WIN! Prince Of Persia Xbox 360 Game & Guide

Everyone loved Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Which is why the new Prince of Persia - out this week - is ostensibly a sequel to everyone's favourite Prince of Persia game. And it's really good. Wanna win it?

Thanks to Ubisoft we have EIGHT copies of Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands to give away this week. That's four copies on PlayStation 3 and four on Xbox 360.

We also have EIGHT Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands official Prima guides as well, pictured. So you win the game and the guide. If you win, that is.

And since this is the final day of our competition, you've only got one chance left to win an Xbox 360 copy!

How do you enter?

Easy. It's haiku time once more. All you have to do is write a Prince of Persia themed haiku in the comments below. Remember: a haiku has three lines consisting of five, seven and five syllables.

Entries for today's 360 draw will close at midnight tonight. No multiple entries please. Make sure you leave a valid email or comment via Facebook Connect.

And Tuesday's PS3 winner is Steven Zeater! Gotta love a good punny haiku now and then!

"Steak ala Persia; Sprinkled with sand, sword and thyme, Jumping off the plate!"

Honorable mentions to yikes, Katja Petrovic, and Gobbo.

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    You trying to build suspense Seamus? Wheres the winner???

      oh dear... i thought David had picked a winner. alrighty. i'm on it. winner coming soon...

        lol oh the suspense is killing me :P



        Congrats to Steven...but....POO! Four attempts at it and no dice...though I did get an honourable mention last week :P

        Congrats Steven!

        Yaay honorable mention :)

        I won?!?!?!? OMG THANKYOU SOOOOOO MUCH! Late night Kotaku surfing paid off after all! Thanks once again, and good luck to everyone else :D

    Once in a turban
    Three times with The Sands of Time
    Twice with a bare chest

    Jump up walls, look cool
    Impress hot chicks, save the day
    Home for Letterman

    Here we are my friend
    Racing against time again
    As endless as the sand

    You win again Terms and Conditions! *shakes fist*

      Its not even a limerick but you should win for that comment *shakes fist also*

    Limerick limerick ABBA
    yabba yabba yabba
    Kotaku Aye-you
    with these comps i am through
    trying to win games attempt 2002

    acrobatic flow
    harem pants flapping freely
    hypnotic motions

    His eyes dark with pain
    Remember sharp crimson death
    Time exacts its price

    Escaping death by rewinding time is all well and good, but it must be pretty horrible to remember the original experience and its rewind. The Prince certainly changed from SoT to WW, maybe because of this? :P

    Impossible jump
    Try til you beat it
    Just like haiku comp

    Ineligible, but like coming up with haikus:

    Time keeps marching on.
    But when prince has the dagger:
    Three steps forw'd, two back.

    Prince scales wall quickly
    Legs move swiftly, eyes focussed
    Achievement unlocked

    Time-travelling Prince
    seeking like-minded Princess.
    (Must have own donkey).

    There once was a prince
    Of Persia we think- oh, wait
    That's a Limerick.

    King Marik's poor choice
    Now what is left to Govern?
    A Kingdom of Dust


    Looks to be a bitch.
    Unable to escape ditch.
    Beware the ruinous glitch.

    The Prince Leaps; in Time
    While hoping that his next leap;
    will be the leap home

    This is not my entry... just for fun....

    We Must rewind time
    See-Mus forgot the winner
    David will be mad

    Centuries ago
    The Prince of Persia was king
    Of forgotten sands

    Tempter, foul trickster!
    Witholding today's winner
    Suspense... killing me...

    Win Prince of Persia
    On the Xbox 360
    No! Red ring of death

      Don't joke- I won Climax Ed Bayonetta for 360; that night I RRoD'd :P :(

    With much frustration
    The prince has run out of sand
    Can't build his castle

    The prince's time skills.
    Always going back and forth.
    He learned from your mum.

    Congrats Steven... 10.15pm.. Did you miss dinner or something mate..Nice work.

    The Prince of Persia
    How is he related to
    The Shah of Iran?

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