mental,
    Or I could go climb a tree..

    • It seems your structure is all wrong,
      You’ve constructed some kind of song,
      Certainly no limerick,
      Nor ballad, I don’t think,
      It was a messed up couplet all along.

      (I love limerick day!)

  • I made a deal with my friend
    To see movies our star crushes are in
    Now I’ll sit through this nonsense
    While she pervs on Jake Gyllanhall topless
    And I’ll start hating my body again

  • Developers both Canadian and French
    Rebooted a classic much loved by us Mensch
    Betrayed by sequels that always fell short
    We nonetheless came back for more
    Will this time we find that magical rapport?

  • There once was a prince the master of time
    Strong and brave and boy could he climb
    Many enemies has he slayed
    And fair maidens he has saved
    But thats nothing compared to making words rhyme.

  • Being Prince of a kingdom isn’t easy,
    In fact it made him quite queasy,
    He fled overseas,
    Evading his responsibilities,
    But now he’s back to rewrite history.

  • These sands are a slippery lot,
    All mystical, shifty and hot,
    For once he was done,
    And battle was won,
    The Persian prince somehow forgot…

  • A brave Persian prince climbed the tower,
    To save his princess in only an hour,
    Forced to fight his mirror twin,
    Sheathing his sword helped him win,
    Then onwards, ridding Jaffar of his power.

    (The original is both the first and last PoP I’ve played… yeah I’m getting old… 😉 )

  • There once was a prince with such flair
    he would jump around without a care
    His concerned mother did pray
    that he wouldn’t one day
    take after that reckless Altaïr

  • Our prince was a dashing young guy
    yet leaping about he did spy
    a princess who spurned
    the feelings he yearned
    so he sat with his doves for a cry

  • There once was a Prince from Persia;

    which is an Iranian ethno-linguistic community in Central and Southwest Asia.

    It was the international name of Iran until 1935

    And their world famous rugs (Farsh, Qālicheh and Kilim) come in three different as sizes

    This limerick was made with help from Wikipedia

  • There once from Persia was a prince,
    His enimies he’d handily mince,
    He went all dark,
    and forgot how to lark,
    and hasn’t been worth buying since.

  • With a Prince of Persia film set to break,
    Ubisoft decided they should make,
    A game to revive the series,
    And what I hear is,
    It’s as refined as the chest of dear Jake.

  • There once was a Persian with no shirt.
    An acrobatic, dagger wielding, young flirt.
    With our world in blight,
    he stood up to fight,
    and was rewarded with a little Farah skirt!

  • Prince of persia is this game
    That i thought to be very lame
    Turns out its really great,
    Call of Duty, you i hate 😉
    Time to play The Shadow and the Flame

  • There once was a prince with a dagger,
    Which acted like a flux capacitor,
    He messed with the continuum,
    Until Heath Ledger was into him,
    He was once again a cowboy shagger.

  • There once was a prince from Persia,
    who fell in love with a woman named Elika.
    Well, (SPOILERS) she died.
    He broke down and cried,
    then ruined the damn plot just to save her.

  • A franchise no one had forgot,
    Especially that Ubisofr lot,
    They made a new game,
    To cash in on movie fame,
    With Chesty Jake to make the ladies hot.

  • If the Prince falls, he does not deter,
    He can reverse time so it won’t occur,
    Grabs the dagger in hand,
    …Oh no, out of sand!
    Where is Elika when you need her?

  • There was a prince with a dagger,
    He turned back time with hardly a stagger,
    I could never forget,
    All the chicks he met,
    Too bad he’d never shag her.

  • Though re-booted the Prince never ceases,
    To run, jump, and cut bad-guys to pieces.
    But ’cause we’ll only buy,
    An heroic white guy,
    He looks as Middle-Eastern as Jesus.

  • The Prince of Persia cor blimey,
    acts like a land lubbin limey.
    Through leaps and bounds,
    ups and downs,
    He steals a lot what ain’t shiny.

  • All these limericks are incredibly funny and entertaining, great work guys. Now my entry:

    There once was a prince, quite gymnastic
    His women were always fantastic
    They struck up the band
    and danced in the sand
    And listened to music bombastic

  • There once was a Persian born Prince
    His long hair he never did rinse
    The sacred sands of time
    Was just dandruff falling as he’d climb
    He’s used Head and Shoulders ever since

  • Way back in nineteen eighty-nine
    The Apple II had a game so divine
    Published by Broderbund
    It was certainly more fun
    Than any other game of its time

    • I didn’t read people’s answers beforehand
      My idea was similar, please understand
      It wasn’t deliberate
      And I am not full of it
      Our ideas are simply just grand!


  • The Sands of Time was a great game
    Where gymnastic skill was the name
    ‘Press A to not die’,
    Surely this is a lie!?
    The reboot was so goddamn LAME.

