Would You Buy Rock Band: Zeppelin? Pink Floyd? U2?

Harmonix is chumming the waters to see what sort of fan reaction they get by suggesting standalone Rock Band titles for artists like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, U2, and more. Would you buy any of those?

The chumming comes by way of a survey, posted by Harmonix in the official Rock Band forums, along with the following disclaimer:

In the interest of immediately addressing suspicion and heading rumours off before they start, this poll is not an indication, implication, hint, suggestion, guarantee or promise that Harmonix is going make games based on any or all of the bands listed in this poll. We know how excited Rock Band super fans get about uncovering the next big thing, so we wanted to clear that up right from the start.

The survey itself is a simple three question affair, asking fans if they'd be interested in Rock Band titles starring Led Zeppelin, U2, Pink Floyd, Queen, and The Eagles.

According to the forum post, these names represent the most fan requested bands since Rock Band was first released.

The next question asks which of those band games you'd buy specifically, giving you the names and five check boxes.

The third and final question allows you to enter a write-in candidate. I picked Yes, but that's just me.

With so many downloadable songs added to the Rock Band Music Store on a weekly basis, it's almost silly to release another full version of the game. Rock Band 2 gets the job done just fine. Band specific is the way to go.

With The Beatles: Rock Band a massive hit and Green Day: Rock Band coming out any day now, it makes sense that Harmonix would look to more big-name bands to expand the brand.

Survey for artist specific Rock Band games [Rock Band Forums - Thanks Alex!]


    RB: Led Zeppelin would be a day 1 instant purchase for me. My all time favourite band! This from someone who has never played a Guitar Hero or Rock Band game...

    The Floyd? Hells yeah.
    Led Zep? Quite probably.
    Queen / Eagles? Probably not.
    U2? Hell no.

      Summed up perfectly for me. But, in reality, I would not get any of these games. My eldest daughter (11) has been learning real guitar. If she had this in the lounge it would only be a distraction from the real thing. I think. Who knows, maybe it would encourage her.. Hells, I don't know. But I'd much prefer to rock out on guitar to 'echoes' myself than hit buttons...

    Generally I have little interest in any single-band-centric Rock Band games, but I do like their release model of not shoving a numbered instalment down our throats every year when it's really unnecessary from a gameplay standpoint.

    I would buy alot more Rock Band games if they were ever released in Australia.

    OK. I'll add my voice to the obvious. Two words: IRON MAIDEN

    Queen? Hells yeh!!!!
    A maybe for the rest as I only like/know a few of their songs.


    make a Rockband that allows you to put your own music into it. then you'll get the cash going....

    to the hell with legalities!.
    the computer version...ermm...frets of fire or something like that did it.

    They should make a one hit wonder music game

    Lipps Inc
    The Vapours
    The Buggles
    Soft Cell
    Rocky Burnette
    Plastic Bertrand
    Joe Dolce (Ahh shadapa you face! He was good!)
    Thomas Dolby
    Hayze Fantayzee
    Frankie Goes To Hollywood
    Harold Faltermeyer
    Hot Butter
    David Essex
    Carl Douglas
    Wild Cherry
    Ram Jam
    Alicia Bridges
    Anita Ward
    Patrick Hernandez

    Now THAT music game I'd buy


    Prince, U2

    How about UNCENSORED SONGS?!

    Honestly, who the hell wants to play Tenacious D or Rage Against The Machine if even SHIT is silenced/mumbled/bleeped?!

    I'm over all of these games coming out constantly.

    Why not make a game with all of those on one disc? 10 songs or so from each band...

    ...except U2... i freakin hate U2

    I'd buy an AC/DC: Rock Band if they made one. Oh wait they did.

    I'd buy AC/DC: Rock Band if they made it WELL.


      I want to try Bohemian Rhapsody, that's why.

    Not sure of the business rationale for any of these. The single band games sell worse than the flagship games and there's no evidence that I'm aware of that they're selling to a market who wouldn't buy the flagships. And this is all in the context of declining sales for the genre generally. Does Harmonix really believe that flooding the market with more second-tier rhythm games is good for the strength of the Rock Band brand or their long term viability generally?

    I'm not sure I'd buy any of these - why not just keep making Rock Band 3, and give it an even bigger catalogue of DLC songs/albums?

    What about a Blur/Gorillaz based one?

    Floyd and Queen.

    U2 should never be made. Ever.

    What I'm really trying to say is: Fuck Bono.

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