Xbox Boss Has A Very Excellent House

Don Mattrick, head of Microsoft's Xbox division, lives in this house. I think this qualifies as a Gold-tier home. Definitely not Silver.

I came across this aerial view of Mattrick's Vancouver abode during some reporting and researching involving yesterday's Microsoft executive shake-up. Mattrick's still at Microsoft. In fact, he now not only runs the Xbox division but will be reporting directly to Microsoft's CEO. That's impressive, but not as impressive as this house.

A 2008 article about impressive Vancouver homes states that Mattrick's 25,000 square foot palace is shared by himself and his wife, the daughter of a major Canadian telecom founder. The house had been assessed at $US28 million (Canadian) in '08, according to

Is there a person in the gaming business with a nicer house? I'm guessing no, until you email me pictures that indicate otherwise. Until then just take a gander from above.



    Yes it's a nice house but isn't this coming a little too close to tabloid reporting? Does this really have anything to do with games? Do you want to give out street addresses soon so people can go and visit them? Oh well, at least you'll drum up a lot of "oh, this is why games cost so much" and "xbox sucks" comments.

      Been playing some RDR Adam? Careful you don't fall off that high horse you got there >:)

      I feel what you're saying my friend.

    Pssh, who needs a big house when I spend most of the time on the couch anyway!

    ...Yeah I'm jealous =(

    it is not US$28million (canadian) cause that would be canadian US dollars and they dont exist

    you need to write CAD 28 million

    I love the fact that his guest house is larger than probably anyone who comes on this site's house.

    Size counts?

    I don't think anyone in the world deserves such a house.

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