  • There once was a prince quite persian
    Who had a questionable assertion
    There was a game which became a flick
    From the movie a game came very quick
    Now come the numerous dissertions

  • There once was a cowboy named Jake
    What a handsome price he would make
    So he packed his bags
    and painted on some abs
    But more gay jokes is his fate

  • I hear of these daggers of power,
    and of fighters both grumpy and dour.
    But no game can convince
    that a Persian Prince,
    Should be given more time than an hour

    Oh, I feel old… 🙂

  • The box art is nice, sure
    And they’re making the game hardcore
    But I hate Jake Gyllanhall
    And no saving me when I fall?
    Man, I liked Elika more

  • There once was a Persian Prince
    whose enemies he turned into mince
    He collected some gems
    but missed some again
    I guess he’ll go online for some hints

  • Now this is the story all about moi
    How my life got time-trapped land afar
    And I’d like to take a minute, in my lair
    You just sit right there
    I’ll tell you how I became the Prince of Persia

  • In Iran, known as Persia before
    Lived a Prince, who praticed parkour,
    He used magic sand,
    Which you must understand,
    Reversed time in a manner quite hardcore-erocdrahetiuqremmnaaaamaniemitdesrever…
    In Iran, known as Persia before
    Lived a Prince, who praticed parkour,
    He used magic sand,
    Which you must understand,
    Reversed time in a manner quite hardcore-erocdrahetiuqremmnaaaamaniemitdesrever…
    In Iran, known as Persia before
    Lived a Prince, who praticed parkour,
    He used magic sand,
    Which you must understand,
    Reversed time in a manner quite hardcore-erocdrahetiuqremmnaaaamaniemitdesrever…

  • There once was a prince caucasian
    Though his parents were most certainly Persian
    Mocked as Albino
    He still strove to be a Hero
    He the Prince Persian

  • He’s The Prince From Persia He’s No Fool
    He Moves So Quick It’s Really Quite Cool
    Travelling Around Battling the Masses
    Too Easy He Kicks Their Asses
    If You Get In His Way He’ll Make You Stool

  • The prince and I came up with a trick
    We have to act fast and do it quick
    We’ll take the winner’s line
    And travel backwards in time
    To ensure we have the winning limerick!

    Gotta love being able to rewind time 🙂

  • Bemoan the Prince of Persia’s conduct,
    with the time-altering dagger he plucked,
    in land far way,
    with causality he did play,
    and now time is irrevocably f*****.

  • Time he could turn back,
    Just by giving some sand a wack,
    Prince of Persia he was,
    He ran just because,
    so how bout we give him some slack?

  • Kotaku once held a competition,
    For all those with posting permission,
    The prize was a game about a time bending prince,
    who could reverse the effect of being turned into mince,
    otherwise we’d need to get him a mortician!

  • The best Prince was witty and quick,
    But sadly that never did stick.
    It was a total mistake,
    To make him Nathan Drake,
    And in the second a gruff, emo dick.

  • There once was a old persian prince.
    These limerick comps made him wince.
    To escape from the rhyme,
    he did turn back time,
    and has never read Kotaku since.

  • The Prince, of nationality Persian,
    While not fighting fate needed a diversion.
    He traveled the land,
    With his “sword” in hand,
    “Rescuing” many a young virgin.

  • There once was Persian Prince,
    Whose jokes made everyone wince,
    He’d turn back time—-

    — There once was Persian Prince,
    Whose jokes made everyone wince,
    He’d turn back time–

    — There once was Persian Prince,
    Whose jokes made everyone wince,
    He’d turn back time—-

    — There once was Persian Prince,
    Whose jokes made everyone wince,
    He’d turn back time—-

  • Of course i must admit
    I have not played a PoP game, not a bit
    But with time mechanics that are cool
    And graphics for which to drool
    Winning would be really sick!

  • There once was a Prince that couldn’t be hurt,
    For his dagger caused time to revert,
    Though his face has since changed,
    From cartoon to deranged,
    He’s now Jake, who’s missing his shirt.

  • The Prince was a gambling master
    Who rewound time to help him win faster
    But he then came undone
    By guessing the outcome
    Of whether his kingdom would fall to disaster

  • There once was a King Shahraman
    Who had an athletic son
    A Vizier who betrayed them
    Unleashed waves of mayhem
    And the game was ever such fun

  • He used to just die from one small mistake,
    but got buffer with each passing remake,
    now health is restored,
    even pits are ignored,
    What’s more he’s now called Chesty Jake.

  • Back home on a boat I arrive,
    perhaps later I’ll go for a dive?
    But alas, what is this that I see?
    The collapse of home, life and city?
    Vengence! I’ll leave no man alive!

  • There once was a prince of no name,
    Who put all kinds of baddies to shame,
    he’d run up the walls,
    and shout jeering calls,
    and never be seen again.

  • I don’t actually want this game
    I reckon it looks kind of lame
    But limericks are fun
    Thought I’d give it a gun
    So if I lose, there’s no real shame

  • Who remembers when Persia was pixelated,
    When the fun was adulterated,
    The Leisure Suited man was Larry,
    and I wasn’t quite as Hairy,
    I think my nostalgia levels are a little elevated.

