With The Nintendo 3DS Could Come 3DSWare, 3DSPlay

We're just weeks away from getting our first official look at the Nintendo 3DS, promised to make its debut at E3. New trademarks could portend Nintendo 3DS related games that come along with it.

Siliconera spotted recent trademarks for 3DSWare and 3DSPlay, registered by Nintendo, that aren't surprising, but could be telling. As it did with DSiWare, specific to the Nintendo DSi revision of the ultra-popular handheld, Nintendo could be readying a 3D-only game store.

3DSPlay is as generic of a name as they come, but could capitalise on Nintendo's other super popular property, Wii Play, and give the Nintendo 3DS-owning masses something casual and profitable to play.

Another option is that neither of these things could become products. How boring would that be? :(

Nintendo 3DS Has 3DSWare And 3DSPlay? [Siliconera]


    I better be able to transfer DSiWare games to it, otherwise I'll just be pissed.

    If the 3DS name is only the working title for the console then why are they registering all these 3DS names?

      DS was originally just a working title but ended up sticking

    hi there 3ds ware is a 3d game ware like dsi ware in 2d and 3ds play i have no clue i will be gulibal

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