Write A Letter To Nintendo, Get A Free DS?

That's what this letter seems to suggest, when a girl - forced to write a letter to a company for a school project - bugs Nintendo for a DS, and Nintendo obliges.

At least, that's what this exchange would have you believe. I have some doubts; there's no photo of the DS, which is weird, and if I worked for Nintendo I'd reserve the free handhelds for kids dying of cancer. Or who can at least come up with a better reason than... their parents wouldn't buy them one (even though they did buy a Wii).

We asked Nintendo of Australia to confirm this was legit and didn't hear back, so... bear that in mind before you start penning your own "Dear Nintendo" letters.

[image, thanks everyone!]


    Dear Nintendo.

    I buy too many of your games to be able to afford a 3DS when it comes out later this year. If you could send me one I would very much appreciate it. Furthermore if you could possibly send one before E3 so I can show it off and create speculation on the internets I would be a very happy person indeed.


    Ha, maybe they took pity on her because she got a c for it and she can't spell, "The reason I'm writting to your company".

    I did this once for tazo's and it worked at least.

    Whoever was correcting her errors missed ;
    "most of the games ... looks good"

    I'm going to write a letter.

    Dear Nintendo, I am a depressingly old, single male who lives at home. My parents bought me a Wii because I don't have a job, but they won't buy me a D.S. and I resent them for that, but not quite enough to move out. The reason I am writing you is because it's fairly obvious that you are all rubes and I reckon I can get some free stuff from you. I have been taught that even though I have many incredible luxuries like electronic videogames, that if I am greedy, I can ask for more and eventually everything I desire will come to me without me having to do anything for it in return.

    Oh and I want a pink one. And if you could throw in a couple games, and maybe a pink carry bag, that'd be great. Cheers, ya rubes.

    Yours sincerely,

      ahaha, rubes.

    I remember when I was in year 3 it was the year 2000, so we wrote to the Olympic committee and we got badges out of it.
    I was saddened when none of the badges resembled medals...

    I wrote to Nintendo back in '98 mainly asking questions about the 64DD etc.

    A TYPED letter was returned.

    And the "I really hope you and your classmates enjoy playing the DS"

    There was no "your DS", that sentence is so wide open to interpretation it isn't funny.

    Ima calling bs!

    The letter is still stapled in the book... somehow i don't think it has been sent anywhere.

    if there is any legitimacy it was someones parents playing a nice joke on their kid like how letters to Santa really get answered with the gifts you ask for

    Dear Sirs I Have a challenge for pete Weber I will Play you in 100 pin bowling wii lets make this happen somewhere in Sothern California Winner takes all. What do you say Awesome promotion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i am writing a letter

    To who it my concern
    i am writing a leter because i want a free ds pleas can i have a ds i really want it if you give it to me then a biggest fankyou you are the best person if you will give me ds.
    fankyou,from diana
    my adress
    20 fellows gardens
    pe2 8dh

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