  • He slices the bad guys to bits,
    His enemies think he’s the pits,
    But the girls sharply spite him,
    No they really don’t like him,
    Cos he sneaks up and fondles their…pokemon. 🙂

  • Once more the sands call to me,
    Across seas of timeless memory.
    Persian princes past,
    They do fade so fast.
    As I play them chronologically.

  • This comp gives us 8 different chances,
    To find out who wildgoose romances,
    I’ll hope it is me,
    So then he will see,
    How a real Prince of Persia fan dances.

  • There once was a Prince from Persia,
    Who completely lacked any inertia,
    But his girlfriend, named Farah,
    she died with his dagger,
    and then he became a cowpuncher.

  • I’m writing a rather short rhyme,
    About a prince who likes to climb,
    I’m not mentioning;
    the game, that’s the thing,
    so I’ll use the sands of time.

  • If I had the dagger of time
    I’d win with the next great rhyme
    Without it by chances are grim
    So I’m entering on a whim
    Perhaps my lines will shine

  • Once again time must be reversed
    For the Prince is eternally cursed
    To fight monsters and demons of sand
    With the Dagger of Time in his hand
    Of which he is becoming well-versed

  • The Prince liked Persia a lot,
    So he devised an ingenious plot
    “I’ll rough up my hair,
    I’ll pretend that I care,
    and they might put me in charge of the lot!”

  • The prince’s story is one of frustration
    That comes from his love of narration
    Farrah asked how he knew her name
    Started to tell his story which became
    A never ending state of explanation

  • The last PoP game may have been hated,
    But it’s a point that could be debated.
    It may have been easy, the camera movement queasy,
    But gorgeous, and my fav of the lot.

  • A long time ago,
    a man of sprite, polygons and Lego.
    He was the Prince of Persia,
    anything but kosher.
    Today he’s also Hollywood dough.

  • There once was a daring prince,
    who would make this easier if his name was vince.
    but that just reminds me of the actor vince vaughn,
    who would be a funny sight in porn.
    off ebay i bought one hundred packets of mints…

  • I didnt mind that cel shaded one,
    But the original was the best of fun.
    The original xbox sized like carol yager,
    man im smashed on some jäger.
    why the hell did ezio get a gun

  • There once was nameless heir,
    His story ending in despair.
    The ‘Sands of Time’ released,
    Revenge exacted upon the priest.
    Farah remembers nothing of the affair.

  • There was once a Prince with no name,
    Who risked his royal life for a dame,
    He dallied with time,
    To undo his crime,
    And starred in a wonderful game!

  • There once was a prince with a sword
    of fighting he got bored,
    he took up parkour
    because fighitng made sore
    as an alternative to fight the sand hordes

  • Naturally occurring granular particles
    temporally imbued, according to articles
    explaining the plot of the game.
    Should not such sand be claimed and named,
    Not shot and defamed and forgotten?

    [The Forgotten Sands]

  • most think that time flows like a stream
    to control its flow one might dream
    but time’s guiding hand
    is found in the sand
    it alters the path it would seem

  • Over twenty years ago back in time
    Jordan Mechner released a game in ’89
    His name was “The Prince”
    and he never did flinch
    at Jaffar’s traps and royal crimes

  • A long time ago in an Arabian land,
    A Persian prince played with magical sand,
    Now his brother awaits,
    His dubious fate,
    Which the hero now holds in his hand.

  • The country Persia doesn’t exist,
    But other names are quite hit and miss,
    The Prince of Iraq,
    Just has no spark,
    So they went vintage and got very rich.

  • Dastan was a man with flowing hair…

    even Bieber fans thought he had flare…

    poor Nizam was bald…

    his anger installed…

    and even he couldn’t help but stare…

  • Fear not love, I will not cower.
    Captive, in the highest tower.
    Brøderbund was the first,
    this maze I now traverse
    Jaffa will pay, within the hour.

  • A prince from persia once found the dagger of time
    This made him adventurer sublime
    He could also control water
    This helped him in his enemy slaughter
    Now all his foes are reduced to grime

  • Prince of Persia, the Sands of Time
    has an interseting plot to define
    The Vizier tricks the Prince
    to release the sand’s,destruction since
    he races against time to stop his crime.

    Prince of Persia,Warrior Within
    changed the series by adding a spin
    He reacts, with aggressive attack
    to leave his enemies with broken backs
    So now he return to the city of sin and that’s the the ending to the Warrior Within

    Prince of Persia,The Two Thrones
    Is about the Prince returning home
    To find his city,under corruption
    by the man who would cause his destruction
    As One warrior, two souls
    The Prince struggles to regain control

  • The prince has been through the wringer
    At least he’s a really good swinger
    I mean like trapeze
    Not a bowl full of keys
    Thats sounds like it’s off Jerry Springer

  • the new adventure the prince takes on,
    for the forgotten sands everyone fights on,
    with amazing style the prince climbs,
    and everyone amazed sees him as he flies,
    you can tell the prince has his game on!.

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