XCOM Details: A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That

XCOM Details: A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That

The Official Xbox Magazine got the first look at 2K’s upcoming XCOM title this month, with the first details on the game revealing that there’s cause for both hope and concern among fans of the original’s strategic twist.

The causes for hope? As promised when first revealed, there is some element of research and strategic planning to be had, with researchers and engineers working on new weapons and a choice of missions on offer that come and go in real-time, meaning the game’s outcome will vary depending on which ones you choose and complete.

And the causes for concern? Well, the report makes it sound like your actual input on things like research is minimal, while the missions you can choose are pre-programmed, and not the result of your active measures in combating the alien menace. Worse still is the suggestion that, at the time of the playthrough, while you had allies in the field with you, you couldn’t issue any commands to them.

The other key take-away from the piece is that, story-wise, this isn’t your Grandfather’s X-Com, your Air Force base, FBI credentials and retro aesthetic a world away from the sci-fi trappings of Enemy unknown and Terror From The Deep.

Head below for a summary of the entire thing. It’s all sounding pretty great as a new game. But as an X-Com game? I’m beginning to have my doubts.

XCOM [OXM, via NeoGAF]


  • I wish these guys would just come clean and admit that they’re NOT making a X-Com game at all.

    It’s the intellectual dishonesty of the whole thing that’s really getting to me here- they’re making a sci-fi FPS with some makeshift “research” elements shoehorned in and calling it “X-Com” solely to profit off the name association with one of the greatest PC game series ever made. It’s a blatant lie; this has as much in common with Independence Day as it does with X-Com.

  • There’s not a whole lot more anyone could really say on the subject of being unimpressed. I’ve never played the original X-Com series, but I’m severely uninterested in series that completely gut the tradition of their prior installments. Why the hell can’t developers stop gouging this bullshit serious “adult” market, anyway? I’m 26, and I still think awesome games are awesome, regardless of whether or not it includes a grimacing soldier with a rifle in its promotional materials. Apparently, action and retarded are the only two genres left.

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