Yes, We Have A Winner

In 2008, Anthony Le set out to do something very important: Build an Iron Man suit.

The 25-year-old fitness consultant has been a life-long Iron Man fan, and his first attempt was more of a costume. His second? His second is a $UA4000 suit held together by high-impact urethan and, according to Popular Science, over 1500 rivets and washers. Le sculpted the helmet from clay and then created the finished product from resin.

Outfitted with LEDs, the suit boasts a spinning cylindrical gun spins and a motorised helmet faceplate that can open and close. The gun is powered by pressing a button in the suit's glove and can be converted into a paintball gun.

Le decided to make this suit, the one that Stark's buddy Jim Rhodes wears in Iron Man 2, because, as he tells PopSci, "it just looks more hardcore". That it does.

You Built What?! [PopSci via Halo Squared Thanks, Witz!]


    Screw the guy that was the last to play Halo 2 online, THIS GUY is my hero!

    this is the most AWESOME suite ever! imagine playing paintball with that sucker!!

    Wow, that War Machine rocks harder than that Bioshock Big Daddy

    Wait, so you can actually wear this thing and shoot the gun from a button in the glove? This is the most awesome thing ever. Imagine if he went to a convention or a movie showing.. or anything wearing this.

    ... This guy is a legend.

    Props to you, War Machine suit man.


    Nice Work

    Awsome, props to you man.

    Damn! That's true dedication and commitment

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