WIN! Prince Of Persia Xbox 360 Game & Guide

Everyone loved Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Which is why the new Prince of Persia - out this week - is ostensibly a sequel to everyone's favourite Prince of Persia game. And it's really good. Wanna win it?

UPDATE: This draw is now closed.

Thanks to Ubisoft we have EIGHT copies of Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands to give away this week. That's four copies on PlayStation 3 and four on Xbox 360.

We also have EIGHT Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands official Prima guides as well, pictured. So you win the game and the guide. If you win, that is.

We already gave away five copies last week. That means there are three left for today, tomorrow and Wednesday.

How do you enter?

Easy. It's limerick time once more. All you have to do is write a Prince of Persia themed limerick in the comments below. Normally I give you the opening line, but this time you're free to choose your own. Just make sure the limerick is about the Prince of Persia!

Entries for today's 360 draw will close at midnight tonight. No multiple entries please - but you may enter the next draw using a new limerick or perhaps a haiku. Make sure you leave a valid email or comment via Facebook Connect.

And Friday's PS3 winner is:


The prince was not to be crossed He fought throughout Persia at great cost But in the process Of claiming success Error – Connection to server lost

Cheeky. Respect to Ryan Stalgis, Chris McAlister, Alex Dullard and Aron for making the decision extremely difficult.

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    Well done will - or as they say in New Zealand - Will done Well

    Then once indeed was a dashing prince
    in the face of danger t'would never wince
    and though quite charming
    could oft be alarming
    but has stayed in out consoles ever since

    T'was once a comp from kotaku
    which beckoned with gifts most taboo
    a game with a guide
    a way not bona fide
    of beating it first playthrough!

    Well done Will. That made me giggle. No offence David, but hopefully I can help make today's decision difficult as well:

    spikes the see Didn’t God! My
    balls got I’ve show I’ll
    walls on running While
    pikes with Persians bad from run To Why?
    Nikes of pair new a me got I

      Very clever. :)

      Haha, I have no chance!

      I think anybody with a decent one will save it for another day, now!

    A sinking feeling had met Jaffa,
    for the young Prince had made it this far.
    The hassle to nail,
    some hot princess tail,
    "I should have tried my luck at a bar"

    The prince released an army of sand men,
    fooled by the Vizier; events arose again.
    But with his dirk
    he defeated the clerk.
    Disrespecting the mightiness of the pen!

    Bugger! Congrats to Will.

    Dammit, only one chance left tomorrow...

    Ubisoft presents a(nother) Persian adventure,
    Hoping to void Red Steel 2's debenture.
    It's the time of the year,
    More sequels are near,
    I feel like I'm getting dementia!

    Well done Will! Good luck 360 buckeroos. :D

    Heeding his Farah's call,
    The Prince, in haste leapt to a wall,
    He began to run forward,
    But forgetting his sword,
    He suffered a rather great fall.

    The Prince of Persia is a hit franchise
    It's based on a story of misfortune and lies
    The success of the game started on PC
    then onto consoles, its clear to see
    Now a movie, its success continues to rise

    Running quickly on the sandy track
    The Prince fought off all manner of attack
    He wished he'd dressed wiser
    To protect from the flies Sir
    And help keep the sand from his crack

    The battle is on once again,
    Save the kingdom from all skeletons,
    The prince got out his sword,
    Used the sands to his accord,
    And defeated all who remained

    There once was a prince who called Persia home
    He was just one man, yet he wasn't alone
    He had the ability to go backwards in time
    So he could avoid the troubles he thought he left behind
    Only if Gray Powell could use it to get the his lost iPhone

    There once was a Prince who was Persian
    But it seems to be more than one version
    There's shoulder length hair
    and there's a chest that is bare
    Please, bring back the chap in the turban!

    The Prince is back looking Bad,
    Visiting his Bro who dwells in Azad!
    With the palace getting schtick...
    he rewinds time in the knick
    Showing Assassins* he ain't just a Fad!

    *Altair and Ezio have some original competition here! Could the prince be a former Assassin?

    On his way through the gardens to the tower
    There were plenty of faces looking glower
    The Prince was unwise
    Until he heard all the cries
    Of the People shouting, "Don't step on the flowers"

    For the old Prince we held adoration,
    But a new one took over his station,
    We wrote up a eulogy
    But hark a quadrilogy!
    I believe it is time for Celebration!

    The Prince weilded his stick,
    Er, I mean dagger. Sorry I'm thick,
    In Ireland he struck,
    I mean Persia... Uh F**k,
    *Goes back in time to fix Limerick*

    Bruckheimer and the guys from Ubi
    Coincided their game and their movie
    If you believe all the hype
    The picking is ripe
    For the financiers to get quite groovy

    There once where some games quite fun
    But the Prince of Persia trilogy was done
    But then the usual story
    The developer ignored the history
    For the profit of their number one!

    The great prince has nothing to do
    just idley waiting for you
    he sit there because
    you forgot to press pause
    when you got up to do number two!

    O my sweet dearest chesty Jake
    Thou art a truly handsome rake
    Thy sparse manly thatch
    Simply has no match
    Come hither, I wish to partake!

    There once was a prince who forgot his sands,
    spinning time to search the lands.
    Alas, the search was in vain,
    the sand in his pants causing quite the pain.
    The sands were never lost,
    but found in the next sequal at a cost.

    Be nice, this is my first limerick comp :)

      Dam, ok here it is with correct spelling :P woops

      There once was a prince who forgot his sands,
      spinning time to search the lands.
      Alas, the search was in vain,
      the sand in his pants causing quite the pain.
      The sands were never lost,
      but found in the next sequel at a cost.

        Dammit, just realised a limerick is meant to be AABBA, where as mine is AABBAA, oh well, learn something new every day :P

    There once was a prince who controlled time
    He often stuffed up and had to rewind
    But one tragic day
    He forgot to press play
    And reverted to the uterus in slime

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